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My advice for maintaining your beard after the summer?

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Here, the summer is over, the holidays also as a result. It's not the time to get depressed, but the time to remember the good memories of vacations and above all to prepare for the next ones! It's good for morale ! You have enjoyed this summer, sun, beach, swimming, swimming pool, aperitif and re-sun, re-beach, re-swimming, re-swimming pool...


Why maintain your beard after the summer?


This program for a week, even two weeks of vacation, which did you a lot of good for your morale, but not really for your beard. Because let it be said, the hairs of your beard are fragile, even if the keratin present in the beard plays a barrier role against external aggressions such as UV rays, sea salt, etc. But that is not necessarily enough.

The sun is very bad for the beard : it dries out the hair which weakens it. It is also less pretty, which will make your beard look duller. Your beard will need a boost after your summer vacation. Not to mention that the sun can accentuate the fact that your beard turns red .


Also, you will have to maintain your beard after the summer, here are my tips.

Care to maintain your beard after the summer


Also, you will have to maintain your beard after the summer, here are my tips.


To maintain your beard after the summer, you have to wash it!


The first care to apply to maintain your beard after the summer will be to clean it. We are all the same during the holidays, we pay less attention to our beauty routine for men. We use less moisturizers, serums are generally left at home due to lack of space in the toiletry bag. In short, there is a little abandonment of the skin. For the beard it's the same thing, beard shampoo or beard oil are rarely part of the products that you will bring during your vacation.


Also, first thing to do, wash your beard after the summer using a beard shampoo. This will allow in particular to remove the last grains of sand that would have buried in your beard !!

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Refreshing beard and face wash with coconut water, argan oil and avocado oil. Menthol leaves the skin feeling refreshed and pleasant.

shampoing barbe 2.jpg

3-in-1 cleansing gel inspired by the know-how of barbers for cleaning your beard, your face and your hair in a single gesture.

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Specially formulated to cleanse the beard, soften it, refresh it and condition it. Helps eliminate the feeling of irritation by nourishing beard hair.

To maintain your beard after the summer, you must moisturize

This is the most important care to take to maintain your beard after the summer. Not only will you need to moisturize your beard but also your skin ! We forget this a little too often, but your skin can also end up dry during the summer, which can be a short-term source of dandruff and the goal will be to avoid beard dandruff . Which is not very pleasant : Not only is beard dandruff not very pretty, but it can also be itchy.

So use a beard oil every day, maybe morning and evening if your skin and beard are really dry. Beard oil will act very quickly, making your hair more flexible, more robust, more shiny.

To maintain your beard after the summer, you have to erase

To clean the beard in depth, I advise you to do a beard scrub just after returning from vacation. Even if you are on vacation for 15 days, you can exfoliate your beard once a week.

The beard scrub will simply remove all the dust, all the residue that may be there, such as grains of sand for example. Also, to do a quick beard scrub:

  • take coffee grounds or powdered sugar

  • mix with a vegetable oil, such as olive oil

  • apply to your beard by making circular massages, for 2 to 5 minutes.

The beard scrub will also prevent you from having oily beard dandruff, because it will remove excess sebum.


To maintain your beard after the summer, you need a mask

Finally, the last treatment that I advise you to do is a beard mask . I advise you all the more to make one if you have spent your days at the beach or by the pool, in full sun, lying for 15 days on a deckchair! Indeed, your skin and your beard hair come out particularly dehydrated, it will have to be remedied. Making a beard mask is very simple: all you have to do is apply a good dose of vegetable oil to your beard. You can take any vegetable oil, olive oil or sunflower oil for example. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes. The ideal is to apply a hot towel on your beard, so that the oil penetrates deep into the hair of your beard.

Apply the oil well all over your beard: inevitably the longer your beard , like the hipster beard , the more oil you will have to apply.

Style your beard to maintain it after the summer

Whether it's the hair or the beard, in the summer we're all in cooler mode when it comes to styling. Me, for example, I rarely comb my hair on vacation, I leave it completely natural. Having a 3 day beard, I don't have to worry too much about brushing my beard. But when you return, don't hesitate to brush your beard to put the hairs back in the right order, to untangle them.

You can also use a dermaroller for the beard to accelerate blood circulation: this will help wake up the hair follicle, which has felt attacked by the summer heat. Your hair will grow better, in better conditions.

dermaroller barbe 1.jpg

The box contains a beard growth activator serum, a dermaroller, a cleansing spray and a beard comb.

dermaroller barbe 2.jpg

0.5mm titanium alloy microneedle roller for beard and hair growth.

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