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How to maintain your beard in winter?

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Winter is a very difficult period for the skin, but also, consequently, for the beard. In winter we pay more attention to our skin by putting on moisturizer, lip balm and even hand cream. Well, it is true that few men wear hand cream. But in any case, we feel the need to take care of our skin and our face.


Here are my tips for how to maintain your beard in winter.

Why maintain the beard in winter

It is important to maintain your beard in winter for several reasons:

Maintain your beard in winter to have a beautiful beard

Of course, if you do not decide to maintain your beard in winter, there is a good chance that you will have a beard that pulls your face a little! Because the risk of not taking care of your beard in winter is to have less good quality hair:


  • your hair will lose hydration due to the cold, so it may lose shine. You will have a dull beard. And when you have a long beard, like a hipster beard , or even a nice red beard , it's not the desired effect. 

  • since your hair will be drier, then it will also be more brittle. You risk having a less homogeneous beard.

  • finally, if the skin under the beard is not hydrated, then your skin under the beard will not be either and you will most certainly have the feeling of having an itchy beard .

Maintaining your beard in winter to avoid beard dandruff

In addition to losing hydration, the arrival of beard dandruff is the main risk if you do not decide to maintain the beard in winter. Beard dandruff is directly linked to a lack of moisture in the skin under the beard. It doesn't just affect men with long beards, those with short beards , such as stubble , can also have beard dandruff.

Hydrate to maintain the beard in winter

The important care to do to maintain the beard in winter is to take special care with its hydration.

Beard oil to maintain the beard in winter


Beard oil will be your main ally to maintain your beard in winter. Indeed, it is the ideal beard care product to maintain the hydration of your hair, the benefits of beard oil are numerous. Thus, a hydrated hair is a stronger, more robust, less brittle and shinier hair. In addition, your skin will not be dry, which will prevent beard dandruff .

Here are my tips for using your beard oil in the winter: Apply it daily to moisturize your beard hair. Remember to thoroughly impregnate all hair, from root to tip. Beard oil will also help maintain the hydration of your skin. It is best to apply your beard oil in the morning.

A mask to maintain the beard in winter


In addition to applying an oil every day to maintain the beard in winter, I advise you to do a beard mask once a week, especially if you have a long beard and particularly dry skin.

When you have time, make yourself a beard mask with your essential oil. To do this :


  • apply your beard oil as you do daily but with a larger amount, double. If you don't have beard oil, you can use any vegetable oil you have in the kitchen. Of course, it is preferable to opt for an organic vegetable oil.

  • leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes, then shampoo your beard to remove it completely.


A little tip for your mask: do not hesitate to style your beard after applying the oil: this will promote blood circulation and have a beneficial effect on your skin and hair. 

A beard balm to maintain the beard in winter

The beard balm should be put on during the day, to avoid putting on too much beard oil, which could have a negative effect on the skin and the pores of the skin. They would indeed be clogged. Also, if you feel that you have dry skin under your beard or even dry hair, do not hesitate to apply a beard balm .

Beard balms contain vegetable oil (argan oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, etc.) which will keep your beard hydrated.

Moreover, if you go to winter sports, do not hesitate to apply a beard balm, this will allow you to protect your beard while you ski.

Wash well to maintain the beard in winter

Moisturizing the beard is good, but you will also have to wash your beard well to maintain it in winter. Here are my tips.

Avoid hot water to maintain the beard in winter

Hot water is not necessarily the friend of skin, hair and body hair. And yet in winter, we tend to take very hot showers, or very hot baths. Indeed, the hot water will tend to strip the sebum, which, when it is not in excess, makes it possible to hydrate the skin and the hairs, and thus to protect them. It is therefore necessary to avoid taking hot showers too often, even if you come back from a day of skiing and you were only expecting that!

A good shampoo to maintain the beard in winter

Also pay attention to the products you will use to wash your beard and maintain it well in winter. It's time to use the right products, which will do your beard hair good, and to abandon the other products that you may be used to using:

  • the shower gel

  • the classic soap

  • hair shampoo

You should know that these products are not adapted to the structure of the beard hair and that they can dry it out. Which would not be a good thing at all to maintain your beard in winter.

Preferably use:

  • beard shampoo

  • beard soap

These products are indeed enriched with vegetable oil or vegetable butter to moisturize the beard and not dry it out.

shampoing barbe 1.jpg

Refreshing beard and face wash with coconut water, argan oil and avocado oil. Menthol leaves the skin feeling refreshed and pleasant.

shampoing barbe 2.jpg

3-in-1 cleansing gel inspired by the know-how of barbers for cleaning your beard, your face and your hair in a single gesture.

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Specially formulated to cleanse the beard, soften it, refresh it and condition it. Helps eliminate the feeling of irritation by nourishing beard hair.

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