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Which essential oils to maintain the beard?


The essential oil for the beard is an important care to integrate into your routine. Here is my opinion on the beard essential oil.


More and more men are looking to use natural products to take care of them. It is the same for the care of their beard. And when we talk about natural products, there is one type of product that is making a big comeback: it's essential oil. And the essential oil has many benefits for the beard. But each essential oil has its own virtues, so it is advisable to choose an essential oil that will provide benefits for the beard.

Before presenting you in detail the essential oil useful for the beard, it is necessary to make a point of vigilance: some people may be allergic to essential oils. It is therefore recommended to test the essential oil on a small part of your skin to see how it will react, before applying it all over your beard at once.


Here's everything you need to know about beard essential oil.

Why use a beard essential oil?


The benefits of a beard essential oil


Many people use an essential oil to relax, to de-stress. We all know the essential oil of lavender which helps to relax in case of stress. But did you know that essential oils also have many other benefits:

  • some essential oils are antibacterial,

  • other essential oils are soothing and will be ideal for people with sensitive skin,

  • others are healing, and perhaps particularly effective against ingrown hairs in the beard.

Beard essential oil for perfuming

But you should know that beard essential oil is an excellent way to perfume your beard. And this will particularly interest men who have long beards . Indeed, men with hipster beards, for example, will want to wash their beards thoroughly and above all make sure that they come out good. It's important when you kiss! It gives a good self-image to others. And even without necessarily kissing, you generally run your hand a lot through your beard, it's still more pleasant to have your hands smelling good afterwards.


Which beard essential oil to choose?

Each essential oil has its own specificities, so it is advisable to choose the one that will give you the desired benefit.

eucalyptus essential oil for the beard

Eucalyptus essential oil is a very interesting beard essential oil because it will have the main effect of regulating sebum. And you should know that an excess of sebum will have the main effect of creating beard dandruff , and in particular oily dandruff. It will also prevent the appearance of pimples in the beard.

Thus, eucalyptus essential oil will be well suited to all people with oily or combination skin.

Not to mention that the scent of eucalyptus essential oil is very masculine, very pleasant, very fresh. A real joy

Tea tree essential oil for the beard

Tea tree essential oil is also known as tea tree essential oil. It will be particularly effective for:

  • cleanse the beard for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Put an end to germs in your beard by applying this essential oil.

  • moisturize the skin and hair of the beard. This will have a positive impact if you have dry beard dandruff and if you have itchy skin.

Not to mention that the scent of tea tree essential oil is very woody.

Atlas cedar essential oil for the beard

Atlas cedar essential oil is recognized for its antiparasitic and anti-infectious properties. It will therefore perfectly clean the beard of all the bacteria it may contain. Atlas cedar essential oil will also act as a tonic for the hair of the beard and thus allow it to grow in the best conditions.

Peppermint essential oil for the beard

Peppermint essential oil is found in many beard oils. Of course, we all know the scent of peppermint, both fresh and warm, very virile, very masculine. But peppermint essential oil is also recognized for its properties:

  • antibacterial, to clean the beard of microbes

  • moisturizing, to make beard hair stronger.

Lavender essential oil for the beard

Lavender essential oil is certainly the best known, and as soon as you smell it you are transported to Provence. It is also a very masculine fragrance that appeals to many men. 

Lavender essential oil is especially recommended for its anti-inflammatory properties which prevents the appearance of pimples in the beard after shaving for example. It can therefore be an excellent after-shave care for beard contours.

How to apply an essential oil on the beard?

If you want to apply an essential oil on the beard, it is not advisable to apply it directly to the skin. It is recommended to mix it with a carrier oil or other moisturizing cream type product. Even if vegetable oil is still the best solution:

The essential oil for the beard with a shampoo or a balm

You can mix your chosen essential oil with another beard product, such as beard shampoo or beard mask . In this way, not only will you reinforce the actions of these two treatments, but you will also perfectly apply the essential oil to the entire beard. While if you apply it directly to the beard, you risk putting more on part of the beard, it will not necessarily be homogeneous.

The essential oil for the beard with a beard oil

You can also mix the essential oil with a vegetable oil, you will bring an additional source of hydration to your beard, and therefore a more thorough care for the hair of your beard. You can create your own homemade beard oil . As vegetable oil, I recommend sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, castor oil, etc.


Do not hesitate to comb your beard or brush your beard after applying it, you will put it from the root to the tip of the hair.

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