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How to stop having a shiny forehead?

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The shiny forehead is a phenomenon that affects many people. Here are my tips for dealing with the shiny forehead.

The shiny forehead is an effect that people rarely like! It can be a real annoyance, depending on the way, more or less intense, in which the forehead shines. This famous butter effect which gives a terrible self-image to others, an image of a person who does not pay attention to his skin. It is true that having a shiny forehead is not ideal, especially when accompanied by pimples or blackheads. And yet, it is not as simple as that. But know that there are tricks to stop having a shiny forehead.

Here are all my tips to stop having a shiny forehead.

Why do I have a shiny forehead?

The shiny forehead comes mainly from an excess of sebum , as is the case as soon as we have a part of skin that shines, whether on the nose, the chin, the cheeks and of course the forehead. Excess sebum can have different causes:

The shiny forehead and its skin type

Our skin type is the main cause of excessive sebum production, and unfortunately there is not much you can do to deal with it. So, if you only have a shiny forehead, and not the rest of your face, then you most likely have combination skin. On the other hand, if, in addition to your shiny forehead, you also have a shiny nose, chin or cheeks, then you have oily skin.

The shiny forehead linked to a hormonal imbalance


The shiny forehead can result from taking medical treatment: some medications can indeed have an effect on our hormones and therefore on the production of sebum.



The shiny forehead can also come from a hormonal imbalance: this is the case in adolescence, but also in the event of pregnancy, menopause, etc.

The shiny front linked to our environment


A humid, warm environment can be responsible for the shiny brow. Thus, if you go on vacation to a more humid and hot area than the one in which you live, you could have an impact on your skin and have a shiny forehead.

Similarly, stress or a poorer than usual lifestyle can cause a shiny forehead: if you have suddenly started eating very fatty foods or drinking a lot of alcohol, for example.

How to stop having a shiny forehead?

It is relatively simple to no longer have a shiny forehead, provided of course that this is not linked to taking medical treatment. Here are my tips for not having a shiny forehead.

Wash your shiny forehead well

Washing your shiny forehead well is the essential step to do, the most important to respect. Indeed, thoroughly washing your shiny skin will have a direct impact. Why ? Because you will have to remove the excess sebum on your skin, which notably gives the shiny forehead effect.

Also, to properly wash your shiny forehead, you should use a mild facial cleanser. Some brands offer purifying face washes, this is a great product. Take natural products as much as possible, which do not contain alcohol or ingredients from the petrochemical industry (parabens).


Likewise, after washing it, remember to moisturize it well. And yes, just because you have a shiny forehead doesn't mean it shouldn't be moisturized.

In any case, you will have to choose beauty products specially adapted for oily skin or combination skin. Don't use skincare products for dry skin, it will only make the problem worse. And especially products that will mattify your oily skin.

Erase your shiny brow

I advise you to exfoliate your shiny forehead once or twice a week. The exfoliation is indeed an excellent treatment to do for all people who have oily skin or combination skin. The scrub will deeply cleanse the skin of the forehead, and in particular excess sebum, dead cells, toxins, remnants of sweat, etc. All these impurities stagnate in the pores of the skin, which is the reason why your skin produces excess sebum.

Make a purifying mask on your shiny forehead

Another treatment that you will need to do once a week, in addition to exfoliating your shiny forehead, is a purifying mask. To do this, I advise you to make a mask with green clay, this clay is ideal to fight against shiny skin. Indeed, the green clay will absorb, like a blotter, excess sebum, cleaning and purifying the skin.

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