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The silicone anal plug: our complete guide

The anal plugs that you will find on the market will, in the vast majority of cases, be silicone anal plugs. It is indeed the most used material for the anal plug, much more than metal or glass.

The silicone anal plug for all desires

Silicone is a relatively flexible material which makes it possible to offer different sizes and different shapes of anal plugs. thus, this is the reason why the silicone anal plug is very successful, you can really enjoy yourself with silicone.

  • you will find a silicone anal plug for beginners, small in size, that you can easily penetrate your anus and the silicone anal plug in XXL format for the more adventurous. The silicone material is also recommended if you are using an anal plug for the first time. The anal plug for beginners is also mainly made of silicone.

  • you find the smooth silicone anal plug or the most textured silicone anal plug. The textured anal plug is a plug that is highly appreciated for all the sensations it can provide on the anal area.

​​The silicone anal plug of all colors

The advantage of the silicone anal plug is that in addition to being very comfortable, it can be fun. Indeed, silicone is a material that can be found in several colors. Thus, you can have an anal plug in black silicone of course, which is the dominant color, but also in white, in pink highly appreciated by women for its playful side, in blue, in green... Enough to make a real rainbow of silicone anal plugs in her bedside table!

The silicone anal plug for its softness

The silicone anal plug is mainly chosen for the softness it can provide. It is true that it is enough to hold a silicone anal plug in your hand to discover its softness and velvety feel. Since you have to be very gentle when putting the butt plug in your anus, the silicone butt plug is therefore perfectly suitable. Even psychologically, we get used to the idea of the ease of penetrating a silicone anal plug more than a glass anal plug. And that's the reality, especially if you add lubricant to the silicone anal plug.

In addition, silicone is a flexible material, which makes the silicone anal plug ideal for people who are new to anal plugs. Indeed, it will penetrate more easily into the little dilated anus.

The silicone anal plug for safety

One of the significant advantages of the silicone anal plug is that it is perfectly safe:

  • the silicone butt plug is flexible, so no matter how much you move, or what position, it will never break. And of course, the anus not only being a very fragile area (it's a mucous membrane) and difficult to access, you have to be very careful about the objects you introduce there.

  • the silicone anal plug is non-porous, which means that it will remain in its state whatever the use you make of it Especially if you put a liquid product on it, to better penetrate the silicone anal plug in your year. In short, it will remain in its state whatever its longevity, without risk of having small pieces that remain in the anus.

  • the most silicone anal plug is thus completely healthy: since it is not porous, bacteria will remain on the surface of the silicone anal plug, and will not nest inside.

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