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How to fight bad breath?

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Bad breath can be a real social embarrassment. Discover the reasons for bad breath and the tips to stop having halitosis.

Bad breath, whose medical name is halitosis, can very quickly become a major social embarrassment, which will be all the greater if bad breath is present. It may be temporary, linked to a particular diet such as the consumption of garlic or onion, but can also persist. There are of course different ways or tricks to deal with halitosis, bad breath. But before finding the remedy to face it, it is important to know the causes.


In any case, don't think that you are the only ones to have bad breath, about 50% of the population is more or less affected. Also, bad breath becomes more and more prominent as you get older.

Here are my tips for fighting bad breath.

What causes bad breath ?

The causes of halitosis or bad breath can be very numerous. Of course, I'm not going to talk about known causes that you can easily control, such as eating onions or garlic that cause temporary bad breath. Likewise, smoking is a well-known source of bad breath.

Food-related bad breath

The mouth is a privileged place for the proliferation of bacteria, which are largely responsible for bad breath. Bacteria are particularly present on the tongue, they lodge in the rough cavities of the tongue. The regular presence of a white or even slightly green deposit on the tongue is a sign of the strong presence of bacteria on your tongue.

One of the main causes of bad breath is having food, leftovers from your lunch or dinner, in your mouth. They are usually stuck in your teeth, without you realizing it, or even in bridges if you have them. These foods will decompose in your mouth into volatile sulfur compounds by the action of bacteria which will feed on them, and thus release a smelly gas. Hence the bad breath.

So, do not hesitate to limit the consumption of spices! More and more people do not hesitate to add spices to their dishes to spice them up. But excessive consumption of spices can be responsible for bad breath. And by spices, we mean garlic, onion, pepper, paprika, curry, etc.

Bad breath linked to dry mouth

Having a permanently dry mouth is also a reason for the appearance of bad breath. Saliva plays an essential role in the mouth, in particular it has an anti-bacterial effect (we saw it above, bacteria are responsible for bad breath by breaking down food).

Bad breath associated with fasting

You should know that not eating, skipping meals or fasting can be a source of bad breath. Indeed, the longer you go without eating, the more bacteria will proliferate in your mouth.

Bad breath linked to high protein consumption

Some people decide to have a high protein intake in their diet for sports reasons or, especially in men, to develop their muscles. You should know that the bacteria present in the mouth mainly feed on proteins. Also, the more protein you consume, the more bacteria will proliferate in your mouth (because they find their food there in large quantities) and therefore the more they will release smelly gases, responsible for bad breath.

Ways to fight bad breath.

There are different ways to fight bad breath.

Good oral hygiene against bad breath

Of course, and this seems quite logical, the first way to fight against bad breath is to have perfect oral hygiene. And this is done on a daily basis ! Having good oral hygiene consists of :

  • brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially to remove any food that could get stuck between your teeth.

  • you can also floss between your teeth, to be sure to remove any small remains of food that could have gotten stuck between your teeth. In addition, flossing will allow you to eliminate dental plaque, which is also the cause of bad breath. Depending on your teeth, it will be advisable to floss daily.

  • gently brush your tongue to remove any bacteria that may remain on the surface of the tongue. Some toothbrushes have grooves on the back of the brush to brush the tongue, and thus avoid having bad breath. But there are also tongue cleaners, which can be found in pharmacies. The tongue scraper is both a preventive accessory but also a treatment as soon as you feel that you have bad breath.

  • mouthwash regularly.

  • consult your dentist regularly, who by doing a complete scaling will thoroughly clean your mouth.


Stimulate the production of saliva against bad breath

Dry mouth was a source responsible for bad breath, so it will be necessary to stimulate the production of saliva. To do this, you have different ways :

  • you can eat eat acidic products

  • you can chew gum (without sugar of course to avoid cavities).

  • there are also specific products that you can find in pharmacies to stimulate saliva production and fight bad breath.

You should know that alcohol consumption can cause dry mouth in some people. Also, do not hesitate to drink water regularly, not only will it be good to fight against bad breath but it will also be effective for having beautiful skin.

Herbs to fight bad breath

In addition to having good oral hygiene, which is the basis for fighting bad breath, you can also use plants against halitosis. Indeed, many plants are known to neutralize the smelly compounds released by bacteria in the mouth and which are responsible for bad breath. Among the plants that fight against bad breath, we find for example mint, parsley, basil, etc. In addition, plants are an economical way to fight against bad breath, especially if you have the possibility of growing them in your garden, on your terrace or on your balcony.

Coffee to fight bad breath

Another natural remedy for bad breath is the coffee bean. And this means is also economical and easy to use, coffee beans are indeed very easily found in the trade. So, after each meal, do not hesitate to chew a coffee bean. At first it will be strange, a taste by necessarily pleasant, but you will very quickly get used to it.

Lemon to fight bad breath

Another very simple trick to combat bad breath is to dilute a little lemon juice in water. Of course, to do after your meal. Preferably choose an organic lemon.

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