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How to take care of thick male hair?

cheveu epais homme

Thick hair in men can be quite problematic to maintain and care for. Here are all my tips for taking care of thick man hair.


Thick hair for men is the best type of hair you can have because you can afford a large choice of hairstyles. Thick hair can not only come from hair that is stronger than normal hair but also from high hair density. And thick hair in men can be whether you have straight hair, curly hair or even frizzy hair.

Here are my tips for taking good care of thick hair for men.

How to wash thick hair for men?

To properly wash thick hair for men, here are my tips:

Thick hair for men: a nourishing shampoo

Before even talking about the type of shampoo you need to use when you have thick hair, I'm going to remind you of a very important point: you shouldn't shampoo every day! This is a very important element because if you shampoo too much, not only will you attack your scalp, which will produce a lot of sebum. You risk having oily hair in men . But in addition you risk weakening your hair. Also, it is good to remember that it is more than enough to shampoo twice a week, no more.

Then, for thick hair in men, it is advisable to take a nourishing shampoo. They are also found under the name of moisturizing shampoos sometimes. You can also use mild shampoos.

Thick hair for men: a shampoo with cold water

During your shampoo, another gesture is to be avoided to wash thick hair in men: that of shampoo with hot water. Indeed, hot water will attack your scalp, which will impact the quality of your hair. It is therefore advisable for the good of your thick hair to wash it with cold water or, at the very least, with lukewarm water. What's more, cold water will help tighten the scales of your thick hair and thus make it less bulky. When you have thick hair in men, it is precisely the desired effect: above all not to have volume.

Thick hair for men : daily care

Thick hair for men: moisturizing care

We have seen it with the shampoo, if you have thick hair in men it is necessary to take care of it, by nourishing it, by moisturizing it. Indeed, a well hydrated thick hair is a hair which will be well and which it will be easy to discipline. And this is a very important element when it comes time to do your hair.

The first step to properly moisturizing thick male hair is to use a nourishing conditioner. You can do one once a week, that is approximately for 1 out of 2 shampoos. Men do very little conditioner, it is not something that has entered into their hair care routine. And yet, not only does it not take a lot of time (you can leave the conditioner on your thick hair while you shower) it also does your hair a world of good.

Thick hair for men: no hair dryer!

Generally men who have thick hair will tend to have a haircut:

  • either a very short haircut

  • either a short cut on the side but with length on top. This is called the uppercut cut. A haircut that is very trendy and that needs to be well groomed, using a hair dryer in particular.

It is strongly advised not to use a hair dryer on thick hair for men because it will swell the hair and therefore give even more volume.

To dry your hair, it is advisable to use a towel, and in particular a micro-fiber towel which will absorb more water than a conventional towel.

Thick hair for men: a hair scrub

Yes, you read it right, I advise you to do a hair scrub on your thick hair! The exfoliation is indeed valid on the hair because the scalp regenerates like the skin and therefore leaves dead cells. It also removes all the impurities present on the scalp and hair.

Attention, unlike the skin, you should not exfoliate your hair too frequently: it is therefore advisable to do it once a month only. 

Here is my selection of shampoos for thick hair:

shampoing cheveux epais.png

Thick hair in men can be relatively difficult to style due to its type. Relatively thick and dense, it is not only necessary to prepare them well before doing your hair but above all to apply the right styling product.

Here are my tips for properly styling thick hair for men.

My tips for styling thick hair for men


Thin out to style your thick hair

Before giving you my advice for styling your thick hair properly, you will have to go through the hairdresser box. Indeed, the objective here will be to prepare them well and make it easy for you to style them on a daily basis.

Because the main drawback when trying to style thick hair for men lies in their density. They are thick and dense, which can make styling difficult. Also, it is necessary to thin out your thick hair regularly. For this, depending on the density of your hair and its growth, it is advisable to go to the hairdresser every 15 days to 3 weeks.

So if you have a hair clipper, you can try to do it yourself.

Don't over wash your thick man hair

If you have thick hair, it is not recommended to wash your hair too frequently. Normally, you should wash your hair with shampoo between 2 and 3 times a week. But we tend more and more to shampoo every day, and that's not good. Too many shampoos risk making them greasy, and with the use of styling products, this can be bad for the hair.

So, do not hesitate to wash your hair with clean water every day, without necessarily using shampoo. You could reserve the shampoo the day you plan to shower after a workout.

Either way, if you're using a men's styling wax or other styling product, don't use shampoo every night, just rinse with clean water.

Steps to style thick hair for men

Blow dry before styling your thick hair

Before applying a styling product, it will be necessary to dry your thick hair well. It is in fact not recommended to apply a styling product to wet hair, unless you want to have a wet effect hairstyle, Italian style.

To properly dry your thick hair:

  • I advise you not to use a hair dryer which will damage the hair fiber of your thick hair. Especially if you are used to using it every day.

  • prefer instead for thick hair drying with a towel. A micro fiber towel in particular will easily absorb water.

In any case, if you use a hair dryer, be careful to set the heat correctly. And take the opportunity to put the hair in the desired direction so that you can style your hair more easily afterwards.

What product to use to style thick hair in men

To properly style your thick hair for men, you will need to use a styling product that allows you to fix your hair throughout the day.


Wax for styling thick hair


Also, to style your thick hair, I advise you to use a styling wax for men, taking care to choose it with a matte effect. You can of course use a styling wax with a shiny effect if you want to add shine to your hair. The advantage of styling wax for men is that it will style your thick hair while leaving it looking completely natural.

Other products for styling thick hair

Another product you can use is styling clay, which will also nourish your hair.

It is not recommended to use a styling gel because the product will be visible in the hair with a plaque effect that will not be aesthetic at all. Similarly, it is not recommended to use a styling mousse that will give even more volume to your thick hair.

How to style thick hair with a spike

Many men who have thick hair face the problem of spikes. And god knows it's complicated to style your thick hair with a spike. It can even ruin our lives spending hours trying to flatten the cob. To style a cob, here are my tips:

  • it is necessary to wet all of the hair and not necessarily the ear.

  • use a hair dryer to work the cob using the greatest force. This will smooth the cob and thus work it better with a styling product.

Here is my selection of styling products for thick hair:

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