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Classic shave: how to shave the traditional way?

rasage classique

The classic shave is a type of shave that is increasingly in demand. Here are all my tips for achieving a classic shave.


We all know that there are fads in different fields and shaving is one of them. New shaving products are constantly coming out, new razors, each more modern than the next, are appearing on the market. With blades that are every time more technical. But we also always come back to the basics and classic shaving is one of them. Also called traditional shaving or wet shaving, classic shaving has been enjoying a resurgence for some time.

Here are my tips for making a classic un shave.

Why go back to classic shaving?

If classic shaving is making a comeback, it's because it has many advantages. Indeed, the classic shave corresponds well to certain changes that men today demand for their consumption.

Classic shaving for ecological reasons

We all know that the planet suffers from our way of life and our way of consuming. Several signals alert us almost every week to the impact of our consumption. It is therefore time to take measures to slow down our negative effects, and this begins with having more responsible consumption. Classic shaving allows you to have more responsible consumption, less harmful to the environment. Because classic shaving is above all zero waste shaving . Indeed, classic shaving goes back to the sources of modern shaving, more than 100 years ago, when society was not yet in a phase where packaging was the norm and over-consumption a fact.

Classic shaving for economic reasons.

The classic shave is also perfectly suited for all men looking for an economical shave. As I said above, the classic shave is the one that was practiced by men more than 100 years ago, a time when we were not in hyper consumption. Thus the du classic shaving products were made to last as long as possible, even being transmitted from generation to generation like the safety razor. But today, shaving products are disposable, I am thinking in particular of plastic razors, even with blades that are changed often.

The classic shave for fun

The main reason that invites men to turn to a classic shave remains that of pleasure. Well, it's true that we don't have much time in the morning, or even in the evening, to take care of ourselves between work, transport, children. But the classic shave can turn out to be a real moment of pleasure, like a little bubble in which we will find ourselves.


In addition, classic shaving can be a source of pleasure because the products that we are going to use are generally very beautiful pieces, whether it is the safety razor or the shaving brush for example. It is true that it is still more pleasant to have a nice safety razor in hand as part of a classic shave than a simple disposable razor with a supermarket shaving foam. In any case, it is not the pogonophile , this man who has a passion for everything related to the beard, who will say the opposite!!

The classic shave for your skin

But did you know that the classic shave is also a more respectful type of shave for your skin? Indeed, classic shaving has a ceremonial that will already prepare your skin before shaving and thus open the pores of your skin. Making your hair more accessible. Thus, with classic shaving, not only will your hair be easier to shave, but you will also avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs.

What products for a classic shave?


If you want to get into classic shaving, you will have to change your habits and especially change the products you have in your bathroom, that you are used to using. Here are all the products you will need for a classic shave.

The straight razor for a classic shave

The straight razor is one of the basic accessories for a classic une shave. It is indeed the product that will replace your disposable razor. You should know that the straight razor is one of the first shaving products, the one that was used by the first barbers to effectively shave men. But be careful, the straight razor can be dangerous if it is misused: it is neither more nor less than a sharp blade that you will apply directly to your skin. So beware of too fast gestures or if you are not attentive while you shave. The classic straight razor shave will therefore not necessarily be recommended for all people with sensitive skin. Unless you do it at your barber.

The safety razor for a classic shave

The safety razor is, with the straight razor, the accessory to use for a classic shave. And it is coming back in force, we see more and more of it today, a sign that classic shaving is making a real comeback with men. Besides, there is no longer a shaving brand that does not offer one in their range today. It's borderline become a must-have.


It must be said that the safety razor is a very beautiful accessory, very classy, very masculine. It really has nothing to do with a disposable razor.

Shaving soap and shaving brush for a classic shave

Who says classic shaving, says that you will have to put aside (and not throw away) all your shaving foams or your shaving gels. These products are indeed prohibited in classic shaving, for being far too modern products. With classic shaving, it's back to basic and that means having shaving soap and a shaving brush. You will therefore have to learn how to lather your shaving soap with the badger and how to apply it well to the skin.

At the same time, the nice thing about classic shaving is that there's nothing more fun than using a badger. Here we are in the return of old-fashioned shaving.

Alum stone for a classic shave

Alum stone is a stone that has experienced a certain revival in recent years with the growing demand from the French for natural products. Indeed, the Alum stone turns out to be an excellent natural deodorant that will take care of your armpits. But the Alum stone for the beard is above all a historical care product used by barbers to stop bleeding after a shaving cut . So if you use a straight razor for your classic shave, or even a safety razor, have an Alum stone with you. We never know !

You now have all my tips for a classic shave.

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