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How to properly wash your man's hair?

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How to properly wash your man's hair? Here are all my tips for having perfectly clean hair.


Washing our hair is a gesture that we do very regularly, sometimes even every day in some people. Either we do it automatically, at the same time as we wash our bodies. Either we wash our men's hair to take care of it because it is an important part of our masculinity. Ah hair in men: the slightest hair that falls is immediately under the stress of having baldness!!

So the hair, of course, you have to take care of it, and that of course starts with washing your men's hair well. Here are all my tips.

Products to wash your men's hair properly


To wash your hair, you will of course have to use products, here are my tips.

shampoo to wash your men's hair

Of course, to properly wash your man's hair, you will have to use a good shampoo. And by good shampoo, we mean a shampoo that is not aggressive, both for the scalp and for the hair itself.

The shampoo adapted to wash his hair of man

We don't all have the same hair. We distinguish between three types of hair:

  • normal hair, which has good hydration

  • oily hair, which is characterized by an excess of sebum and gives it a shiny, greasy appearance

  • dry hair that lacks sebum and needs to be hydrated.

It is exactly the same system as the different skin types .

Thus, depending on his hair, to properly wash his men's hair, you will have to choose a shampoo adapted to his hair. This is clearly stated on the product bottle. It is important not to take a shampoo for greasy hair if you have dry hair: it may dry out your hair even more.

Also, if you want to add volume to your hair , because it's too thin or because you want to style it a certain way, you'll need to use a volume shampoo.

Natural shampoo for men's hair

Another very important point, we will have to leave aside all shampoos that contain products containing chemical ingredients or from the petrochemical industry. Either all products including paraben-based. I advise you to take natural shampoos, enriched with vegetable oil which will bring a lot of good to your men's hair: they will hydrate them but also clean them up. What's more, your scalp will not be attacked, so your hair will grow in the best conditions, strong and robust, without risk of falling out because it is too dry or damaged.

Should you use a dry shampoo for your men's hair?

Many men wonder whether to use a dry shampoo to wash their hair. So let's get things straight: dry shampoo is not for washing your hair! Dry shampoo will be ideal for people with oily hair because it will absorb sebum. It can also be effective in giving volume to your hair.

The scrub to wash your men's hair

In addition to the shampoo, you can exfoliate your hair once a week. This type of treatment will allow you to:

  • wash your men's hair thoroughly by removing excess sebum (for oily hair) and dead cells that may be present on the scalp

  • do good for your scalp: the grains of the scrub will indeed promote blood circulation.

Conditioner to wash your men's hair

If you want to reinforce the action of the shampoo to properly wash your men's hair, then you will have to use a conditioner. Be careful however, just like the shampoo, the conditioner is to be chosen according to your hair type. And besides, it will be more suitable:

  • for men with dry hair to reinforce the hydration of the hair

  • for men with fine hair to give volume.

​ Steps to wash your men's hair properly


Brush before washing your man's hair

A gesture that very, very few men do, I would even tend to say no men, is to brush their hair before washing it. Yes, well, if you have short hair, combing it will be fine. But since men tend more and more to have long hair on top, with in particular the famous Pompadour cut, a little brush stroke is quite possible.

Why should you pass the brush before washing your man's hair? Because this will have two impacts:

  • the first and most important is that you will naturally remove dust and other impurities that may be there

  • the second is that you will be able to air them, thus making the shampoo more effective.

Not to mention that brushing your hair will do your scalp a world of good, by accelerating blood circulation at this level (and that's very good for the hair). So, whether you wash them or not, a little brush stroke every day and you will see your hair in better shape day after day.


A massage to wash your man's hair

When you wash your hair, it's not enough to shampoo, lather and rinse. No, for the shampoo to be perfectly effective and to properly wash your men's hair, you will need:

  • soak the shampoo well from the root to the ends of your hair

  • massage your scalp using circular movements, so as to stimulate your scalp by activating blood circulation. If your hairdresser massages your head when you go there, it's not just to make you feel good. It is also to take care of your scalp, which will have an impact on the quality of your man's hair.

Wash your men's hair at room temperature


Many men take very hot showers, and suddenly pass their hair, and their scalp, in hot or even very hot water. And yet it is a very big mistake, there is nothing worse for the hair that will be attacked. The heat will indeed degrease the hair, removing its sebum. This will dehydrate your hair, making it more fragile.

To properly wash your men's hair, you must wash them at room temperature, i.e. lukewarm water. It would even be advisable to wash your man's hair in cold water to tone not only tone the scalp but also to allow the cuticles of your hair to close. Your man's hair will be more resistant.

Wash your men's hair by rinsing them well

Once you have finished your shampoo, take the time to rinse your hair well. It is very important not to leave residues, which will be so much dirt on your hair.

Do not hesitate to rinse them well with cold water to tighten the scales of your hair. Because washing your men's hair well means ultimately having residue-free hair.

How often to wash your male hair

As I said above, it is not recommended to wash your man's hair every day. Of course, there are exceptions if you play sports, sweat, swim in a pool, etc.

Normally, it is advisable to wash your hair every 2 to 3 days, depending on the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands located in the scalp. You should not wash them too frequently so as not to remove the sebum, which will protect your hair. If you wash them too often, then the sebum will be more important to deal with, which will amplify your oily hair if it is naturally oily. Also :

  • if you have oily hair, then you should wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week.

  • if you have normal hair, twice a week is enough.

  • if you have dry hair, once or twice a week. Remember to apply a moisturizing conditioner, or even a moisturizing hair mask once a week in addition.

In any case my recommendations above are general, only you know your hair and can know how often you should wash your hair. Thus, for example if you live in the heart of Paris, you will have to wash your hair more regularly than if you are in the middle of nature: the pollution becomes embedded in your hair.

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