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How to properly exfoliate your hair?

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The hair scrub is an important treatment to do for the health of the hair. Here are all my tips for doing a good hair scrub.


The benefits of a facial scrub are recognized, as is a body scrub or beard scrub . But did you know that it is also recommended to exfoliate the hair? And yes, exfoliating your hair is an essential treatment to do for the good health of your scalp and, therefore, your hair. And it is to be done whether you are a woman or a man and it does not matter what type of hair you have.

Here are my tips for doing your hair scrub properly.

Why do a hair scrub?

But before giving you my advice on how to properly exfoliate the hair, it is necessary to give you the interest in doing such a hair treatment. Or rather the interests, because they are numerous.

Hair scrub to clean

The hair scrub will first cleanse your scalp and your hair. You should know that, as with the skin, the scalp renews itself regularly. Thus, it leaves dead cells on the skin which can quickly become dandruff and reach the middle of your hair. Indeed, as they are dry, they can easily walk in your hair.

Similarly, exfoliating your hair will remove any impurities that may be on your scalp, blocked by your hair roots. It will thus help to remove hair dandruff.

Hair scrub against sebum

This point will be of particular interest to people with greasy hair. Oily hair in men can be a fairly significant source of social embarrassment. Thus, as with a classic exfoliation, the exfoliation of the hair will make it possible to remove the excess sebum which may be at the root of the hair. The main interest being to prevent this excess sebum from going deeper into the hair and giving that famous greasy effect.

Hair scrub for shine

You notice that your hair is a little dull at the moment. Maybe the solution is simply to exfoliate your hair every week! Indeed this treatment, by allowing the scalp to oxygenate, will restore vigor to your hair, and therefore shine. So, before buying specific products to add shine to your hair, simply try exfoliating your hair.

Hair exfoliation to improve growth

This is one of the consequences of hair scrubbing, and not the least! By allowing the hair to revitalize, you will simply promote blood micro-circulation and therefore revitalize the bulb, where your hair takes root. Thus, a revitalized bulb will allow your hair to grow better!

Hair scrub to soothe itching

If you are prone to scalp irritation or itching, exfoliating your hair will also have a positive effect by thoroughly cleansing your scalp. It could thus prevent the appearance of pimples, sources of itching and scratching.

Hair scrub for the effectiveness of other treatments

If you are used to exfoliating your face, you know that it is an important treatment so that other products, serums and moisturizers are more effective. Indeed, clearer, cleaner skin will allow skincare products to penetrate better. It is the same with the exfoliation of the hair, or rather the scalp. Indeed, if your scalp is perfectly clean, without dead cells for example or excess sebum, then the care products for your scalp will penetrate better and be more effective.

Likewise, your hair will also be cleaner. Also, if you apply shampoos, conditioners, serums and other products to strengthen your hair, then exfoliating your hair is an essential treatment to do.

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How to do your hair scrub

Homemade hair scrub

To exfoliate your hair, you don't need to go buy products! If you have the time and the courage, you can indeed make your own homemade hair scrub. Nothing could be simpler, just take a few ingredients from your kitchen cupboards, the quantity of which will vary depending on the length of your hair. Here is a homemade hair scrub recipe. you'll need :

  • vegetable oil, such as olive oil or sunflower oil

  • of honey

  • sugar

Just mix all these ingredients so that you have an even scrub and apply it to your hair and scalp, making delicate circular movements.

If you have oily hair, you can incorporate Tea Tree essential oil into your homemade hair scrub, which will purify the scalp.

You can of course replace the sugar with coffee grounds to make your hair scrub. The interest is that it will bring a good smell of coffee.

The steps to properly exfoliate your hair

To properly exfoliate your hair, it is necessary to follow a few instructions.

  • At first, you must apply your hair scrub on wet hair. But be careful, your hair should not be too wet.

  • then apply your hair scrub to the entire scalp. If you have long hair, do not hesitate to help yourself with a comb to clearly distinguish the scalp and apply the hair scrub.

  • you must apply the hair scrub section by section so that the entire hair can benefit from the treatment.

  • Finally, make delicate circular movements to make your hair scrub. The idea here is not to force and attack your scalp, or even damage it. No, a hair scrub should be gentle. Massaging your scalp will stimulate blood circulation and thus make your hair more beautiful.
  • rinse your hair with lukewarm water or cold water if you can.

If you have very oily hair, right to the ends, don't hesitate to exfoliate the hair right to the ends, to remove excess sebum, a possible source of oily dandruff.

How often to exfoliate your hair

The frequency of hair exfoliation varies depending on your hair type:

  • if you have oily hair, it is advisable to exfoliate your hair once a week.

  • if you have normal hair, in this case exfoliating your hair once a month is sufficient.

  • if you have a sensitive scalp, be careful not to do it too often, at the risk of increasing sensitivity. It is also advisable to massage gently and above all not to use a hair scrub with too thick a grain. In this case, favor the natural hair scrub, based on sugar or coffee grounds.

Hair scrub and colored hair

If you have a color or dye, be careful when you go to do your homemade hair scrub. Indeed, do not put salt to make the exfoliating effect, because the salt could damage your coloring.

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