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How to comb his beard?

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Combing your beard is an essential gesture to take care of your beard. Here are all my tips for combing your beard properly.

Combing his beard is a gesture that many bearded men like to do. This is indeed a necessary care to take good care of your beard. So of course, combing your beard is a gesture that is mainly reserved for men with long beards , like the famous hipster base . It goes without saying that it is impossible to comb a short beard , where it will be rather necessary to brush his beard .

Here are my tips for combing your beard properly.

What is the point of combing your beard

Combing his beard brings several benefits to his beard, which I will detail below.

Combing your beard to discipline it

Of course, the main reason you are going to comb your beard is to discipline your beard hair. As soon as the beard is a little long, some beard hair tends to get lost, which does not give a nice beard , with a nice shape. It is therefore necessary to put them back in place while combing your beard.

This gesture of combing your beard is all the more important if you have a long beard and you work in the office. It is true that in some circles still, the long beard is sometimes frowned upon. Also, it is necessary to present yourself with an impeccable beard so that it is accepted and that you do not have thoughts.

Comb your beard against beard knots


Another benefit of combing your beard is to simply untangle any knots in the beard . Well, between us, if you have knots in your beard, it's because you don't take great care of your beard! Since the teeth of a beard comb are relatively fine, you can plunge them into the heart of the knot to try to undo it, without having to take a pair of scissors to cut!

Comb your beard to have a beautiful hair

Combing your beard will also allow you to have a better quality of hair. And that, the pogonophile knows it very well! How ? You should know that by combing your beard, you will also be combing the skin under the beard. And this will promote blood micro-circulation which will stimulate the hair follicle. The famous hair follicle in which the hair of your beard takes root. So, with a healthy hair follicle, your beard hair will look its best: thicker, stronger and shinier. Also, if you have a long beard, a thick beard , do not hesitate to comb your beard every day.

Likewise if you are used to having an itchy beard , then combing the beard can have a positive effect against itching, always because you will be taking care of the skin under the beard and therefore of the hair follicle. .

Combing his beard to hide the holes

If you have holes in your beard , you can also comb your beard to conceal them. By helping you with a beard balm , you will be able to apply the hairs in the direction you want. And in particular hide any small holes you may have.

Comb your beard according to your beard style

Some beard styles will require you to have a well-groomed beard on a daily basis, because it involves a certain shape. I am thinking in particular of the pointed beard which requires that the tip of the beard be perfectly drawn, or even the fly beard .

Comb your beard to relax

Finally, one of the reasons why it is important to comb your beard is that it simply allows you to take care of yourself, your skin, your beard. To have a moment for yourself in front of your mirror, to forget all the stress of your daily life. It is important to settle down, we live at 100 an hour today, we spend our time in front of the screens.

Rules for combing your beard

To comb your beard properly, it is necessary to respect certain elements.


Combing your beard with the right equipment


To comb your beard properly, it is necessary to have an accessory that will not be a big surprise for you: the beard comb . To do this, take a quality beard comb, made of wood or horn, for example. Don't go for a plastic beard comb which will bring static electricity and make it difficult to comb your beard.

You can either get a beard comb alone, or buy a beard kit that will contain everything you need to maintain your beard .

Combing over a dry beard


When combing your beard, make sure you have a dry beard ! It is indeed strongly advised not to comb your beard when it is wet because it will only accentuate the appearance of knots in the beard. So, do not hesitate to take a hair dryer out of the shower to speed up the drying of your beard.

Comb your beard gently


Be careful, beard hair is fragile! Even if you have a relatively short beard, like a 10-day beard, you will need to comb your beard gently. If you are too rough, you risk not only hurting yourself but also damaging your hair. So imagine if you have knots in your beard and you get the comb in it...

Comb your beard with beard oil


Don't hesitate to apply a little beard oil to the beard comb. This will have two interests:

  • the first will be to deeply moisturize the hair of the beard, from root to tip, even on the skin.

  • the second will be to allow you to facilitate the disentangling of knots in the beard .

When is the best time to comb your beard?

There's no better time to comb your beard:

  • of course, you can comb your beard in the morning before you leave the house or go to work. It gives you the image of a man who takes care of himself.

  • but you can comb your beard at any time of the day to re-discipline your beard hair, a gust of wind comes so quickly!

In any case, combing your beard is good for your skin and your beard. So you can abuse it!

Steps to comb your beard


Here's how to properly comb your beard:

  • start with the neck: for this, you will have to put the comb so that the teeth of the comb are at the top.

  • then comb your cheeks, from the root of the hair to the tip, or by putting the comb so that the teeth are at the bottom.

  • finish by combing the chin.

You now have all my tips for combing your beard properly.

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