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How to thicken the fine hairs of a beard?

poils fins barbe

Having a nice beard , a thick beard is the wish of many men. Unfortunately, when it grows, there can be great dissatisfaction with a beard with fine hair that gives the feeling of having a sparse or incomplete beard . Even holes in the beard .


Why do we have fine hairs in the beard?

So the fine hairs in the beard are linked to two phenomena:

Fine hairs in the beard linked to genetics

If you have fine hair in your beard, it's simply related to your genes. You just have to see how your father's or one of your grandfather's beard hairs are to confirm this. You can also look at how the hair is on the rest of your body, especially your arms and legs.

If you have fine hairs in your beard for genetic reasons, unfortunately there is not much we can do. It is nature that gave you this type of hair.

Fine hairs in the beard due to lack of maintenance

If you have fine hair in your beard, it is also because you do not take enough care of your beard, the skin under the beard, and, above all, your hair follicle. In this case, you will have to take care of your hair follicle in depth, which may not be in great shape. The hair follicle is the small envelope under the dermis from which the beard hair takes root. Inevitably, if the hair follicle is not in great shape, then the hair of your beard will not grow in good conditions.

Treatments to thicken the fine hairs of a beard

To ensure that your hair follicles are healthy and that they produce hair of the highest quality possible, so strong and thick, here are my tips.

Styling the beard to thicken fine hairs


Styling the beard morning and evening will be an excellent treatment to accelerate the blood microcirculation of your facial skin. And hence, your hair follicle will be stimulated. You can do this regardless of the length of your beard, whether it's a 3-day beard or a 10-day beard . To do this, to brush the beard, I advise you to use a   beard brush!

In addition to styling, you can also do a beard scrub , the grains of which will help accelerate blood microcirculation.

Hydrate the fine hairs of your beard


Another care that will have to be given to the fine hairs of your beard is to moisturize them. This will indeed have a beneficial effect on your hair follicle. It is as if you are going to give it water, which will be necessary for the root of the hair and therefore for its quality. Think a little as if a flower in a pot was never watered: it will not be as beautiful as if it received regular and appropriate watering.

To moisturize the fine hairs of your beard and your hair follicle, you can use:

  • daily beard oil

  • If you don't like the oiliness of beard oils, then you can apply a beard cream every day.

  • Finally, don't hesitate to do a beard mask once a week.

The trick to thicken the fine hairs of your beard


If despite these tips, you still can't thicken the fine hairs of your beard, it means that genetics is stronger than you, that you can't do anything about it if you don't accept your hair type. But, don't panic, I have one last tip for you: beard mascara!

And yes, some men's makeup brands offer products to visually have a thick beard, finally a beard that gives the feeling of being thick. And one of those products is beard mascara. It works exactly the same as an eyebrow mascara, it comes in the same form, except it's for the beard. It is applied as if you were brushing your beard, in a very simple way. The advantage is that it will give the sensation of having thicker hair. You can find my video below.

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