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What beard to have according to the shape of the face?

Couple portant des chapeaux et des lunet

Here is a question that many men ask themselves when they want to grow a beard, have a beautiful beard , especially the younger ones who want to grow a beard and who wonder which beards are the most suitable for the shape of their face. . Because it is true that depending on the shape of his face, we are not going to choose just any beards. This is so as not to amplify the oval of the face, for example, and to have a rounder head than it seems. Or to avoid having features that are too hard with beard shapes with too defined lines. Because depending on whether the shape of the face is round, oval or even square, the style of beards will have to be adapted. It will therefore be necessary to analyze his face, his shape, his features, and then you will only have to choose the appropriate beard shapes. Don't worry, it's simple! Because in the end, there is not a large number of different beard cuts either, and depending on the year, we still find trendy beards.


Here are my tips for choosing the right type of beard according to the shape of your face.

What types of beards to wear?



To choose the beards that will best suit your face, you will have to choose from a large number of existing beard styles but especially in relation to your face shape. Below is an image with the main forms of beards that exist.

formes barbes homme

Types of beards for a square face

The square face is the most common face shape in men. It is also the most masculine face shape, some would even say that this face shape is quite hard. The muscles of the jaws are generally well drawn, clearly visible. Just as the chin is dry, borderline flattened.

Also, you will have to choose a type of beard that will not harden this face shape or that will perfectly align with the lines of the face.

  • the mustache for example will go perfectly to men with a square face because it will be aligned with the line of the chin. Any style of mustache can go with a square face. You can even leave the patch (the hairs under the mouth). If you want a beard without a mustache and you have a square face, then this is not necessarily a good choice.

  • you can also make a beard in the shape of an anchor, this form of beard which is present at the level of the neck and the chin, but whose cheeks are completely shaved (it is the 1st visual below).

  • the goatee can also be a good alternative to bring a little length to your face.

  • if you leave the beard at the level of the cheeks, do not draw strict lines on the cheekbones which will amplify the squareness of your face and make it harder.


Type of beards for a rectangular face

The rectangular face is characterized by a long but very linear face that is found in many men. It is characterized as in square faces by well-defined facial lines like the jaw muscles which are well drawn and the chin which is clean. Unlike the square face, the rectangular face is longer. The type of beards to choose will have to make sure to accompany the length of the face. The rectangular face is typically the most suitable shape for long beards, lasting several weeks or even several months. 


Men with a rectangular face shape will be able to wear:


  • all short beards, of a few days, such as the 3-day beard, the 5-day beard or the 10-day beard ,

  • the beard of several weeks,

  • the beard of several months,

  • the beard longer at the chin than on the rest of the face.

barbe visage rectangulaire.webp

Types of beards for an oval face

The rectangular face is characterized by a face that is both elongated but rounded at the chin. The chin is thus not clearly drawn, it merges a little into the oval of the face. The mistake with this face shape would be to adopt beard shapes that would accentuate even more the oval character of the face on the lower chin, and thus create a break with the rest of the face. On the contrary, we are going to choose beards that will redraw the lower part of the face. Thus, with this face shape, it is strongly discouraged not to wear a goatee beard . On the contrary,

they wear these types of beards:

  • beards of several weeks,

  • beards of several months, unless you have a large forehead because it will visually lengthen your face a lot.

  • the beard necklace.

Short beards, such as 3-day beards are therefore not recommended because they are too light.

barbe visage oval.png

Types of beards for a round face

Men who have a round face give the image of having a little weight. The idea with the beard is thus not to accentuate this round side of the face and to lengthen it a little. Also, to be clear, you will have to avoid making very thin necklace type beards, which will accentuate the round side of the face even more. Similarly, at the level of the cheekbones, it will be necessary to draw very straight lines. Also, if you have a round face, you will have to opt for:

  • short beards, such as 3-day beards,

  • the goatee.

  • the stamp under the chin

barbe visage rond.png

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