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How to straighten your beard?

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Many bearded men are looking for the best way to straighten their beard, whether natural or fast. It is true that men, in general, do not like spending too much time in the bathroom. But it takes time to maintain your beard, especially if it is long. If there's one thing that bothers bearded men, it's having a shaggy beard, the hairs of which stick out a bit in all directions. Here are my tips for straightening your beard.

Beard straightening tools


The straightener to straighten the beard


When we talk about straightening your beard, inevitably the first solution that comes to us is to use a beard straightener . This indeed seems to be the most effective solution to straighten your beard. Which is not necessary, I would even say that it is the most practical and fastest solution to do it.

A beard straightener is simply a brush whose bristles will provide heat. Thus, it is to be used as a classic beard brush, performing the same gestures. Thus, the beard straightener will be effective on the long beard of a few weeks, even a few months. But beware, the beard straightener can be very bad for the hair. Indeed, the hair does not like heat too much, especially high temperatures, because this will dehydrate it (this will remove the sebum) and thus make it more fragile and less shiny. By using a beard straightener regularly, every day for example, you will certainly smooth your beard, but it will be much less pretty.

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The hair dryer to straighten the beard


Apart from the beard straightener, you can also use a hair dryer. Generally, we all have a hair dryer in our bathroom. It is therefore the most economical solution because it is not necessary to buy a beard straightener. What's more, many men today no longer hesitate to comb their hair with a hair dryer, the technique of use is therefore mastered.

To smooth his beard with a hair dryer, you will have to brush his beard in the direction of the hair. Be careful not to put the hair dryer too close to the hair so as not to burn it, especially the tip of the hair. Adjust the heat of the hair dryer so that it is not too high.


Care to straighten your beard

In order for you to straighten your beard easily, or even naturally, you will above all have to take care of your hair.

Beard oil every day to smooth your beard


Many bearded men wonder why use beard oil . The answer is very simple: beard oil is the best way to moisturize the beard and the skin under the beard, therefore the hair follicle. A hydrated hair is a hair that will grow in better conditions, straighter, thicker, more flexible too. You will have fewer hard hairs, your beard will be fuller and therefore you will smooth the beard almost naturally.

A weekly mask to smooth your beard


If you have really rough hair, then I advise you to do a beard mask once a week, to smooth your beard. The beard mask is a treatment that should be done by all bearded men, regardless of the length of the beard, to take care of it in depth. To make a natural beard mask, it's very simple:

  • take a nice amount of vegetable oil, such as olive oil or sunflower oil. You can even make a blend of carrier oils to amp up the benefits.

  • apply the oil to your wet beard hair

  • leave to apply between 10 to 20 minutes, the time to take a short nap!

  • I advise you to put a hot towel on your beard, the heat will open the scales of the hairs and the oil will thus penetrate in depth. This will smooth the beard even more.

  • then rinse with beard shampoo.

If you don't want to apply carrier oils, you can use your beard oil, but always take a large amount.

You will understand, your beard hair with such a mask will be perfectly hydrated, and therefore more flexible. Inevitably, you will have less knots in the beard and you will smooth the beard.

Style to smooth his beard

Style your beard every day. Depending on the length of your beard, it's going to be best to do this in the evening, as it can take some time. At the same time, it can be a moment of relaxation after a day's work. Styling your beard, with a beard brush in particular, will help promote blood micro-circulation and therefore have better quality hair. Which, again, will be more supple and you will smooth the beard.  In addition, the fact of styling your beard you avoid having knots in the beard .

Beard balm to straighten your beard

If you are in a hurry, you can use a beard balm , which will have two actions to smooth the beard:


  • the beard balm will help discipline the hairs of your beard. Some beard balms contain beeswax which helps hold the beard in the direction you want. Exactly like a styling wax. You will no longer have shaggy hairs and it will give the impression of having a smooth beard. So, I advise you to choose, if you really have beard hair that goes all over the place, a beard balm that contains beeswax.

  • the beard balm will moisturize the beard hair and therefore smooth the beard. So certainly the moisturizing power of a beard balm will be less strong than a beard oil. But some balms contain vegetable butter, such as shea butter, which has moisturizing power.

Trim to smooth your beard

Don't hesitate to trim your beard as well. When I talk about trimming your beard, it's mainly about cutting the tips of hair which, a little brittle, take on another meaning. It can give the impression of having a shaggy beard. So take a small scissor and above all a lot of time to carefully examine each hair of your beard that needs to be trimmed. This will straighten the beard quickly.

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