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How to use an anal plug? All our tips

The advantage with the anal plug is that it is a sex toy that can be used in different ways. Unlike other adult toys which have a basic use. Through this article, we will give you the different ways to use an anal plug.

Conditions for using an anal plug

Before showing you the different ways to use an anal plug, it is necessary to talk about the steps to be done beforehand, so that the use is optimal and above all as pleasant as possible.

Dilate the anus before using a butt plug

The first step before using the anal plug is to properly prepare the anal area, and in particular to dilate the anus. In fact, do not go straight there by trying to insert the anal plug straight away, this could cause you some discomfort, or even in the most negative situations, a tearing of the anus.

So go ahead very slowly before using an anal plug, first penetrate a finger, then two, or even your hand if you use a larger anal plug, such as the XXL anal plug.

Lubricant before using a butt plug

Of course, the essential accessory for the use of an anal plug is the lubricant. You should not, regardless of the experience of the person who will receive the anal plug, make it penetrate without lubricant. Why ? Because the anal area does not lubricate naturally. The anus is indeed not designed to receive elements from the outside. The lubrication will not only allow the anal plug to penetrate better but also to feel less possible pain and therefore to have pleasure.

Here is our selection of lubricant to properly use an anal plug:

lubrifiant anal 1.webp
lubrifiant anal 2.webp
lubrifiant anal 3.webp

Ways to use a butt plug


Using a back-and-forth butt plug

The most logical way to use an anal plug is to do it with the famous back and forth gesture. In other words, to make it enter the anus then to withdraw it before making it enters again and so on. Like a penetration. The advantage of using a butt plug this way is that you are in complete control of your arousal, since it is you, or your partner, who is speeding up the movement.

Use an anal plug at your own pace


Rather than rocking back and forth, some people will want to use the butt plug by letting it insert into the anus, but moving it very slowly so as to hit different sensitive points. Without removing it. Of course, everything depends on the perceptions of each, the stimulations of each. It's a personal matter!

Use a butt plug as a secondary object


To increase arousal during sex, some people will not only use an anal plug but also another sex toy or accessory. Thus, men can, for example, wear a cock ring at the same time as having an anal plug inserted in the anus.

Moreover, without even having other sex toys, the anal plug can be maintained throughout sexual intercourse to increase desire.

Using an anal plug for a long time


Some people love the feeling of having a butt plug so much that they won't want to take it off! Be careful, however, to choose the anal plug carefully to leave it in your anus for a long time!

Indeed, some people will not hesitate to go to work with an anal plug inserted in the anus, or to go shopping with it. In short, whatever the reason for leaving, some will have fun, and a certain excitement, to keep it.

What to do after using an anal plug?

After use, it is also necessary to follow certain instructions

Using a butt plug and cleaning it

Once you've used your butt plug, it's important to clean it thoroughly. This may seem obvious, but it is not necessarily the case for certain! Why is it important to clean it well after use?

Find all our advice in our article: How to clean an anal plug?

Using a butt plug and putting it away

Now that you have thoroughly washed your butt plug after use, you need to put it away. Here are some guidelines:

  • Store your anal plug in a dry place, so that certain materials, such as silicone for example, do not get damaged.

  • Store your anal plug in a closed place, in order to prevent dust, for example, from becoming encrusted, and that you then put them, during a next use, in your anus.

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