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Stretch marks in men: what you need to know

Stretch marks in men are no exception! Here's everything you need to know about stretch marks in men.


And yes, men also have stretch marks. Moreover, stretch marks in men are far from being an exception and affect many men. Moreover, the reasons for the appearance of stretch marks in men are very numerous. And can even be a complex in men. Indeed, given that we talk a lot about stretch marks in women and very little in men, men who have them can feel very embarrassed, even feel a little lonely. And yet.


Through this article, you will find out where stretch marks come from in men and how to deal with them.

Where are stretch marks in men?

Stretch marks in men are usually found in different places than in women. Indeed, in women the stretch marks will be mainly on the chest, the stomach or the hips, even the thighs. While stretch marks in men rather find their place on the shoulders, back or buttocks. These are thus places that are not very visible, because they are located on the back of the body, hence the fact that some men are not aware that they have stretch marks. Not to mention that the presence of hair on the body can make stretch marks in men invisible.

What causes stretch marks in men?

You should know that stretch marks in men can affect anyone, because it is a natural phenomenon, which can occur at any time. You should know that collagen fibers and elastic fibers are present in our skin. They are also called deep fibers. It is these fibers that give the skin its elasticity. But, these fibers are not eternal, nor entirely resistant and can break due to a brutal stretching of the skin. This then causes a visual appearance on the skin that looks like streaks, these are stretch marks in men.

Also, stretch marks in men can appear at several times in their lives, times that cause the skin to experience stretching:

  • at puberty, with strong growth for example. And yes, some men are very fast growing, and so they are more prone to stretch marks in men.

  • weight loss or, on the contrary, too rapid weight gain. Here too, the skin will experience stretching which can cause the appearance of stretch marks in men. Indeed, during weight gain, especially if it is rapid, the skin will then experience sudden stretching.

  • too much weight training. Gaining muscle mass has a strong impact on the elasticity of the skin, which can lead to stretch marks in men.

  • Finally, certain medical treatments, in particular those based on corticosteroids, can also cause the appearance of stretch marks in men.

Finally, it should be noted that all men with thin skin will be more likely to have stretch marks. Which is logical, their skin being more fragile and therefore more likely to undergo the effects of stretching caused by weight loss, weight gain or even mass gain.

Similarly, in some people stretch marks will appear for hormonal reasons. Indeed, an excess of cortisol, caused by a dysfunction of the adrenal glands. And an excess of cortisol will have a negative effect on collagen, and thus cause stretch marks to appear in men.

How to fight stretch marks in men?


Stay hydrated against stretch marks in men

To fight against stretch marks in men, there are no miracle solutions: you have to stay hydrated. Hydration is an essential element for having beautiful skin, but also for having skin that will react as effectively as possible to what we subject it to (weight gain, muscle mass gain, etc.). This is why it is essential to stay well hydrated at all times, and all the more so if you are athletic.

For bodybuilding enthusiasts, it is therefore advisable to drink plenty of water after the session.

Massages against stretch marks in men

A natural remedy to fight against stretch marks in men is to massage your skin using two vegetable oils: sweet almond oil and coconut oil. These are indeed two vegetable oils known to improve the tone of the skin, in particular by the presence of Omega-6.

To do this, nothing could be simpler: just mix a tablespoon of each oil and massage the area affected by the stretch marks for several minutes.

If you do not want to use natural products, be aware that almost all cosmetic brands offer treatments for stretch marks.

The laser against stretch marks in men

The ultimate solution to fight against stretch marks in men remains the visit to the dermatologist. Of course, it is advisable to see  a dermatologist if you are really bothered by your stretch marks. The treatment of stretch marks in men by a dermatologist will go through different techniques: pulsed light, laser, radio frequency or ultrasound.

This type of treatment will not eliminate stretch marks in men, but play on the pigmentation and thus make them less visible from the rest of the skin.


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