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My opinion on Horace

If there is one brand that has exploded in the men's beauty market in recent years, it's Horace. From a simple facial cleanser, the Horace brand now offers a complete range of products for men, ranging from toothpaste to styling products, from shower gels to perfume. In short, enough to do your beauty routine entirely with Horace products. While at its launch the Horace brand offered other brands on its online store, they have now completely refocused on their brand.

Since the launch of Horace on the market, I have closely followed its development. Because I must admit that overall, I really appreciate this brand, for several reasons:

  • Horace makes cosmetics for men accessible, by offering a whole range of prices at relatively low prices.

  • Horace offers simple product packaging, but very pretty, very masculine.

  • Horace products offer a perfect sensory experience. Shower gels are a perfect success for me.

  • Horace products are natural.

  • Horace's communication is perfect: men of all types, it's not divisive, all men can recognize themselves in Horace.

I have thus, I believe, tried all the Horace products and I have given my opinion on these products in various articles on the blog which you can find below. But, since you ask me a lot of questions about this brand through social networks, I wanted to do a little focus here, so that you have a global vision of this brand.

Below is my appreciation of the different Horace products. Of course, this is a personal assessment, related to my use. It is therefore subjective. If you want more details on my opinion of each Horace product (texture, scent, use, etc.), I invite you to read the articles.

My opinion on Horace products

Horace natural whitening toothpaste:


Horace facial cleanser:



Horace tonic lotion:


Horace face moisturizer:



Horace Orange Blossom Shower Gel:


Shower gel Bergamot Horace


Virginia Cedar Shower Gel Horace




Horace gentle purifying shampoo:



Horace Strengthening Conditioner:



Horace Deodorant:



Horace styling cream:



Horace styling wax:



Horace Texturizing Styling Spray:



Horace shaving cream:


Horace shaving gel:



Horace aftershave gel:

Horace Face Scrub



Horace refreshing wipes


Horace purifying face mask



Horace toothbrush




Watermelon Whitening Toothpaste



Where can I find Horace products?


Do you want to know where to find Horace products? Horace products are only available on the Horace online store. If you are interested in the products, I have a referral code that allows you to benefit from a 20% discount on your first order . To benefit from it, click here:

From time to time Horace opens pop-up shops. This is the only way to be able to test Horace products.


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