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How to take care of long hair for men?

cheveux longs homme

Having long hair is a dream of many men. It is clear that this immediately gives a style, an allure. And then, we are not going to hide that it also allows for small extravagances, whether in terms of hairstyle (a bun for example) or style (salty effect that many surfers would love ). Having long hair is also a bit of a trend, especially since certain personalities have great visibility. And seem to be super cool especially, thanks in particular to their long hair. I am thinking in particular of Julien Doré. So at one time, having a shaved head was the big fashion (1998 World Cup effect of course) but today it is rather two styles of haircuts that are trendy in men today: the uppercut cut and long hair.


Here are my tips for having long hair and especially taking care of it.

How do you know if long hair suits a man?

Long hair for men is not within everyone's reach. You will have to take into account different elements before embarking on this long process. Different criteria must be taken into account:

Long hair without baldness

Of course, the main problem facing men today is hair loss. Male pattern baldness . Ah the famous baldness that stresses a large number of men at the slightest loss of hair. Which can be without worries since we are used to losing more hair at certain times of the year, without it being baldness.

But of course, if you have baldness, especially on the top of your head, having long hair will not necessarily be aesthetic. Unless you do a hair transplant first. Likewise, if you have very thin gulfs, having long hair will not necessarily be a good idea.

Have a beautiful basic hair

Another point to take into account before embarking on growing your hair is to make sure that you have a good quality of hair. Be a beautiful hair. And by beautiful hair, we mean strong, shiny, silky hair. On short hair, having fragile or dull hair, for example, may not be a problem. But on long hair in men, this is unthinkable. It will indeed be seen right away, and it could even give a bad image of you (the image of a guy who doesn't take care of himself).

The importance of morphology

The last point that you will have to take into account is whether long hair will look good on you. Indeed, having long hair is not within everyone's reach, you will have to take into account your morphology and the shape of your face. Finally, choosing your haircut is exactly like choosing your type of beard  : long hair on a round face is not necessarily suitable, it may indeed accentuate the roundness of your face. On the other hand, long hair on a triangular face or on an oval face will be perfectly suitable.


Do not hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice if you have any doubts because there are as many long haircuts as there are faces. Indeed, will long hair that falls on your shoulders be suitable for you? Shouldn't they be a bit shorter? Likewise, long straight hair or long curly hair? The style is not the same at all, and therefore the effect it will have on your personality. And are we talking about the line? Rather in the middle or on the side? And that's just one of the few questions you need to ask yourself. Hence the importance of being well accompanied, by a hairdresser in particular.

How to get long hair for men?

You have made the decision to have long hair and well now, you will have to put all the chances on your side so that your long hair is as beautiful as possible.

Be patient to have long hair

I'm not going to hide it from you, and you know it of course, having long hair will take time. And therefore patience. Hair grows on average between 1 cm and 2 cm per month, so do the calculation of how many months it will take you to have the expected hair length. Of course, this will depend on the length you want to have in the end. And another point that is important to take into account is that when your hair grows, you may not be satisfied with the cut you will have, or even you will not necessarily know how to style it. Inevitably, there will be an intermediary between your current haircut and long hair.

Take care of your growing hair

When you had a short haircut, you might not place too much importance on caring for your hair. Except maybe shampoos and conditioners. But the more you take care of your hair while it grows, the more beautiful long hair you will end up with.

  • first, always use natural hair care. Avoid any product that contains silicone, whether in shampoos or conditioners.

  • then, nourish your hair well while it grows using hair masks or even nourishing serums. This will allow the hair follicle to be in perfect health, and therefore to produce beautiful hair.

  • Avoid using hair straighteners or hair dryers as much as possible. The heat provided by these devices will indeed damage the fiber of your hair, making it more fragile. What's more, the heat will also have an impact on the hydration of your hair.

  • feel free to apply oils to your hair. Some vegetable oils are known to accelerate hair growth (like beard growth). I am thinking in particular of castor oil .

luxeol 2.png

Avec sa formule enrichie en extrait de pousse de pois, le Sérum Pousse est un concentré d’efficacité.

serum croissance.jpg

Gel nettoyant 3-en-1 inspiré du savoir-faire des barbiers pour le nettoyage de votre barbe, votre visage et vos cheveux en un seul geste.

huile ricin.jpg

A utiliser comme masque capillaire, à raison d'une à trois fois par semaine.

​Prenez soin de vos cheveux qui poussent

Lorsque vous aviez une coupe courte, il se peut que vous n’accordiez pas trop d’importance aux soins apportés à vos cheveux. Hormis les shampoings et les après-shampoings peut-être. Mais plus vous allez prendre soin de vos cheveux pendant leur pousse, plus vous aurez au final de beaux cheveux longs.

  • dans un premier temps, utilisez systématiquement des soins capillaires naturels. Evitez en effet tout produit qui contiennent du silicone, que ce soit dans les shampoings ou dans les après-shampoings

  • ensuite, nourrissez bien vos cheveux pendant leur pousse à l’aide de masques capillaires voire de sérums nourrissants. Cela va permettre au follicule pileux d’être en parfaite santé, et donc de produire un beau cheveu.

  • évitez au maximum d’utiliser des fers à lisser, voire des sèches cheveux. La chaleur procurée par ces appareils vont en effet abimer la fibre de vos cheveux, les rendant ainsi plus fragiles. Qui plus est, la chaleur va également avoir un impact sur l’hydratation de vos cheveux.

  • n’hésitez pas à appliquer des huiles sur vos cheveux. Certaines huiles végétales sont en reconnus pour accélérer la pousse des cheveux (comme pour la pousse de la barbe). Je pense notamment à l’huile de Ricin.

How to maintain long hair for men


You managed to be patient enough to have long hair. Have you overcome all these weeks, even all these months of waiting? Congratulation ! But now, the hard part remains to be done! And yes, you will have to find time to maintain your long hair. This is to prevent you from having dull and brittle hair. Because it is a fact, the longer the hair becomes, the more care it requires.

Use a moisturizing shampoo on your long hair

The first care you will have to perform concerns the moment of washing your long hair, the shampoo phase. It will be better to opt for a moisturizing shampoo. To do this, always choose a shampoo with a natural formulation, which will be notably enriched with argan oil or shea butter.

As a reminder, it is not necessary to shampoo every day! One or two shampoos per week are clearly sufficient. Except, of course, if you play sports or have a professional activity that requires you to wash your long hair regularly.

During the shampoo phase, do not hesitate to take a few seconds to massage your scalp. This will notably help to accelerate blood circulation, which will have an impact on the quality of your long hair.

Apply a repair mask

The advantage of the repair mask on long hair, to be done about once a week, when you have a little free time, is that it will strengthen your hair and especially the ends of your hair. They will thus be less brittle and the general look of your hair will be very beautiful. You can take advantage of a mask that you do on your face to also do one on your long hair.

Cut the ends regularly

No matter how many treatments you apply to your long hair, the ends may become fragile and end up splitting. In this case, it will be necessary to cut the tips on a fairly regular basis, every quarter for example, by going to your hairdresser.

Avoid the hair dryer

I have already spoken above of the hair dryer which is to be avoided, because it will damage the fiber of your hair, weaken it. But the hair dryer will also give volume to your hair, which may not be very aesthetic. Also, to dry your hair, prefer a towel instead, patting it on your long hair. Know that there are ultra-absorbent towels that will allow you to dry them faster.

Brush and comb your long hair regularly

Naturally you will want to brush your long hair, or even comb it. Brushing your hair will have several advantages (it's exactly the same advantages as brushing your beard ):

  • you will of course avoid the appearance of knots in your hair

  • you will remove all the dust that could be in your hair. So you are going to clean them

  • brushing your hair means that you will also brush your scalp, which will be very positive for blood circulation , and therefore the quality of your hair follicle.


In any case, for brushing or combing to be as effective as possible, it is advisable to do it on wet hair, especially if you have thick hair). To do this, start by combing your ends then gradually go up. If you often have knots in your long hair, I advise you to style it in a bun, this indeed avoids the appearance of knots.

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