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How to grow your beard faster?


You are the type to be very impatient if you read this article! It is true that from the moment you try to grow your beard, you want the beard to grow very quickly. When we see some men with a hipster beard , we are jealous of their beards and we can even wonder why they are so lucky to have such a beard. But you've been growing your beard for several weeks now and you find it's growing too slowly. Well, already, you can blame your genetics. And yes, regarding the growth of the beard, we are not all housed in the same boat: some men will have a beard that grows quickly, in others on the contrary it will be very very long.


There are a few tricks to grow your beard faster. I have already done an article on how to grow a beard naturally . But this article is especially for those who have a beard, who do not have a problem with holes in the beard , and who are simply looking to have a long beard .


So here are my tips on how to grow your beard faster.

Why can't you grow your beard faster?

If you have difficulty growing your beard faster, it can be for several reasons:

  • first of all, the genetic aspect! We are not all equal when it comes to beard growth. Some men will have a beard that grows very quickly (and it can also be embarrassing to have to trim their beard every day) while other people will have to wait 10 days to have a 3-day beard. Unfortunately, nature has decided for you!

  • second, your hair follicle, the little envelope in which your beard grows, may not be in its best shape. Like a little sleepy. This is mainly due to two reasons: either your blood micro-circulation is not optimal, or you do not sufficiently hydrate your skin under the beard. So just wake it up, and I tell you how to do it below.

Ways to grow your beard faster

Here are some ways you can put in place to grow your beard faster.

The accelerators to grow your beard faster?


Of course, I can't do an article that talks about ways to grow your beard faster without talking about beard growth accelerators. So, between us, I'm not a big fan.


Already because there are a lot of scams for this type of product. Some indeed contain only vegetable oils, they are in fact disguised beard oils.

Rather than putting a lot of money into this type of product, I advise you to take brewer's yeast, in the form of a dietary supplement. Brewer's yeast indeed contains vitamins B3, B5 and B9 which have an action on keratin.

Then because many men whose beard does not grow think it is the miracle solution. However, as I said above, if your beard does not grow quickly, it is simply linked to your genetics.

A good diet to grow your beard faster

Food plays an essential role for our body. And for all the functions of our body. Fresh foods provide minerals and vitamins that are essential to our body. The same goes for our hair, food can have a very beneficial effect on the quality of the hair. And we know that a coat that is doing well is a stronger coat that will grow as well as possible (respecting its genetics, of course).

  • Vitamin B plays an essential role in the quality of the hair. It will therefore be necessary to favor foods that contain vitamin B:

  • vitamin B3 will improve blood circulation, important for the health of the hair,

  • vitamins B1, B2 and B6 are vitamins that will directly act on the quality of the hair,

  • vitamin B5 makes the hair stronger, more robust and is therefore an excellent vitamin to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs ,

  • vitamin B8, also called biotin, which will slow hair loss (and hair loss)

  • vitamin B9 will strengthen the hair and prevent it from breaking. If you have brittle hair, this is a vitamin to be preferred.

These vitamins are found in chicken, beef, fish, offal, almonds, nuts, brewer's yeast, spinach, asparagus and eggs. But you can also take these vitamins in the form of dietary supplements.

Vitamin A is also a vitamin to be favored to grow your beard faster because it will promote the production of sebum and thus maintain the hair follicle in good health (and a healthy hair follicle is also a healthy hair). .

With healthy skin your beard will grow faster

Of course, the quality of the hair strongly depends on your skin. If you have skin that cries out in despair, inevitably your hair will also pull the face. Remember that your hair takes root in the hair follicle, which is 4 mm below the epidermis (your skin). It is therefore necessary that your beard hair feels good to grow normally and robustly. It is thus recommended, to take care of your skin:

  • to exfoliate the face. The benefits of facial exfoliation are recognized, to eliminate dead skin cells and not clog the pores of your skin. In addition, the facial scrub will also help promote blood circulation, which is beneficial for the health of the hair.

  • wash your skin and hydrate it well: well hydrated skin is skin that functions normally.

Brush your beard to grow it faster!

To have a beard that grows faster, it is important to take care of your beard by brushing it! It is indeed necessary to style your beard because the brush will have a beneficial effect on blood circulation in the skin. And it will do good for your hair follicle where the hair is located, it will be in better shape.

Indeed, your hair may simply not be growing in the best condition in your hair follicle, as the latter may be asleep. Blood micro-circulation will wake it up.

So don't hesitate to brush your beard every day, even if you just have a 3-day beard for example. Beard brushing isn't just for men with long beards. Also, I advise you to have a beard brush in your bathroom.


A mask based on castor oil to grow your beard faster

Castor oil is an oil recognized for its beard moisturizing and hair strengthening benefits. I will not go back here on this oil, you can find my article on the benefits of castor oil .

To make this mask, put castor oil well on the whole beard, from the root of the hairs to their tip and let it rest between 20 and 30 minutes. Then rinse with a shampoo, castor oil being very greasy, it will be difficult to remove completely by passing it only with clear water.

If you don't have castor oil at home, you can simply take a vegetable oil that is in your kitchen, such as olive oil or sunflower oil. Of course, if your vegetable oil is organic, it will be better.

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