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How to take care of your toenails?

Taking care of your toenails is an important step in having beautiful feet. Here are my tips for taking care of your toenails. 

It is obviously impossible to do a pedicure every day for men . Already because doing a pedicure, at the base, is not necessarily a treatment that men do. Then because we lack time during the day. Some men don't even have time to shave, moisturize their dry feet , so take care of toenails ! And yet, the toenails must be a source of special attention, not only to have the most beautiful feet, but also because the toenails are a breeding ground for bacteria.

I'm not going to talk about mycosis here on the toenails, which most of the time requires going to see a dermatologist. He will then give you a treatment, either local if the nail is little affected, or oral treatment if the mycosis affects several toenails, for example.

Here are my tips for taking care of your toenails

Watch out for badly cut toenails


Of course, when you take care of toenails, the first thing that comes to mind is cutting them. But if you use a nail clipper, an old nail clipper, the toenail may be badly cut and streaks appear. You can feel it by running a finger over your toenail. If this is the case, it is often because your nail clipper is a bit old and it no longer cuts the nail as well as before. I think many of us have had the same nail clipper for... years... Don't panic if you have ridges on your toenail, just polish it with a nail file.

At the same time as you cut your toenails, you can also hunt for cuticles, those little skins that grow at the base of the nail and which, when they come off, give the impression of having hands. that we don't take care of. To remove the cuticles on the toenails, nothing more :

  • You can soften this skin with an emollient. Do not remove them directly, they are hard and could hurt once removed (sensation of torn skin).

  • As soon as they are softened, then push them back with a stick.


Take care of your toenails

To take care of your toenails, there are different methods :

Hydrate your toenails

It's not just the skin that you need to moisturize, also remember to moisturize your toenails. Yes, you read that right. And to do this, nothing could be simpler : just apply a moisturizing cream for the body, or a moisturizing milk, on your toenails at night before going to bed, put on a sock and let sit overnight. I agree, it's not very glamorous to fall asleep with socks on, but your toenails will thank you. Of course, you can apply the moisturizer all over your foot, including the soles and the heel !

lemon for toenails

Definitely, lemon is a miracle product for the body, and especially for toenails ! Indeed, as the lemon has purifying virtues, it will help clean up the toenails and therefore fight against bacteria.

But one of the other well-known effects of lemon is that it is a natural lightener ! Used for teeth as a whitening treatment, it can also be used on fingernails and toenails ! It may indeed be that the toenails are a little yellowed, which is not pretty at all.

To use lemon as a toenail treatment, you can simply soak your feet in a footbath in which you have added the juice of a whole lemon. Leave your feet for about 10 minutes, then rinse. Do not leave your toenails in the water for too long, otherwise you risk softening them and weakening them : they would become brittle.

Here is my selection of products to moisturize your dry feet

kit pedicure.jpg

Prenez soin de vos ongles de pied

Pour prendre soin de ses ongles de pied, il existe différentes méthodes :

Hydratez vos ongles de pied

Il n’y a pas que la peau que vous devez hydrater, pensez également à bien hydrater vos ongles de pied. Oui, vous avez bien lu. Et pour ce faire, rien de plus simple : il suffit d’appliquer une crème hydratante pour le corps, ou un lait hydratant, sur vos ongles de pieds le soir avant de vous coucher, d’enfiler une chaussette et de laisser reposer toute la nuit. Je suis d’accord, ce n’est pas très glamour de s’endormir avec des chaussettes, mais vos ongles de pied vous remercieront. Bien entendu, vous pouvez appliquer la crème hydratante sur l’ensemble de votre pied, y compris la plante des pieds et le talon !

creme hydratante pied.png

Le citron pour les ongles de pied

Décidément, le citron est un produit miracle pour le corps, et notamment pour les ongles de pied ! En effet, comme le citron a des vertus purifiantes, il va permettre d’assainir les ongles de pied et donc de lutter contre les bactéries.

Mais l’un des autres effets du citron bien connu, est qu’il est un éclaircissant naturel ! Utilisé pour les dents comme soin blanchissant, il peut également être utilisé sur les ongles des mains et sur les ongles des pieds ! Il se peut en effet que les ongles de pied soient un peu jaunis, ce qui n’est pas beau du tout.

Pour utiliser le citron en tant que soin pour les ongles de pied, vous pouvez tout simplement faire tremper vos pieds dans un bain de pied dans lequel vous aurez mis le jus d’un citron entier. Laissez vos pieds environ 10 minutes, puis rincez. Ne laissez pas trop longtemps vos ongles de pied dans l’eau, vous risqueriez alors de les ramollir et de les fragiliser : ils deviendraient cassants.

crème au citron.webp

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