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The benefits of AHAs on our skin

AHA acides aminés de fruits

We hear a lot about AHAs these days as being a miracle product for our skin. So much so that you can now find AHA-based creams and other products containing AHA in almost all cosmetic brands. But concretely, what does AHA mean and above all what are their benefits on our skin? Here is an explanation.


What are AHAs?

No, it's not a fan of the a-ha group who started selling cosmetics with a brand named after the group! AHA is short for Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids. Oops, sorry? Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids are molecules contained in fruits and plants. AHAs are more commonly referred to as natural fruit acids. They are thus found in the form of malic acid for apples and grapes or even in the form of citric acid for oranges and lemons. We also have glycolic acid for sugar cane. In short, natural fruit acids come in different forms depending on the fruit and plant.

What are the benefits of AHAs on our skin?

As I said at the beginning of this article, AHAs are real miracles for our skin. They have many unknown benefits that make them a key ingredient in natural cosmetic products. Because everything is natural, AHAs are absolutely chemical-free.


AHAs for a beautiful skin glow

AHAs are now widely used in skincare products aimed at making facial scrubs , even peelings. AHAs have an exfoliating power that will remove all dead cells from the skin, face or body. AHAs will also help promote blood circulation. Thus, your skin will have a better glow, it will be less dull.

AHAs act as an anti-aging product

AHAs are also known to promote the production of collagen, collagen being essential for the proper maintenance of the skin. It maintains its elasticity and prevents the skin from relaxing and sagging, which is responsible, among other things, for wrinkles, fine lines, sagging cheeks, etc.


AHAs have also been shown to reduce the appearance of dark spots, those famous spots that generally appear on the forehead and neck due to the sun. By having daily use of skincare products with AHAs, dark spots can even fade.

AHAs act as a skin purifier

This will interest all people with oily or combination skin, who experience excess sebum. The AHAs will act to reduce excess sebum, and thus prevent the appearance of blackheads and pimples. They will thus make it possible to refine the texture of the skin by smoothing the whiteheads for example.

AHAs are photosensitizing

However, be careful not to use an AHA-based product in the morning, as they are photosensitizing. They will thus accentuate the appearance of spots due to the sun. If you apply an AHA-based product in the morning, you will have to finish your beauty routine with sunscreen. If you don't have one, opt to apply a product with AHA at night.

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