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Men's discoloration to dye you blond


Discoloration for men is increasingly carried out. Here are all my tips for a successful discoloration for men.

Bleaching blond is no longer a taboo subject among men. Indeed, we see more and more personalities, such as singers, actors or even influencers doing men's discoloration, and having perfectly blonde hair. Bleaching can also be a good way to have a new face, to change, especially with the approach of summer when we generally want a little more madness. It must also be said that with longer holidays, you can afford more things. But bleaching for men can be a real disaster if done incorrectly.

Here are all my tips for bleaching for men below.


What is men's discoloration?

Before talking about discoloration for men, it is necessary to clearly define what we are going to talk about here. Bleaching is simply the depigmentation of hair through a chemical process, using hydrogen peroxide. Concretely, by bleaching you will remove the natural pigments from your hair. Besides, if you already had color or highlights, bleaching will also remove the artificial pigments. To make a discoloration for men, it is hydrogen peroxide that will be used.

Thus, the hair will lose its natural color and, in the bleaching process, will go through several stages:

  • the hair will initially have a red color

  • then they will turn yellow

  • and finally they will become blond, or even take on a platinum blond color.

You will understand, so do not miss bleaching it, because you could end up with orange hair!

Since bleaching for men will strip the natural pigments from your hair, this is an irreversible process! You cannot go back. So think carefully before bleaching. Of course, the natural color of your hair will come back at the same time as your hair grows, so from the roots. But the ends will remain discolored (unless you cut your hair very short). If you are therefore disappointed by your discoloration, you will have to be patient.

The conditions for making a discoloration for men


Since discoloration for men is done with a chemical product, and it is irreversible for a certain period of time, it is necessary to follow certain instructions.

Mens bleaching on healthy hair

Before bleaching for men, it is essential to do it on hair that is as healthy as possible, in good shape. Indeed, as you are going to put a chemical product, the hair will be attacked and will therefore be weakened. Thus, if it is dry, brittle, very fine, it will be inadvisable to make a discoloration for men at home. Instead, make an appointment with your hairdresser, who will give you an informed opinion. In any case, it is advisable before doing a bleaching to do a few weeks before a fairly intense treatment to nourish your hair, based on mask, conditioners, even serums, in order to strengthen the hair and make so that it is not too weakened by discoloration.

Men's discoloration on a wick

Before doing your bleaching for men at home, I advise you to do a test on a lock of your hair, to see:

  • how your hair and skin will react.

  • if you manage to do men's discoloration yourself.

It would indeed be a shame to do it badly and have a catastrophic effect in the end. At worst, you can shave your head ! To do this test, you can do it in a discreet place, like the back of the ears for example. If you feel any burning sensations, stop right away, don't do it all over your hair.


How to make a discoloration for men?

To make a men's discoloration well, here are my tips.

Bleach for men on dry hair


Of course, for men's discoloration to be as effective as possible, you will have to do it on dry hair. And completely dry. Also, avoid washing your hair just before, there must be no humidity.

In addition, the fact of not washing your hair before bleaching means that the sebum will stay on the hair, and thus better protect it.

Make a homogeneous discoloration for men

Of course, depending on what you are looking for, you will have to do a homogeneous men's discoloration:

  • if you want wicks, you will have to choose the location of the wicks so that it does not become ridiculous.

  • if you want a bleach for men on all of your hair, you will have to apply the product on all of the hair. Thus, with the brush, make sure to impregnate all the locks of hair.

Of course, respect the break time defined by the bleaching brand for men. You shouldn't burn your scalp, or have a blonde color that doesn't match what you want at all.

Before applying the product, as it is chemical, always put on a pair of gloves. Also do not hesitate to apply a towel on your shoulders in case you put the product next. If this is your first time bleaching it, it is strongly advised to get help from someone who has done it before. This will also allow you to see the gestures made for a next time.

Of course, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer: respect the time the product is left on your hair to have a perfect blonde. If you leave it on for less time than indicated by the brand, then you risk not having a beautiful blonde, or even having a blonde that tends towards orange. But in all cases, depending on the products, the exposure time should not exceed 60 minutes, or even 45 minutes for some.


The steps to make a discoloration for men

You have decided to make a discoloration, here is step by step what you must do, after purchasing your product.

  1. get ready by applying the towel to your shoulders and the gloves.

  2. apply the bleaching product on the lengths of the hair to the ends. Do not apply to the roots first.

  3. massage your hair with your fingertips to thoroughly penetrate the bleaching product.

  4. then apply the product at the level of the roots and massage the whole of the hair.

  5. leave the bleaching product for the time indicated by the mark.

  6. rinse until the water runs perfectly clear.

Of course, it is advisable to read the instructions specific to each brand beforehand, in case there are specificities.

Which bleaching product for men to choose?

It can be difficult to find a bleaching product specifically suited for men. In any case, no worries, you can perfectly opt for a bleaching product for women.

Is there a natural bleaching product for men?

Well no, if you only want to use natural care for your skin, you will have to choose a chemical product to do your discoloration. Because the substance that allows hair discoloration is only chemical. No natural substitute has been found.

How to take care of your discoloration for men

You've finished your men's bleach and you have perfectly blonde hair. It will now be necessary to take care of it in order to avoid seeing the blonde turn purple, blue or red.

  • change shampoos and now use a yellowing shampoo.

  • make masks with vegetable oil, such as coconut oil or argan oil. The oil mask will nourish the hair, and in particular the hair fiber, which has been attacked by the bleaching product.

Here is my selection of bleaching products for men to do at home, as well as Olaplex brand treatments recognized for their quality. As you will have understood, in order not to end up with completely damaged hair, or even with weakened hair, do not buy just any bleaching product, do not necessarily bet on the cheapest product. Choose quality.

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