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Why and how to dye your beard?

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Beard dye has been in the news a lot lately because it has been trendy to dye your beard in a pretty bright color. Even to put glitter on it, but that's something else again. The beard is indeed a very important element of the face on the man, especially if it is a beard of several months. It's visible, you can't miss it. So sometimes, often even, it is imperfect. Especially as you get older. White hairs appear, even it takes red reflections. It can be embarrassing too, dyeing your beard can be a solution to fill in imperfections, or just for fun.

You can find my video on beard dyeing at the end of this article.

Why dye your beard?

The reasons for doing a beard dye can be very varied, it really depends on each person:

Make a beard dye to hide his white hairs

Dyeing his beard to hide his white hairs is the reason why I got a beard dye some time ago. It is true that the white hairs present in my beard bothered me a lot. So much so that I didn't grow my beard at all, when I really wanted to have a beard for several weeks. But the presence of white hairs was a real annoyance, I only saw them! In addition, they are more visible than the others because they are thicker and stand out from the beard. So much so that I looked for all the ways to get rid of the white hairs in the beard . And one of them was beard dye.

But dyeing your beard to hide your white hairs only really works if there aren't many white hairs in the beard. From the moment you have a salt and pepper beard, it becomes more complicated, it is better to accept it, unless you want to dye it every week (and yes, the beard grows!).

Dye your beard to hide your red hair

Some men, letting their beards grow, will find that their beard hairs turn red. It is a natural and genetic effect. So no, that does not necessarily mean that you have Scottish or Irish blood in you! It is linked to the presence of a gene, the MC1R.

Dye your beard to hide your white hairs

You can also decide to dye your beard for a special event and look good in the photos! Yes, admit it, you have already thought about dyeing your beard to look like you in the photos!! And especially in this period when selfies are fashionable, especially on Instagram! You don't want to hear that you've aged because you have two or three white hairs in your beard. Don't worry, we're all the same! So yes, as soon as we have a special event, and especially when it's your own wedding, dyeing your beard might be a good idea.

Dye your beard to thicken it

A large number of men have the complex of having holes in their beards. And yes, a sparse or incomplete beard can be bad for some people, who will then have the feeling of not having a finished beard, and therefore of not being as masculine as the others. And this point may be all the more blocking if you want to have a beautiful beard , a 10-day beard or even a long beard like a hipster beard .

Dyeing your beard, and in particular adding a slightly darker color, will give the visual impression of having thicker beard hair and therefore a thicker beard . Holes will be less visible.

Dye your beard to look younger

This comes back to the previous point, but in a different situation. In the case of a job interview, for example, we know that youthism counts for a lot in certain positions. Unfortunately. It's like that. So some will tend to do a beard dye before an interview to put the odds on their side.

Speaking of interview, this can also apply to a first date. But beware, the deception will only last for a certain time!!! Unless it's just for one night, in which case, anything goes!!

How to choose your beard dye?

Choose the dye wisely!


Attention, this point is very important! Please do not use hair dye to dye your beard. Really use dye products designed for beards. Because your scalp is not like the skin on your face. Hair dyes are quite toxic (except natural dyes) and will attack your skin, especially if you have dry skin or sensitive skin.

Also, beard hair is thicker than human hair, so taking hair dye to dye your beard, the final effect will not be good.

Then, prefer beard dyes that do not contain ammonia in their formulation. And this is all the more necessary if you have sensitive skin. 

Full beard dye

To dye your beard, you can use products suitable for beard hair that will cover your entire beard. We are here on a complete beard dye, which will be necessary if you have a salt and pepper beard for example and it bothers you a lot.

Special sticks

If you do not want to do a full beard dye, but only hide some black hairs for example, then I advise you to take sticks. They are like pencils and you will color your beard in small strokes.

This type of beard dye will come in especially handy for special occasions, and you want to show yourself looking your best.

Types of beard dye

Do you want a beard dye that is removed from the first shampoo (for an evening for example or a party) or on the contrary that lasts over time?

Permanent beard dye

As the name suggests, this type of beard dye will have a long-lasting effect. This means that the coloring will not leave from the 1st shampoo, if from the second, but that it will remain for several days, even several weeks. It works the same way as permanent hair color. It is the type of beard dye chosen to hide white hairs or gray hairs and thus give a youthful look to the beard. She is rarely chosen to dye her beard a flashy color.

Be careful with this type of dye, because as your beard grows, the original color will inevitably become more and more visible. A bit like the roots of your hair. Depending on how quickly your beard hair grows, it may therefore be necessary to dye your beard hair regularly, or even your entire beard.

temporary beard dye

Do you want to be in your best light for an evening, or for your wedding to have the most beautiful photos? Or do you want to mess around for an evening and present yourself to your friends with a green beard, a red beard or even a pink beard? Well know that there are temporary beard dyes that are removed from the first shampoo! But remember to use a beard shampoo to respect your hair.

How to dye your beard?

To dye your beard, it will first be necessary to prepare your beard, so that it is as clean as possible.

Prepare your beard before dyeing it

  • Go to the barber to have your beard trimmed or trim your beard yourself.

  • Thoroughly wash your beard so that it looks perfect and the beard dye can be clean. So, do not hesitate to make yourself a face scrub to remove all the dead cells and imperfections on your skin, as well as a beard shampoo.

How to properly apply beard dye?

Next, it's time to apply the beard dye. It is necessary to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to avoid crashing... and having to shave the beard in an emergency. In any case, it is advisable to test the dye first on your skin, on your hand for example, to see if you do not have any reactions, particularly allergic reactions. It would be a shame to apply it all over the lower face and have a bad reaction. Imagine if it burns your skin. So always test if it is a new product that you buy on a skin part. 


Next, carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions, which are usually as follows: 

  • mix the beard dye with the antioxidant that comes with it,

  • with the brush provided, apply the mixture to your beard by combing your beard in the direction of the hair, from top to bottom,

  • wait the time indicated by the manufacturer,

  • wash your beard with a suitable product, either beard shampoo or beard soap,

  • rinse your beard,

  • dry it,

For my part, I tested the Just For Men beard dye , a product that I found very practical and simple to use.

How to dye your beard naturally?

If you want to dye your beard naturally, know that there are several solutions. 

The best known is henna. Many women use henna to dye their hair as naturally as possible. Well this is also for the beard. You also have black nuts or cocoa or powder (yes yes) that you will mix with water to have a kind of paste.

What alternatives instead of dyeing your beard?

If you don't want to dye your beard regularly, because it takes time, because it can be expensive in the long run too, then you can try different alternatives. 

The first is to do a beard transplant. As you can do a hair transplant, it is indeed possible today to do a beard transplant. So this point will mainly concern men who dye their beards to thicken their beard hair and thus have the visual sensation of having a full beard, a beard without a hole. 

If now you just want to hide some gray hairs or white hairs in your beard, then you can just use men's makeup . So take a black eyeliner and pass it on the hairs you want to dye. Immediate and rapid effect.

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