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How to remove blackheads from ears?

We indeed have blackheads in the ear because the ear has hair follicles. Yes, we have hairs in the ear. Moreover, some people do not hesitate to wax their ears because the presence of hair can be a source of discomfort. And we also have sebaceous glands in the ear, responsible for the production of sebum. So when the sebum is too large, it will clog the pores of the skin at the level of the hair follicles and promote the appearance of blackheads . As in fact on any part of our body!


Here below are my tips for removing blackheads in the ear.


How to avoid blackheads in the ear

Blackheads in the ear can appear for several reasons:


Blackheads in the ear for lack of hygiene

Blackheads in the ear can happen due to poor hygiene. Indeed, blackheads occur because the pores of the skin are blocked by an excess of sebum or by dead cells and other impurities. It is therefore necessary to clean the ear well to prevent the appearance of black hairs in the ear.

Blackheads in the ear due to headphones

And yes, we spend more and more time listening to music with headphones, which are not necessarily clean. Few people think of washing their headphones. But they hang around in the pocket, in the bag, on the desk, or even we lend them to other people. In short, they are not necessarily clean and can bring impurities and bacteria into the ears.

Blackheads in the ear due to hormones

Hormonal imbalance can be a source of excessive sebum production throughout the body, especially in the ear. This can occur following taking medication, taking the pill, pregnancy, menopause, andropause... the reasons are many.

Blackheads in the ear because the skin is oily

Inevitably, people with oily or combination skin are more likely to have blackheads in the ear than people with dry skin. These skins in fact produce more sebum than normal skin.


Tips for removing blackheads in the ear

Although the area is tricky to remove blackheads in the ear, here are some tips

Take a steam bath to remove blackheads in the ear

So of course, here it is not a question of having a steam bath as we do a steam bath for the face. No, here it is a question of moistening the ear area to dilate the pores of the skin and thus more easily remove the blackhead from the ear. To do this, you can apply a handkerchief that you will first pass under hot water. Apply the tissue directly to the surface of the skin where the blackhead is located in the ear.

Instead of using a tissue, you can also use a warm compress, which you apply several times a day, to the blackhead in the ear.

point noir oreille

Use oil to soften blackhead in ear

If you don't want to apply a hot tissue to the skin, you can alternatively apply oil directly to the blackhead in the ear to make it easier to remove. No need to buy a specific oil for this, the olive oil you have will suffice. The benefits of olive oil for the skin are indeed recognized. To do this, you have two options:

  • take a cotton swab that you have soaked in olive oil and apply it to the blackhead in the ear.

  • or, if the blackhead is well anchored in the skin, you can make a small pellet with cotton, which you impregnate in olive oil. Squeeze the soaked cotton to remove the excess and leave for a few hours at the level of the blackhead in the ear. It is not recommended to sleep with!

Your blackhead in the ear will be more flexible and you will find it easier to remove it, with the help of a mirror.

Use a blackhead remover to remove blackheads in the ear

Some blackhead removers are suitable for the ear! It usually has a tip to remove earwax from the ear. It is a very practical tool for removing blackheads in the ear. Of course, the easiest way to remove it is to get help, so as not to hurt the inside of your ear.

In any case, always use a blackhead remover if the blackhead is in the outer area of the ear. If it is in the ear canal, do not use such a product as it could cause injury.


This pack features six different surgical grade stainless steel blackhead remover tools. You can use it on all parts of your face and body.

Use a vacuum cleaner for your blackhead in the ear

Another method you could use to remove this intruder from your ear is a blackhead aspirator. It might even be more effective than a blackhead remover if you are alone, it could save you from damaging your ear. The vacuum cleaner can be an effective device as long as you don't put it too hard. But especially use it if the blackhead is at the end of the ear and not deep in the ear canal.

aspirateur point noir.jpg

This blackhead vacuum offers a 5-speed cleaner, which makes it easier to select a suitable suction level according to skin type.

How to prevent blackheads in the ear

If you regularly have many blackheads in the ear, then it would be good to set up a little routine to prevent their appearance.


Exfoliation against blackheads in the ear


There aren't many tips to give, but one might be to do an occasional ear scrub every week. Yes, you read it right, an ear scrub?

So of course, when you do your ear scrub to prevent the arrival of blackheads, you will have to be more delicate than when you do it on the face, in particular by applying a smaller quantity of product. Only focus on the area of the ear where you have the blackhead. And be careful not to put any scrub in the ear.

You can get help from your partner for this.

Wash your ears well every day

If you regularly have blackheads in your ear, it may be a sign that you are not washing your ears enough. Attention, when I speak of washing the ears, it is not with a cotton swab, no no. But you could use a facial cleanser suitable for oily skin, which will regulate excess sebum, on your ear.

Thoroughly clean the products you put on your ears

We do not think it enough, but it is important to clean all the products that we apply to the ears: helmets, earphones, hats, caps, and especially the mobile phone which is a real nest to bacteria and other dirt.

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