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Does shaving make beard hair grow faster?

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Does shaving make beard hair grow faster? I'll tell you everything, whether it's a myth or a reality.

Many men believe that shaving their hair makes their beards grow faster. This is the reason why many young men regularly shave their hair, in the hope of having a nice beard. Or while men who seek to have a full beard, a thick beard , shave every day.

But I will immediately answer the question. Does shaving often make the beard grow faster? Well the answer is negative. There is no point in shaving every day to have beard hair that grows faster. It's a myth. If you have holes in the beard , it will be necessary to apply other methods.

Why does the myth of shaving make hair grow faster?

It is true that since we are young, in adolescence, we tend to shave as soon as the down becomes visible. And by visible,  we mean a thick down. And it's not very aesthetic. So usually soon after we start shaving the down, the hair gets thicker, darker. And gradually a real beard hair.

This feeling is simply natural. Indeed, it usually takes little time for beard hair to take the place of thick down. So of course, it will depend on the person, we are not all equal when it comes to hair growth. In short, it is not the fact that you shave that will make the hair grow faster, but it is quite simply your hormones.

Shaving does not make hair thicker


I take advantage of this article to also break another myth: shaving does not make the hair thicker. It's just a feeling!

In fact, when you let the hair grow, it gets thinner as it grows. The point of the hair is thus finer than its root.

When the beard hair is shaved, it is cut as if it were sliced. Not only will its surface be larger but it will also be more spicy. So you will have the feeling of having a thicker and more robust beard hair, but this is only an effect.

How to grow beard hair faster?

To find out how to grow your beard hair faster, I invite you to read my article with all my advice.

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