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How to fight against brown spots?


Dark spots are signs that appear as the skin ages. Here's everything you need to know about dark spots.

We don't see that anymore! This is usually what people who have brown spots on their skin say, whether on the face, neck, décolleté, hands or even arms. It is true that as soon as they appear, we generally focus on them, because it is relatively unsightly.

How do brown spots happen, why and above all how to fight them? Here's everything you need to know about dark spots.

Why do we have brown spots?

Brown spots simply correspond to a change in skin pigmentation which may be due to several factors (they can combine with each other) :

Sun-related brown spots

First of all, and this is the main reason for the appearance of brown spots, the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun, over several years, can cause brown spots on the entire face, neck, décolleté and hands, even arms and legs. Generally, we are not in the habit of putting on sunscreen when we go out for a walk, when we play sports outdoors or when we have lunch on the terrace. And yet, it is a serious mistake, because even without having a sunburn, the sun is still very bad for the skin.

Brown spots for other reasons

Then, brown spots can happen for various reasons such as a hormonal change (pregnancy for example), liver problems, treatment with antibiotics, etc.

When do brown spots appear?

Generally, brown spots appear from the thirties. They are actually starting to come out very slowly because they have been present for many years under the dermis. They therefore very often appear before the appearance of the first wrinkles, which makes them even more visible, and therefore annoying for some. Why do they appear in this period ? Because as we age, the skin becomes thinner and the melanocytes, these skin cells highly concentrated in dark pigments, then become more visible.

How to deal with brown spots?

To deal with brown spots and reduce them, there are different solutions.

Make-up against dark spots

Of course, the first solution that comes to mind to hide dark spots is makeup. And in particular the make-up for men which includes products allowing to hide them well. You can of course use a CC cream for men to even out the complexion . But you can also use a foundation for men , on which you will pass an illuminating pencil directly on the spots to have a perfectly covering effect.

Anti-brown spots treatment

Cosmetic brands also offer, in their range of products, anti-dark spot treatments, which generally include pigmentary active ingredients.

But be careful, we must be clear, no cosmetic product will remove brown spots!

The laser against dark spots

The laser remains the most effective solution for removing brown spots. This is practiced either by your dermatologist or in a clinic specializing in aesthetic medicine. In any case, an appointment with a specialist is necessary to analyze your skin beforehand and properly identify the brown spots. As for the laser, there are several techniques depending on the brown spots :

  • either a very focused laser on brown spots if there are few of them

  • or the specialist will use the pulsed light technique, also called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) if the spots are more numerous.


A single session is not enough to have a definitive result, it takes between 3 and 6 sessions, each spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart. And exposure to the sun is prohibited during the entire period.


The result is very effective, but be careful, after the sessions, you may have redness and scabs on your face. This is to be taken into account depending on your professional situation for example.


Be aware, however, that this is not a final result, as other stains may occur later.

Natural treatments against dark spots

You can also use some natural techniques to deal with dark spots, but, of course, they won't make them disappear like laser.

Lemon against dark spots

You can squeeze a lemon juice and apply it directly on the brown spots for a few minutes using a cotton ball. This will help lighten the dark spots after a while. Be careful, do not go out in the sun right after application, lemon juice is very bad. You can apply it in the evening before going to bed. Of course, take an organic lemon.

Aloe vera against dark spots

Another natural product to lighten dark spots is aloe vera, a miracle skin product that needs no introduction ! To do this, it's very simple : apply aloe vera gel directly to the dark spots and tap until completely absorbed.

Prickly pear oil against brown spots 

You can also apply prickly pear oil as a weekly treatment. Of course, it is advisable to take it organic so as not to integrate pesticides and other chemical elements on the skin. Prickly pear oil is indeed an excellent oil recommended for slowing down the onset of wrinkles and dark spots.

How to prevent brown spots?

To prevent dark spots, there is no miracle solution :

  • or you no longer expose yourself to the sun, which is still quite complicated in a social setting (how to refuse a good lunch on the terrace with friends ?).

  • or you apply sunscreen to your face, neck and décolleté every day (if you wear V-shaped t-shirts for example). But don't worry, there's no point in always having your sunscreen on you, today there are moisturizing products that contain UV filters. 2-in-1 products that will be your perfect allies to fight against brown spots on a daily basis !

It is also advisable to make a very gentle exfoliation, with fine grains therefore, approximately once or twice a week. Favor enzymatic scrubs that will gently exfoliate the skin, and more quickly. Exfoliation will have a long-term beneficial effect on brown spots because it will simply erase the superficial layer of the skin and promote cell renewal.

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