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What you need to know about early baldness around 20.

Premature baldness, ie that which occurs around the age of 20, or even earlier, can be a great source of concern, especially since it occurs at an age when many young men are trying to accept themselves. It is true that the hair in men is a key element of our personality, and I'm not talking about the look. Having premature baldness can also be a source of mockery or even reflection. Words that can be heavy with meaning when the acceptance of male pattern baldness is not realized.

Through this article, if you are suffering from premature baldness around the age of 20, we will give you all the elements to face it, even accept it. So don't wear a cap right away to hide your early baldness, there are alternatives;)

Why early baldness from 20 years?

There is a point that it is necessary to take into account, it is that the majority of men will have a baldness during their life. It is a fact, many men are affected. So the first thought we want to make through this article is not to panic as soon as premature baldness appears. Because you are not alone! It is estimated that 20% of men have early baldness that begins in adolescence! If you take the time to look around you, you will see that many men are bald, with more or less intensity: in some it will focus on the gulfs only, in others it will take more magnitude. And between us, don't identify yourself with the personalities and celebrities who have a perfect hairline on the forehead: many have had hair transplants, but shhhh, don't say it!!

If you have early baldness, it is necessary to analyze why you are losing hair.

seasonal baldness

If you have temporary hair loss, which only lasts a few days, don't worry, it may just be seasonal hair loss. Indeed, with the change of seasons, men and women elsewhere can lose more hair than usual. There is therefore nothing to worry about and cry out for early baldness. By the way, did you know that we lose between 500 and 1,000 hairs naturally every day? That's already a number. Beyond 1,000 hairs per day, concern may be present.

hereditary baldness

Hereditary baldness is the main cause of male pattern baldness. It is indeed the male hormones that will be responsible for male pattern baldness. So if you want to have a glimpse of what awaits you in the years to come, all you have to do is look at your father, your grandfathers, or even look at photos of your great-grandfathers. If for example in your family, on one side in any case, all the men have well-defined gulfs, then get ready to have beautiful gulfs. If, on the contrary, men have a bald top, then you should also expect to have this baldness.

In fact, male hormones are responsible for baldness if there are too many of them. They will thus dry out the scalp and will make the life cycle of the hair faster. They will thus fall much more quickly and the hair follicle, from which the hair takes root, will no longer generate hair.


Baldness linked to aggressive products


If you notice hair loss and you are a fan of care products to apply to your hair, it would be good to stop! Indeed, the hair and the scalp are fragile, so it is necessary to take good care of it on a daily basis. Thereby :

  • avoid washing your hair every day.

  • wash them and style them with natural products.

  • Avoid using your hair dryer every day.

  • do not dye, leave them natural to avoid damaging the fiber.



What type of premature baldness do you have?

As we have seen above, there are different degrees of baldness, which have been clearly defined through a scale, the Norwood-Hamilton scale, developed by Doctor Hamilton in the 1950s. A scale that is still widely used today. This scale has 7 degrees of baldness, from the least intense to the strongest. This scale allows you to see at what stage your early baldness is.


What treatment for premature baldness?

Today, there is no treatment that can cure baldness. There is no miracle drug that will suddenly stop hair loss, or even regrow hair from a hair follicle that is no longer producing it. No. On the other hand, today there are solutions that make it possible to stop the progression of the hair, to reinforce the hair to make it stronger. But once the hair follicle stops producing hair, you have two options:

  • or do a hair transplant with the different techniques that exist today. For this it is necessary to approach an aesthetic medicine clinic, the doctor will then analyze your hair, your baldness and see what it is possible to do. It should be noted, however, that if you start the hair transplant early, there is a good chance that you will have to do a new one a few years later. Indeed, your baldness will evolve on non  grafted areas.

  • or make a tattoo on the hairy skull to give the impression of the presence of hair. However, this implies having the head always shaved.

Minoxidil against premature baldness

It is the product currently most used by men to curb baldness. It is a lotion, to put on the scalp, which will strengthen the hair shafts and act on the life cycle of the hair. Eventually it will stop hair loss. But beware, as soon as you stop using Minoxidil, the hair loss will start again. It is therefore with care to apply all the time.

You cannot get Minoxidil like this in France, it is necessary to have a prescription from your doctor.

Hair mesotherapy against premature baldness

Another technique, which is less restrictive than Minoxidil, is hair mesotherapy. This is a treatment that you can do in an aesthetic medicine clinic, or even at some dermatologists. Hair mesotherapy consists of injecting directly into the scalp a complex composed of several vitamins of group B. It is necessary to do 4 to 5 sessions, spaced out by one week. And repeat this once a year or so.

I myself have done hair mesotherapy, you can find my article:

Article to read :Hair mesotherapy, details of my sessions.

PRP treatments for premature baldness

Another treatment that can be done, which also works in the form of an injection, is PRP. You can find my article below.

Article to read: PRP injections, what you need to know.


In the meantime, to fortify your hair on a daily basis, here is a selection of products that you could

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