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What you need to know about hair color for men


Coloring for men is an increasingly popular phenomenon. Here's everything you need to know about hair color for men.

It is no longer rare to see men in the street with hair of a color other than that of their natural hair. This is particularly the case among men of the younger generation. And then, men taking more care of themselves, they also want to rejuvenate their face, for example by hiding their gray hair.

Here is everything you need to know about hair color for men below.


Why color for men?

There are many reasons that can push men to do men's hair color. This may be either for fun, or to respond to a fad, or to hide an embarrassment. Here are the different reasons in detail, maybe you will find yourself in one of them!


Coloring for men against gray hair


Make a coloring for men to hide his gray hair, it's a bit the origin of the coloring. This is indeed the first reason that drives men to decide to dye their hair. It is true that gray hair for some men can be a real annoyance. And it is all the greater when gray hair arrives very early, in the early twenties.

Because we are not going to hide the face, gray hair, like baldness, is a sign that ages the face. Becoming salt and pepper is indeed a little dreaded by men, even if, and this is paradoxical, it has a sexy side for women. But when you have a patch of gray hair, it can be really disturbing.

Coloring for men to change your look


Without even talking about gray hair, coloring for men can also be a perfect way to renew yourself, to change your look. A desire to offer a new face, either:

  • by completely changing hair colors, going from brown to blond or red for example

  • or even to revive its natural color due to age.

Thus, men can decide, for example, to color for men according to certain periods of the year. It is not uncommon to see men go blond in the summer, for example.

Coloring for men for a fashion effect

Men no longer hesitate to stray from the paths and dare to experiment with certain things, which before were not forbidden to them, but unimaginable. In recent years, for example, we have seen more and more men with white hair, not to say blond, when they have a natural brown or chestnut color. Whether in the form of wicks or total coloring.

Then there was the fashion for gray hair and last year men dared to dye their hair pink. These are fads, which do not resist too much over time, with the exception of blonde dyeing. Who knows in the years to come what will be the fashionable colors?

Coloring for men for fun

Much more than a fashion effect, coloring for men for fun appears especially for festive events with friends, such as evenings or weekends. In addition to disguising ourselves, for example, we will also do a coloring for men with a product that leaves from the first shampoo.


Should we hesitate to do a coloring for men?

For me, if you want to do a color for men, you should not hesitate. And this for many reasons.

Coloring for men is no longer taboo


As I said above, coloring for men is increasingly done by younger generations of men. They don't hesitate to change hair colors like they change a pair of shoes, for example. Either according to their desires, or according to the trends of the moment.

You have to know that men take care of themselves and this is clearly accepted by society. So just as there are beard dyes, it is no longer a taboo subject to use men's coloring.

Effective coloring products for men

The market for hair color products has improved significantly in recent years, to meet strong consumer demand and especially this new need for hair color at home. Thereby :

  • not only the coloring products are easy to use

  • but the result is of very good quality.

Be aware that there are many coloring products for men, with however much more significant shades of color than for women.


The different types of hair color for men

If you want to do hair color for men, know that there are different types of products:

  • coloring gels that will cover gray hair in minutes.

  • there are even styling waxes to have colored hair for an evening.

  • repigmenting creams, which are used like a shampoo, over time. Gradually, the hair will regain its color and you will no longer have gray hair.

  • the fleeting coloring for men which will fade after 5 to 10 shampoos depending on the man. It's a good way to test a color.

  • permanent men's hair color that will last. The only problem will be when the hair grows with the natural color at the roots.

Here is my selection of coloring products for men to do at home.

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