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How to treat an infected blackhead?

The infected blackhead is a real problem, sometimes painful and very unsightly. Here are my tips for treating an infected blackhead.

All people who have oily skin or combination skin know it well, blackheads are a real pain. Avoiding blackheads on the face, on the back, or on another part of the body, because they can be everywhere, is their main concern. But it may be that the blackhead becomes an affected blackhead with its very unsightly side and which can even be painful.

Here are my tips for taking care of your infected blackhead

Why do I have an infected blackhead?

First of all, it is important to specify that a blackhead is not a disease, but a natural reaction of the skin as soon as an excess of sebum forms on its surface, and more precisely in the pore of the skin. skin. In contact with the air, this excess sebum will, after a certain time, take on color and become darker. It's a black dot. Contrary to popular belief among some people, it is therefore not a worm that is released by piercing a blackhead, it is just sebum.

When we talk about an infected blackhead, we are actually talking about two different subjects:

A blackhead infected because of our fingers

An infected blackhead can occur because we tried to extract it, and it went very wrong! This is usually the main cause for an infected blackhead to appear. And yes, as soon as we see one, it is tempting to remove it with our hands, by piercing it. And it's a very bad idea, especially if we are looking to remove an encrusted blackhead , where we will force on the skin to make it come out. It is therefore very bad to remove a blackhead with the fingers because our fingers contain germs and microbes. Germs or microbes that we will therefore leave on the small wound created by our nails at the level of the blackhead and they will take pleasure in developing. Where does the appearance of an infected blackhead come from?

An infected blackhead due to dirty accessories

Other people will attempt to remove blackheads using specially adapted tools, such as a blackhead remover or a blackhead aspirator . It is more advisable than using the hands, although the blackhead vacuum cleaner must be used well and especially to be avoided for people with sensitive skin.

But if they are poorly washed, these accessories for removing blackheads can also contain bacteria or even microbes. It is therefore necessary to store them well, in a clean place. Even disinfect them as soon as you use them.

How to treat an infected blackhead?

First of all, before talking about treating an infected blackhead, it is advisable, before removing a blackhead, to dilate the pores of the face by taking a facial steam bath . The pores thus dilated will make it easier for you to remove them, without risking having an infected blackhead.

bain de vapeur 1.jpg

Frequent use of Measteam Revolution helps to fight lastingly against blackheads and impurities, stimulates blood circulation in the face and facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients contained in skincare creams and masks.

bain de vapeur 2.jpg

The Tillmann's Facial Sauna is a mini hammam for the face, the pores of the skin open on contact with heat and humidity. The effect of facial treatments (mask, cream) will be optimized. Two blackhead extractors in one case!!!

But if you have mishandled it and you have an infected blackhead on your face, which is far from aesthetic, you will need a little patience unfortunately. First, apply an antiseptic product immediately, the purpose of which is to eliminate the bacteria and microbes present on the infected blackhead:

  • wash your hands thoroughly to avoid putting new bacteria or germs on the infection

  • wash the infected blackhead with a soap, preferably mild

  • dry the infected blackhead well

  • Apply the antiseptic to the infected blackhead and allow to air dry.

You just have to wait!


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