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How to shave his beard?

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It took you weeks, if not months, to grow your beard and this morning you made the decision to shave your beard. Finally, you have most certainly been thinking about it for several days, you have had doubts and finally, you have made your decision: today, you are shaving your beard! A well-considered choice! If it's your choice, so much the better, but it may be that external reasons also push you to shave your beard: summer is coming so you want to let your skin breathe without feeling hot, you've had some thoughts at work (even if the beard is now more accepted. Also, you are going to shave yourself clean.

But be careful, it will not be as simple as that to shave you clean, precautions are to be taken! And yes, your skin has gotten used to your beard, to not having felt razor blades in quite a while. It should therefore not be rushed.


Here are my tips for shaving your beard and having baby-soft skin.

Prepare the skin before shaving your beard

Before you start shaving your beard, you will need to prepare the skin and also the beard.


The trimmer to shave your beard


Of course, to shave his beard, you will first have to remove the tuft of hair! Passing the razor directly over a full beard is impossible. Also, it will have to be done in several stages. Rather than shave your beard straight away, make sure you have a 3-day beard . Trim your long beard in this way until you have a 3-day beard:

  • it will change your face, you will gradually discover yourself younger! And yes, don't we say that by shaving white we gain a few years??

  • it will also prepare your skin for the razor blade and make shaving your beard easier.

Prepare your skin before shaving your beard

As I said above, the skin under the beard needs to be prepared to deal with the aggressiveness of a razor blade. A razor blade whose color she hasn't seen for weeks, if not months. Even if you use razor blades for sensitive skin, shaving is still an aggression for the skin. It will therefore be necessary to prepare it well:

A scrub before shaving your beard

Do a facial scrub. The benefits of facial exfoliation are numerous, it will perfectly cleanse the skin by eliminating dead skin cells, excess sebum and perspiration. Thus, the pores of your skin will be perfectly clean, the risk of having infections, such as pimples after shaving, will be reduced.

Moisturize the skin before shaving your beard

  • wash your skin and hydrate it well: well hydrated skin is skin that functions normally. It is also a healthier, stronger hair, which, under the razor blade, will be cut cleanly. This will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs .

Shave your beard on D-Day

Your skin is now prepared to receive the razor blade. Here are the different steps to clean shave:

Steps before shaving your beard

You're in your bathroom, ready to do battle with your beard hair! But wait a little longer before applying the shaving product directly to your hair, I advise you to do the following treatments:

  • exfoliate your skin again, so that your skin is perfectly clear and clean before passing the razor blade.

  • take a facial steam bath to open the pores of your skin and soften the hair. If you don't have a steam bath, you can apply a towel moistened with hot water to your beard. You can also take a hot shower before you shave.

When shaving your beard

Come on, now that your skin is ready, you can take the accessories to shave your beard.

The shaving product to shave your beard

Of course, do not attack the shaving of your beard directly by passing the razor blade over your hair, without first applying a shaving product! You will strongly regret it because the shaving product has several functions:

  • facilitate the passage of the blade over the hairs of the beard and the skin,

  • soften the hair,

  • moisturize the skin.

There are different types of shaving products:

  • shaving soap , an ideal shaving product for all men looking for a zero waste shave or a traditional shave ,

  • shaving foam, the classic product par excellence, but which has the disadvantage of completely masking the area to be shaved,

  • shaving gel, a perfect product to shave your beard and have excellent visibility, since it is a transparent shaving product,

  • shaving oil, also ideal for perfectly seeing beard hair and moisturizing at the same time. The downside is that it will leave a slightly greasy feeling, which some men don't like.

The gestures to shave your beard

You have now selected your shaving product, apply it in a fairly thick layer on your beard. Then shave your beard using gentle strokes to avoid cuts and bleeding.

Of course, to do this, you have several solutions:

  • the disposable razor that can be found or the disposable blades that go up to 5 blades. Be careful to take a razor whose blade is intact: if it is damaged, not only will you risk cutting yourself, but in addition the hair will not be properly cut and ingrown hairs may occur.

  • the safety razor or the straight razor, but these two beard accessories are especially made for people who have mastered their use correctly. Because you could very quickly cut yourself if you are clumsy.

Gestures after shaving the beard

When you have finished shaving, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores of your skin and pat it dry. You can also pass an alum stone over your face.

Then apply a moisturizer to soften your skin and possibly calm razor burn.

Remember to clean your razor blade thoroughly before storing your razor in a dry place.


You are now with beautiful baby skin!

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