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How to take care of gray hair?

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How to take care of gray hair? If we come to ask the question, it is that you have accepted the canitie, either the arrival of your white hair, or salt pepper, it all depends on how they are called. Yes, canities is the scientific name given to this natural change in the color of your hair. It is indeed a natural effect: your hair turns white because our hair cells, as we age, no longer produce melanin. the coloring pigment of our hair. And hydrogen peroxide, a substance that bleaches hair, takes its place. It is therefore not necessarily linked to a question of age: as soon as melanin runs out, the hair turns white. It is therefore not uncommon to see 25-year-old men with white hair.


The arrival of white hair is indeed rather badly experienced, whether by women or by men. However, among men, if we are to believe women, having white hair is a real charm asset. So, rather than hiding them, with colors that sometimes aren't very successful, you might as well show off your white hair with pride. But how do you take care of your white hair? Here are my tips.

How to take care of your gray hair: you have to wash it less


We tend to wash our hair too much. Indeed, it is not uncommon to wash our hair every day, while we take our shower. And yet, all hairdressers will tell you, it is not good to wash your hair every day. It should be done between 1 to 2 times a week (unless you play sports or an activity that promotes perspiration). Why ? Because the sebum that is naturally on the hair should not be removed too much. And that will weaken them.

How to take care of your white hair: it must be strengthened

White or salt pepper hair must be strengthened because it is drier and therefore more fragile. Thus, as they are drier, they are thus more sensitive to external aggressions such as pollution, but also to abrasive treatments that can be put on the hair. Always with a view to not weakening them, it is necessary to limit the use of the hair dryer.

Thus, it will be necessary to hydrate them and strengthen the hair fiber by doing in particular, once a week, with a hair mask, such as Davines hair masks . Masks that you can do while you shower, and then rinse off afterward. Or, you can make yourself masks that you will leave on overnight.

How to take care of your white hair: you have to make it shiny

There is nothing worse than having dull gray hair. Tired hair. Also, you will have to prevent your gray hair from becoming a little yellow. For this, it will be necessary to avoid exposing them to the sun which will accelerate the process of making the hair yellowish. Also use anti-yellowing shampoos specially adapted for white hair

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