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How to mattify oily skin?

matifier peau grasse

Many people with oily skin seek to mattify their oily skin. Here are my tips for mattifying oily skin.

If you have oily skin, you must most certainly be confronted with the main problem encountered by this type of skin : shine. Indeed, the famous T zone, the nose, the chin and the forehead, we tend to shine with the excess of sebum on the skin. Even at the level of the cheeks in some people. Thus, people with oily skin seek to reduce this shine. For this, there is only one thing to do: mattify your oily skin to have a nice skin tone.

Here are my tips for mattifying oily skin.


How to mattify oily skin?


Matify your oily skin by cleansing it

The first thing to do to mattify your oily skin is obviously to clean it well. And to do this, it is essential to have a special oily skin routine that is well adapted:

  • if you use makeup for men , remember to remove your makeup. It's also necessary if you're using a men's BB cream or a men 's CC cream .

  • wash your skin morning and evening with facial cleansers suitable for your oily skin. Preferably use a gentle, purifying cleanser.


Matify your oily skin with a scrub

Another care to do to mattify your oily skin is to exfoliate your face at least once a week. Be careful to use fine scrub grains, to avoid attacking your skin.

Mattify your oily skin with a mask

Finally, do not forget to make a face mask with green clay , the ideal being to do it once a week, to absorb excess sebum. This will mattify oily skin with a natural care.


By having a routine well suited for the oily skin of your face, you will regulate excess sebum and help prevent your oily skin from shining. This will mattify your oily skin naturally.

Mattifying care to mattify oily skin

Cosmetic product brands offer a whole range of cosmetic products to apply to your skin to mattify your oily skin. Of course, if you like applying skincare to your face, this is the type of product you should apply every morning:

A moisturizer to mattify oily skin

A mattifying moisturizer: even if you have oily skin, you must moisturize your skin every morning. So, apply a good dab of mattifying moisturizer to mattify your oily skin after cleansing your skin.

Makeup to mattify oily skin

If you're using men's makeup , apply a mattifying foundation. Despite the shine, and despite the excess oil, the foundation will not only reduce shine but make it last longer on the face.

Matifying paper to mattify oily skin

If you want to mattify your oily skin, you can use mattifying paper. So, it is true that using mattifying paper is not a treatment that men use a lot to mattify oily skin. Moreover, no brand specializing in beauty products for men offers mattifying paper in their range.

Matifying paper is simply light sheets that will act as a blotter:

just apply a sheet of matting paper on the shiny area

tap lightly to allow the mattifying paper to absorb excess sebum

then discard the paper.

You can apply the mattifying paper every morning to reduce areas of shine on your oily skin. The beauty is that you can put it in your bag, or in your desk drawer at work, to apply during the day if you find that your oily skin is shiny.

papier matifiant.png

Coffee filter to mattify oily skin

Another tip to mattify your skin without having to use cosmetics, if you don't have mattifying paper, you can use a coffee filter! So I know that fewer and fewer of us are using them since the arrival of coffee capsules. But to mattify your oily skin without breaking the bank, you can buy coffee filters again!

To use coffee filters to mattify oily skin, the technique is the same as for mattifying paper: just apply it to your face and tap on the areas that shine.

Natural remedies to mattify oily skin

If you do not want to use cosmetic products to mattify your oily skin, such as a mattifying balm for example, you can use natural remedies.

Alum stone to mattify oily skin

We all know that Alum stone is a product that can be used in different ways on the body. Of course, Alum stone is a natural deodorant of choice. But the Alum stone for the beard also helps to soothe and stop bleeding after a shaving cut . But you should know that the Alum stone, when it is in powder form, can also be very effective in mattifying oily skin.


Rice flour to mattify oily skin

Another natural ingredient to mattify oily skin is rice flour. To do this you must mix it with a foundation for men , so that it is best applied to your oily skin. Here are my tips:

  • mix the rice flour with a little cocoa, so as not to have a white effect on your face. Put the cocoa according to your skin tone.

  • Then mix the rice flour with your foundation, and apply it on your face.

Arrowroot powder to mattify oily skin

Arrowroot powder is not necessarily a well-known product. And yet, it is a miracle powder for oily and combination skin to mattify their skin. First used in cooking because it does not contain gluten, to replace white flour, arrowroot powder, or arrowroot powder, not only helps absorb excess sebum, but it will also purify the skin and give it a soft touch. It is even effective against oily hair, when mixed with shampoo or conditioner.

To use it on the face, it's very simple: just tap a little Arrowroot on the face using a brush.

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