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Men's self-tanner: a healthy glow all year round

More and more men today are using a self-tanning product for men. It is absolutely no longer a taboo subject. It must also be said that UV sessions are no longer popular because of the health risks that this entails. And exposure to the sun, like a seal on its towel, is no longer too much either, also because of the health risks. Well, you will still see on the beaches of the Côte d'Azur men who spend their day stretched out in the sun, without a parasol, without a cap, in search of a perfect tan.


Why use a self-tanner for men?


But when you live in Paris or in the center of France, if you want to have a healthy glow quickly, the solutions are few: concealer, foundation, concealer products... One of the best solutions for me remains the man self-tanner. Because the products have changed a lot in recent years, self-tanning products now allow you to have a tanned but completely natural complexion (no risk of being thought about on Monday morning by your colleagues!!)._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I'm talking about healthy glow effect. Because it's the main reason why men choose to apply a self-tanning product. Erase traces of fatigue, erase this feeling of having a bad skin texture. Give the impression of being in good shape. And then, we must not hide it, having a good look is good for morale! We find ourselves more beautiful when we look in the mirror, so inevitably, it gives energy.

Which men's self-tanner to choose?

There are various self-tanning products on the market today. The Clinique For Men brand notably offers a face tanning gel. Recipe For Men, the make- up specialist brand for men , offers its Energizing Bronze Cream. Or L'Oréal Men Expert offers guys its healthy glow effect FLash Bronzer. So the offer of men's self-tanners is quite wide today, a sign that it is a product that is increasingly in demand by men.

But if I had to recommend one, it would definitely be the Booster Bronzer self-tanner from Clarins Men . This product is for me the best men's self-tanner for the face. And not only for the face, even if it is sold as such, it can very well be used as a self-tanner for the body. I really like this Clarins Men Tanning Booster for several reasons:

  • it is practical: it comes in the form of a small vial that does not take up space in the bathroom.

  • it is easy to use: just mix a few drops of Booster Bronzant with your day cream in the morning. No risk of putting more on certain parts of the face.

  • it is economical: a few drops are enough for each use, the quantity used is thus completely controlled.

For me, this self-tanning man Booster Bronzer from Clarins Men is therefore an ideal product for the face of men. But also for the body, just mix it with a body lotion.

What care should be taken before applying self-tanner homme ?

Before applying a man's self-tanner, make sure that the skin is perfectly clean. And for that, there is only one solution : make a scrub. The exfoliation will indeed allow to remove all the dead cells of the skin which could bring kinds of grains to the skin. Thus, since the skin is not perfectly smooth, the men's self-tanner will not apply correctly to the skin. If you want to apply a men's self-tanner on the face and neck only, it will therefore be necessary to exfoliate the face . If you want to apply it on the whole body, it will be necessary to make a body scrub with a suitable product.

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autobronzant homme 2.webp

Men's self-tanner: my tips for applying it well


How to apply a man's self-tanner on the face?


The main risk in applying a self-tanner is that it shows. And that you pay for the reflections of your colleagues!! In addition to the slightly orange color that certain products can give, it is really on the application itself that the risk of error can be significant. One part of the face more orange than the other. It is necessary to respect different steps before applying a self-tanner:

  • perform a face scrub: this step is necessary especially for the first application of your self-tanning product for men. The goal is to have perfectly clear and smooth skin, without any dead cells on the face. Otherwise, it could cause small "rips" visible  with the naked eye. 

  • wash your hands thoroughly, to have perfectly smooth, smooth hands here too. 

  • apply the men's self-tanning product to the face depending on the chosen product: cream, spray, serum...

If you are afraid of applying your self-tanner incorrectly, I strongly advise you to use a product in the form of a serum that you will mix with a day cream or a body lotion. No risk of crashing.

How to apply a man's self-tanner on the body?

It is a little more complicated to apply a man's self-tanner on the body than on the face. Because on certain parts of the body, like the back for example, it is almost impossible to do it alone. The best solution is to take a man's self-tanner in the form of a spray, practically all brands offer it. This is the simplest, but it is not guaranteed to accentuate the pose on certain parts compared to others. If you have a partner, do not hesitate to ask him to apply it to your back and the back of your thighs and calves.

So you can use the Botan self-tanning spray


Self-tanning man : dietary supplements

There are dietary supplements that will help prepare your skin for tanning. They will not be self-tanners for men as such.  

If you prefer the image to the writing, you will find below a video in which I explain how to properly apply a self-tanning product on the face.

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