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How to take care of your beard?

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You have a beard, 3 days, several weeks, several months, and you ask yourself the question of how to take good care of your beard? It is true that, for those who are starting to grow their beards, it means implementing a new beauty routine for men. A routine for which you had no knowledge and you are a little lost among all the beard care products that may exist today: beard shampoo, beard soap, beard balm, beard oils, etc.

So of course, taking care of your beard will be completely different if you have a 3-day beard or if you have a long beard that you have been growing for many months:

  • whether you have a beard of 3 days or a few weeks, the goal you want to achieve will be to soften your beard.

  • if you have a longer beard of several months, the objective will be to fortify the hair of your beard and to take care of your skin under the beard.


Here are my tips for taking good care of your beard.

Why is it important to take care of your beard?

If you let your beard grow, if you are new to the world of beards, you will quickly understand why it is necessary to take care of your beard on a daily basis.

You will feel tightness in your skin

This will most certainly be the first sensation you will feel when letting your beard grow. You will indeed feel like your skin is going to pull and, after a while, you will want to shave. That's what a lot of people do. Having the feeling of doing good to their skin, they will simply shave. Which is really unfortunate. If you feel your skin pulling, tightness, your skin is simply dry.

You will see beard dandruff appear in your beard

It's a bit of a consequence of my point above, with the skin under your beard going to get dry. When the skin becomes dry, even very dry, then you will see beard dandruff appear in your beard. These are dry dandruff, which are easily recognizable, because they move in the beard. Thus, by taking care of your skin under the beard, you will avoid beard dandruff .

Your beard hair will become dry

The more your beard grows, the more you will see your beard become dull and your hair dry. Which will give a dull and above all non-shiny beard. As your beard takes up a large part of your face, having a dull beard will reinforce the impression of having a dull, tired face, etc. In addition, your beard will no longer be soft. The idea in taking care of your beard is not only to soften its itchy beard , but also to make the hair shinier.

My tips for taking care of your beard

Of course, the tips for taking care of your beard will be different depending on the length of your beard.


Moisturize your beard to take care of it


The most important advice I can give you for taking care of your beard is going to be to moisturize it. Hydration is the foundation of any beard care routine. This is a step that you absolutely must not avoid. Because the hydration of the beard will also make it possible to hydrate your skin. To hydrate, you have two options:

Use beard oil to take care of it


Beard oil is certainly the most used beard treatment by bearded men. It is best applied in the morning, after showering and when the beard is perfectly dry. There are different types of beard oil, some are a mixture of several vegetable oils (sweet almond oil, argan oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, etc.) associated with essential oils. Where then some bearded men will only use castor oil alone: the benefits of castor oil are recognized for the beard. If you have a long beard, do not hesitate to comb your beard, with a comb or a brush, to better penetrate the beard oil from the root to the tips of the hairs.


Use a beard balm to take care of it


Beard balm is mainly used for men with long beards, to discipline their beard hair and by men with very dry skin, in addition to beard oil to be applied during the day. The beard balm will also satisfy all men who do not like applying beard oil to their beard, because of the oily, greasy effect it can leave behind.

Take care of your beard by washing it

It is also important to wash your beard with a product suitable for your beard hair. Don't use facial soaps that can dry out your skin, or hair shampoos that can damage your hair. It is important to use shaving soap or beard shampoo to perform this beauty gesture.

Washing your beard will be all the more important if you have a long beard, as many external elements get engulfed in it (food, pollution, perspiration, beard dandruff, etc.).

Styling your beard to take care of it

Styling your beard will have a double effect:

  • this will smooth your beard and untangle knots. Take it easy, knowing how to style your beard is an art!

  • then by brushing your beard, this will promote the blood circulation of your skin and therefore your beard hair will be better nourished.

In any case, for any beard products that you are going to use, always choose products that are made from natural ingredients. This will better respect your hair and your skin. You now have a beautiful beard!

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