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What is an anal plug used for? Everything you need to know

Do you regularly see articles about the butt plug? Have you just talked to your friends about sex toys and one of them has just told you about her experience after using an anal plug? Did you just visit a sex toy site and stumbled upon the butt plug category that left you with a lot of questions? It is true that the anal plug is a sex toy that is popular at the moment, we hear a lot about it, we see it more and more in magazines, and yet it remains a relatively unknown sex toy.

If we had to translate textually what an anal plug is, then we would have to say anal plug! And yes, plug in English means cap. It's not necessarily very classy, we're not going to hide it!! Hence the fact of using both English and French to talk about this adult toy.


If we have to describe the anal plug, we can simply say that it is a conical-shaped sex toy, with a wider base, which must be introduced into the anus. There are different sizes of plugs depending on her experience with anal penetration. You will thus have the anal plug for beginners , which is rather thin, and at the extreme the XXL anal plug . You will also have the inflatable anal plug which is an intermediary and which allows you to push your limits. The anal plug being a sex toy, we cannot say that it is necessarily aesthetic. But plug brands have remedied this, by offering the jewel anal plug that features a small diamond or the tailed anal plug to have a slightly wilder side. In short, you will necessarily find the anal plug that suits you.

Through this article, we will give you all the information about the anal plug. You will be a specialist afterwards.

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The functions of the anal plug

Come on, let's go, here we are going to show you what an anal plug is for:

What is an anal plug used for? For an anal orgasm

The most anal is in fact a small toy (well, there are also large ones) conical in shape in most cases, which must be introduced into the anus.  this is why the anal plug is conical in shape, to facilitate passage through the anus. For the anus? What is the use of an anal plug in the anus knowing that this area of the body is not normally made for that? Well think again! Indeed, from a natural point, the anus is not intended to receive external objects. This is the reason why it does not lubricate naturally. But the anus has:

  • many nerve endings that can provide pleasure when titillated

  • the male prostate, which when titillated can cause a bigger orgasm than an ejaculation.

  • the perineum which also allows you to have beautiful sensations.

So many points that can allow you to have new sensations with the use of an anal plug in the context of anal penetration.

What is an anal plug used for? With masturbation

The purpose of using an anal plug is not to hurt, but to have excitement, sexual pleasure. The idea is in particular to tickle the famous prostate in men, which is supposed to give you as much pleasure, or even more for some, than an ejaculation. Thus, the anal plug can also be used alone, as part of a solitary pleasure, associated with masturbation therefore. Anal pleasure is still a taboo subject among men, very few talk about it, and yet those who have dared to practice come back to it very regularly. But believe us, using an anal plug at the same time as you masturbate, you will increase your pleasure tenfold.

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What is the anal plug used for in a couple?

The anal plug introduced into the anus of the woman makes it possible to tighten the muscles of the vagina, which will give a lot of pleasure to your male partner when he penetrates you, while awakening your own sensations through the double penetration.

Finally, the anal plug can be used to dilate the anus and thus prepare for sodomy, double penetration or even fisting.


What is the anal plug used for? To exceed its limits

Indeed, the advantage of the anal plug is that you can use several of them, of different sizes, and to go gradually until you find the maximum excitement. It is for this reason that we find the butt plug for beginners up to the XXL butt plug . We even find the inflatable anal plug to have the ideal size of plug in your anus.


Of course, there are plugs of all sizes, to play on the excitement.

Be careful, however, not to penetrate the anal plug roughly without a minimum of preparation. For this, you have two options:

  • You can start by dilating your anus with your fingers, starting with one finger and then several fingers

  • You can also apply a lubricant to the anal plug, so as to facilitate passage through the anus and make it more delicate, less "dry".


In any case, when you insert the anal plug into the anus, go slowly and gradually, making gentle circular movements. The time that your anal area is dilated, which can take several minutes depending on the person of course. In any case, if you introduce an anal plug into your partner's anus, don't hesitate to talk to him or her to get his feelings, and thus manage his penetration.

What is the anal plug used for? To break the routine

Finally, one of the many advantages of the anal plug is that it breaks the routine that could have settled within the couple. It is true that anal penetration is still a taboo subject, some people do not dare to discuss it in the couple. However, since the anal area is an area with many endings, you could discover, with your partner, new pleasures and thus take a new route to your antics.

Accessories to use with an anal plug


Thoroughly clean your butt plug


Before inserting your anal plug into your anus (or that of your partner), you must first clean it thoroughly. Indeed, you must avoid putting dust in your anus which could cause irritation. Which is not the desired effect! It all really depends on how you put it away. Similarly, after each use, it is necessary to clean it well, to remove any traces of excrement or bodily fluids.

Here are the products we recommend to properly clean your anal plug:

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The lubricant as an essential accessory

The essential accessory before using an anal plug is the lubricant. In fact, you should not insert an anal plug roughly into the anus. Once again, the anus is not naturally lubricated and it is a fragile area, too. It is therefore necessary to apply a lubricant both on the plug but also on the contours of your anus.

Here is our selection of lubricants:

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