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What you need to know about styling wax

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Styling wax is a styling product that is becoming more and more fashionable. Here's everything you need to know about styling wax to use it properly.


You should know that styling wax has evolved a lot in recent years and has become a very pleasant styling product to use. Indeed, previously, the styling wax was very hard and rather difficult to apply to the hair for styling. Today, brands offer styling waxes that are more supple, softer and very easy to work with your fingers. And therefore easy to apply on the hair.

Why use styling wax ?


The interest of styling wax is that it has four advantages, compared to other styling products:

  • it helps to texturize. While remaining with a natural effect, the styling wax allows you to give your hair a flattened effect, a curly effect or even a tousled effect.

  • it makes hair shine

  • it gives movement to the hair.

  • it also helps to deeply hydrate the hair.


Who can use styling wax ?

Styling wax is a styling product that can be used by almost all hair types.


Styling wax on thick hair


The styling wax will be particularly suitable for all people who have thick hair. It is even the recommended styling product for this type of hair.

Styling wax on fine hair

You should know that if you have fine hair, styling wax will not be very effective. It will even be advised to take you to another product. Indeed, the styling wax having a relatively thick and oily texture, it risks not being impregnated perfectly in the hair and giving a plate effect after the application.

Styling wax on oily hair

Styling wax is not recommended at all if you have oily hair. And this for two reasons :

  • if you have short hair, styling wax may smother the scalp and therefore increase the production of sebum that you already have excessively. This can make your hair even oilier.

  • moreover, the shine effect of the styling wax can accentuate the shine of your hair due to the excess of sebum, which will not look very pretty.


Which styling wax to choose ?

Today, there are mainly two types of styling wax, matte styling wax and shiny styling wax.

When to use matte  styling wax?


The matte styling wax will have the advantage of keeping the natural effect of your hair. You will thus be able to texturize them to your guide, while leaving them natural. It is the style of styling wax most chosen by men generally.

When to use shiny styling wax ?

As its name suggests, the shiny styling wax will give shine to your hair, while texturizing it. This gives a little style. But shiny styling wax is strongly discouraged for people with oily hair.


How to apply styling wax ?

The downside with styling wax is, if applied incorrectly, can have a very ugly effect on the hair. This famous plate clearly visible to all. Also, it is advisable to follow the instructions below to properly apply the styling wax :

  • If you've just washed your hair or showered and your hair is wet, be sure to dry your hair thoroughly. The styling wax is indeed applied to dry hair and not to wet hair.

  • in any case, your hair must be clean ! There should not be any styling wax residue from the day before.

  • take a dab of styling wax in your hand. Do not take more than a dab of styling wax, precisely to avoid this plaque and greasy effect. Do not hesitate to force if the styling wax is hard.

  • heat the hazelnut of styling wax in your palms by rubbing your hands for example. You will see, even if your styling wax is hard, it will quickly change texture by being slightly heated.

  • then apply the styling wax to your hair, as if you were shampooing, or by attacking them at the root.

  • Then, apply the styling wax all over your hair, all the way to the ends, giving it the desired shape. It is necessary to apply the styling wax on all of your hair and not on a part, to have a homogeneous effect (and once again to avoid the plate effect). Thus, do not apply the styling wax only on a wick for example.

  • adjust the amount of styling wax if necessary, taking more than just a dab.


Of course, the thicker your hair, the more wax you will need. So be careful if you have fine hair, remember to take a small amount of styling wax.

How often to use styling wax ?

This is a good question that all people who have thin  hair should ask themselves! Indeed, you should know that styling wax is not very good for the scalp, because it can suffocate it. Also :

  • if you have short hair, it is not advisable to use styling wax every day. Because inevitably, you will also apply it on the scalp.

  • if you have long hair, and you only apply styling wax to the strands or ends, in this case you can use it every day without any problem.

Is it possible to mix styling wax with styling gel ?

It is quite possible to mix styling wax with styling gel. You should know that the styling wax has no impact on the fixation. Also, if you have relatively long hair, especially on the top of the head, and you want to freeze the movement, it will be advisable to apply both styling wax and styling gel.

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