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My tips for a good shave the first time

Planche à roulettes adolescent

Shaving the first time is a milestone in a man's life. Here are all my tips for shaving the first time.


Ah the first shave. I think it's a moment that remains etched in the memory of all men. Because it's a key moment in a man's life, when you go from a boy, to a teenager, to a man. No more down that bothered us so much, hello smooth skin!

Here are the right things to do to shave the first time.

Preparing your skin to shave the first time

When you go to shave the first time, you are going to be confronted with two things:

  • you will shave an extremely fine, very light hair. It is still halfway between down and beard hair.

  • your facial skin is not yet used to shaving, so it is very sensitive. Especially since another element can intervene, acne. Your blemished skin should therefore be handled gently to avoid aggravating acne.

Also, to shave the first time, you will have to go gently so as not to cut all your skin and have bleeding after a razor cut . And also have a nice visibility of your skin while you are going to shave to avoid cutting acne pimples.

What products to use to shave the first time?


The transparency to shave the first time


Also, to shave the first time and make your shave the most pleasant, it is advisable to use a shaving product that is transparent. In this case, you can use a shaving gel or shaving oil.


gel de rasage.png

A razor suitable for shaving the first time

Since you have very sensitive, very fragile skin, you will need to use a razor specially adapted for sensitive skin to shave the first time. So don't use a straight razor or a safety razor . I know these are two great shaving tools, but it's still a bit early for you to use them. Patience, patience. I advise you instead to use a razor specially adapted for sensitive skin, which will generally have aloe vera gel to soothe the passage of the blade on the skin.

So of course, if your dad or older brother is around to help you shave the first time, you can use a safety razor. It will then help you handle the blade well on your skin.

What steps to take to shave the first time?

Come on, it's time, you're in the bathroom, in front of the mirror. Again, the idea after having your first shave is to have perfect skin, without any shaving cuts.

What to do when you shave for the first time

Here are the things to do while you shave for the first time:

  • take your shaving product and apply it to the entire area of the face to be shaved. It can only be the mustache, the chin or the entire surface including the beard. Apply a good dose of shaving product.

  • then take your razor and apply the blade directly to the skin you want to shave. To shave, you must follow two rules:

    • Always shave in the direction of the hair, i.e. from the top (the root) to the bottom (the tip of the hair).

    • do not hesitate to stretch the skin of the area to be shaved to facilitate shaving.

  • take your time to shave well, don't go in a rush: you must indeed avoid passing the razor blade over the same area, you would then risk irritating your skin and damaging it. Also, let the razor slide over your skin, it is not necessary to force the razor, otherwise you will cut yourself.

Things to do after you shave the first time

When you have finished shaving:

  • Rinse your facial skin to remove all excess shaving product. I advise you to rinse your skin with cold water to tighten the pores of your skin.

  • wash your razor well: to do this, run the blades directly under running water. Do not tap the razor against the sink, you risk damaging the razor blade and thus having cuts during your next shaves.

  • moisturize your skin immediately after shaving: your sensitive skin has been attacked by the razor blade, this may have damaged the hydrolipidic film which protects your property. Moisturizing your skin with an aftershave will protect it and soothe razor burn. If you don't have aftershave, you can use your moisturizer.

If you ever have cuts from shaving, I advise you to use an Alum stone for the beard . It is a good natural way to stop bleeding. Don't be surprised if it tingles a little when you pass the alum stone on your skin.


There you have it, you now have all the tips for shaving for the first time. So there is no point in shaving every day to have a beard that grows faster: it is absolutely useless!

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