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Snail slime for the face

bave d'escargot

Did you know that snail slime for the face was recommended? Through this article on snail slime, find all the benefits of using it in your beauty routine.


Snail slime is one of those unsuspected miracles of nature ! Indeed, who would have thought that snail slime could one day become an essential ingredient for a large number of brands in the cosmetics industry !! And one of the best skin care ingredients you can find. Because we're not going to lie to each other, snail slime isn't really appealing, not to say that it's quite disgusting. Have you ever thought of putting snail slime on your face ?

I decided to do this very comprehensive article on snail slime following the success of my article after testing snail slime-based skincare products with Royer cosmetics . It is true that when I discovered this brand of cosmetics Royer made from snail slime, I was immediately arrested !

  • I wanted to see what consistency with these products made from snail slime,

  • but of course, I wanted to see the benefits of these products on my skin

  • and then also, there was a playful side to discovering that ! It was a bit of a Koh Lanta adventure for me, like when I tried edible insects as an aperitif .

Snail slime is a miracle product because it has regenerating and repairing properties for skin cells that are simply exceptional. And as soon as we talk about regeneration of skin cells, it inevitably interests a very large number of people to have better skin radiance and avoid many skin imperfections. Snail slime has been used for millennia since the Greeks of ancient Greece already used it as a skin care product.


Why use snail slime for the skin?

Snail slime is vital for the snail


It should be known that the brands of cosmetic products have started to take an interest in snail slime for the skin after learning about the importance of slime for the snail. Indeed, did you know that slime was a vital element for the snail ? We have the impression that it is a residue that the snail leaves to move, to facilitate its displacement and its movement. But not only :

  • snail slime allows the snail to regenerate itself after an injury. Yes, the drool simply allows you to heal yourself.

  • The snail's slime also allows it to move over very dangerous surfaces, such as thorns, sharp pieces, etc. Without even getting hurt ! In addition to being an element to heal itself, slime allows the snail to protect itself, which is very fragile.


But still many men are not too familiar with this makeup product. So why use un  foundation for men and how to use it? I will answer your questions below.

Snail slime is very rich in active ingredients

I told you in the introduction that snail slime was a miracle product. When we look at its composition, we understand better the reasons why the cosmetics industry has jumped on this natural ingredient. To retain only the important points concerning it, here is a small summary:

  • snail slime is hydrating

  • snail slime is regenerating

  • snail slime is healing

  • snail slime is purifying

  • snail slime is antioxidant

  • snail slime is exfoliating

If you have all this you have not understood how snail slime is an essential ingredient for our skin!!

Snail slime contains allantoin

Allantoin is a natural enzyme that has many virtues to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells. It is restorative and healing:

  • healing because it repairs the tissues of the skin.

  • regenerating because allantoin is a powerful antioxidant that will fight against free radicals and thus slow down the aging of the skin.

Allantoin is also known to regulate excess sebum.

Snail slime contains glycolic acid

This will interest all people who have skin imperfections such as pimples or blackheads . You should know that glycolic acid turns out to be a natural and gentle exfoliant that will remove all dead cells and other impurities (such as sweat, pollution, etc.) from the surface of the skin. Similarly, like any exfoliating product, glycolic acid will unclog the pores of the skin.

Glycolic acid also has other benefits:

  • it allows the skin to have a perfect hydration of the skin by promoting the production of hyaluronic acid

  • it makes it possible to standardize the melanin on the whole of the skin, the melanin being responsible for the color of the skin, the hairs, the hair.

Snail slime promotes collagen production

Collagen is an essential element for the skin to give it good elasticity, bring it a certain flexibility and thus prevent the skin from relaxing and therefore seeing wrinkles appear. However, he says that the older we get, the less our body produces collagen. This is the reason why we have wrinkles and fine lines.


Snail slime promotes collagen production

Elastin is another essential element because, as its name suggests, it will allow the skin to keep its elasticity and suppleness. As with collagen, the production of elastin decreases with age and is responsible for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Snail slime contains vitamin E

Vitamin E is the best natural antioxidant, a vitamin that fights against free radicals responsible for skin aging.

The benefits of snail slime for the skin

Snail slime is an ally of choice for the skin and is an ingredient that you can include in your beauty routine. Indeed, snail slime is recognized for its regenerating, repairing and healing benefits for skin cells. Thus, with snail slime it is possible to treat or prevent a large number of things :

Snail slime to bring elasticity to the skin

You should know that snail slime improves the overall structure of the skin. Thus, it gives it more elasticity and tone. Not only will your facial skin be firmer by applying snail slime treatments, but your complexion will also be brighter. Indeed, you will have a plumped skin, and therefore with a better color

Snail slime against excess sebum

This point will of course be of interest to all people who have oily or combination skin. Snail slime is indeed known to naturally regulate sebum production going to the sebaceous glands. However, it is just an excess of sebum that is responsible for oily skin.

Snail slime against blackheads and pimples

Due to the presence of glycolic acid, which will act as a natural scrub, snail slime will be perfectly suitable for all people suffering from large blackheads on the face or blackheads on the back and on the whole body. Indeed, this will help clean the pores of the skin and prevent them from being clogged, responsible for the arrival of blackheads.

Snail slime for acne

Snail slime helps to fight against excess sebum, it will thus help to fight against one of its effects, namely acne! The arrival of acne pimples is indeed due to a hormonal change (adolescence, pregnancy, menopause, etc.) which causes the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than normal. Thus, the pores will be clogged and acne pimples will appear.

Snail slime to treat burns

The knowledge that snail slime heals burns came directly from Chile. Indeed, for several years, snail slime has been used in this country on severe burns. After deeply analyzing the snail slime, it was found that the snail slime could improve the healing of the burnt parts and also improve the appearance of the skin after a major burn.

Snail slime to heal acne scars

Snail slime improves the texture of the skin after a burn, it is also recommended against acne scars. In fact, allantoin associated with actine, also present in snail slime, are involved in the healing process of wounds and promote deep tissue repair.

Snail slime to treat sunburn

Snail slime can treat severe burns, of course, it is also very effective on skin burns of lesser intensity. Thus, sunburn being a skin burn, albeit superficial (well, it all depends on the degree of burn), snail slime proves to be an excellent treatment to apply to the skin after exposure to the sun. Even if you don't have a sunburn, snail slime is recommended as after-sun care.

Snail slime against skin spots

Since snail slime allows melanin to be uniform throughout the skin, using a product based on snail slime will prevent the appearance of age spots, brown spots on the skin as well as spots linked to exposure to the sun. This will help maintain an even complexion and thus prevent premature aging of your skin.

Snail slime against wrinkles


Snail slime allows our body to produce collagen, it turns out to be an excellent anti-aging product against wrinkles and fine lines. It will thus be a product perfectly adapted as a prevention but also on mature skin to attenuate and stop excessive aging.

It should be noted that snail slime will also be effective against fine lines of dehydration near the eyes.


Snail slime against stretch marks

To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, it is necessary to maintain a certain hydration of the skin, as well as its flexibility by maintaining a certain level of collagen. Snail slime having an impact on the production of collagen, it will allow you to reduce stretch marks.

Snail slime against puffiness and dark circles

The presence of collagen in snail slime also has a beneficial effect to fight against bags under the eyes but also against dark circles.

How to choose the right snail slime ?

There are different species of snails in the world, all with their own characteristics. And of course, all these snails are not equal, it is the same for snail slime. There are thus different qualities of snail slime.

A Chilean snail slime


For the skin benefits to be as strong as possible, it is preferable to use a snail slime which will have the most powerful regenerating and repairing active ingredients. And to do this, a species of snail comes out of the lot which comes to us from very far away, from Chile. This species is Helix Aspersa muller. So, because I saw you coming, it's not enough to go into your garden to take a snail, and pass it over your face ! Or even start raising snails in your garden. Because to use snail slime as a cosmetic care, the brands purify it in order to purify it of its bacterial flora, it is not put in a pure way.

A natural and pure snail base

Of course, if you take cosmetics based on snail slime, you will have to choose 100% natural products, without the integration of chemicals or petrochemicals. This will respect your skin better. Similarly, choose products from organic farming.

Finally, make sure the products are actually made from snail slime. Given the success of this type of product, many counterfeits have appeared on the market, with products not made exclusively from snail slime but with completely crushed snails. Which, of course, does not have the same effect on the skin at all. Also check that water has not been added to the snail slime, this would lessen its effects.

So be very vigilant when choosing your products made with snail slime, find out about how snails were raised, for example.

Is snail slime suitable for all skin types

Since snail slime is a natural product, all skin types can use snail slime as skin care. As we have seen above, snail slime can indeed treat or prevent many things on the skin. Not only does it give a better complexion to the skin, but it can treat certain skin imperfections at different stages of its life (acne, appearance of aging spots, etc.). In short, snail slime helps regenerate skin cells. And that, all skin types need it! Remember that the older we get, the more our skin will lose elasticity and hyaluronic acid. Thus, snail slime is recommended for people with:

  • normal skin

  • oily skin

  • combination skin

  • dry skin

  • sensitive skin

  • mature skin

I think it couldn't be simpler! So of course, these skins having different types of specific needs, some brands will offer products based on snail slime that are more moisturizing than others for dry skin, for example.

My opinion on snail slime

After reading this article, if you are not convinced to use snail slime in your beauty routine, I don't know what else I can do! Snail slime is truly a miracle product of nature, provided it is well chosen: natural, with respectful breeding of snails. I tend more and more to go towards natural products that respect nature and snail slime is one of them. So, of course, snail slime is not a vegan product, because it comes from an animal.

You now know everything about snail slime for the skin!

Here is my selection of snail slime products below.

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