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Everything you need to know about beard cream

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Beard cream is one of the essential beard care products. Here are all my tips for using beard cream properly.


Whatever the length of your beard, beard cream is a treatment that you can incorporate into your beard care routine. Whether you have a short beard , such as a new beard or a 3-day beard , or a long beard such as a hipster beard , beard cream can be used daily. And yes, it looks like only people with long beards need to apply care, but that's not the case at all.

Why use a beard cream?


Beard cream is not necessarily a treatment known by bearded people, except by the pogonophile of course who will apply it regularly. But you can use a beard cream in different situations.

The beard cream to hydrate and nourish the hair


This is the first reason that will encourage bearded men to use a beard cream of course. The beard cream is primarily used to moisturize the hair of the beard. But not only, the beard cream will also moisturize the skin under the beard, and therefore its hair follicle which is under the dermis. Moisturizing the beard hair and the skin is essential, because it will allow:

  • to grow your beard naturally, because the hair follicle will be in good shape,

  • to soften his beard and have a soft beard,

  • to have shiny hair.

The beard cream in addition to the beard balm


If you like having multiple treatments to maintain your beard, then beard cream can be a great alternative to beard balm . But be careful, always with the aim of moisturizing the beard hair. Because the beard balm has this additional feature, which the beard cream does not have, of styling the beard and disciplining the beard hair.

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Beard cream to replace beard oil

Beard cream can replace beard oil to moisturize beard hair and the skin under the beard. Because beard cream has two advantages over beard oil:

  • it is not greasy, unlike beard oil which is made of vegetable oils,

  • it does not contain essential oils (except certain creams), so it will be very suitable for people allergic to essential oils.

Who can use a beard cream?

The beard cream will thus be an excellent treatment for people who have:

  • the itchy beard : if you have this inconvenience, it is because your skin is not hydrated enough and your hair is too thick, which will have to be softened.

  • beard dandruff : dandruff is related to dead skin cells under your beard, amplified by dry skin.

  • dull beard: moisturizing the beard will give it a boost, shine, radiance. It will be especially perfect if you have a red beard or a salt and pepper beard .

  • and the dry beard of course, which is not very pleasant to the touch, a little rough.

How to apply a beard cream?

To properly apply a beard cream, it's very simple, here are my tips:

Press the button and put cream in the palm of your hand. Apply generously on dry beard and massage to the root of the hair, without forgetting the skin. Savor the feeling of freshness, and comb/brush the beard. Wear your beard proudly


  • Take a dab of beard cream in the palm of your hand. Of course, you must adapt the size of the hazelnut according to the length of your beard: the longer it is, the larger the hazelnut will be.

  • Then apply the dab of beard cream directly to your hair. It is best if your beard hair is dry. Massage well until applied to the skin under the beard hair.

  • If you haven't applied enough beard cream, feel free to apply more.

  • To finalize your care, I advise you to brush the beard . The beard brush will indeed allow you to apply the beard cream to the entire hair, from its root to its tip.

My tip: before applying your beard cream, do not hesitate to wash the beard , with a beard shampoo or a beard soap. This will remove impurities, such as dust. The beard cream will thus penetrate the hair better. Of course, before applying it, remember to dry your beard hair.

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Refreshing beard and face wash with coconut water, argan oil and avocado oil. Menthol leaves the skin feeling refreshed and pleasant.

shampoing barbe 2.jpg

3-in-1 cleansing gel inspired by the know-how of barbers for cleaning your beard, your face and your hair in a single gesture.

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Specially formulated to cleanse the beard, soften it, refresh it and condition it. Helps eliminate the feeling of irritation by nourishing beard hair.

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