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How to unify your complexion?

unifier le teint

In particular, to avoid having a bad look, it is necessary to unify your complexion. Here are all my tips to unify your complexion perfectly.

Whether in women but also in men, we all seek to unify our complexion. Especially if you have skin imperfections such as redness, couperose, brown spots, slight scars... There is nothing worse than not having an even complexion. Also for some people, an uneven complexion will give the impression of a person who is either not taking good care of their skin or who will seem very tired.

Here are my tips for having an even complexion. 

Treatments for an even complexion


Cleanse your skin for an even complexion


Skin cleansing is a necessary step to have beautiful skin and an even complexion. And this, whether we are a woman or a man. In humans, skin cleansing is done very quickly, we are not going to hide it. And yet, cleaning your skin well to have an even complexion is the basis. Especially if you use makeup for men , like a foundation for men .

To cleanse your skin, you will of course have to use a cleansing product adapted to your skin type. If you have oily skin, for example, use a purifying cleansing gel or micellar water if you wear makeup. Even a tonic lotion . But beware of the toner, you should not use it every day because it contains alcohol, which may dehydrate your skin.

Then, as soon as your skin is well cleansed, you can apply a mist of thermal water that you have put in the fridge beforehand. The cold will thus help to tighten the pores of your skin.

Another tip for cleansing your skin in the morning is simply to use floral water , or a hydrosol. Healthier, the essential oils present in the floral waters will bring many benefits to your skin.

Moisturize your skin for an even complexion

Now that you have a little cleanse, you will have to moisturize it to have an even complexion. This is a very important step because well-hydrated skin is skin that can perfectly protect itself from external aggressions. However, external aggressions can be responsible for certain imperfections on the skin. You can make a combination of two products to moisturize your skin:

  • use a moisturizing serum that will give active ingredients to your epidermis.

  • complete with a moisturizer according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, choose a moisturizer that is also mattifying, this will hide the shine associated with excess sebum .

  • you can also use aloe vera gel daily on your skin, it is an excellent natural care to moisturize the skin and have an even complexion.

Exfoliate your skin to have an even complexion

One of the main causes of a gray complexion is because you have too many dead skin cells on your skin and you don't cleanse your skin thoroughly enough. You should know that the dead cells will indeed leave a dull complexion on the skin, not to mention that they are slightly detached from the dermis, which does not leave a smooth skin.

To have an even complexion, it is therefore advisable to exfoliate your face regularly, depending on your skin type:

  • for oily skin, exfoliate once or twice a week

  • for normal skin, exfoliate once a week

  • for sensitive skin, exfoliate once every 10 days.

The gestures to have an even complexion

Drink for an even complexion

Well when I say drink I mean water!!! And not alcohol because precisely alcohol tends to dehydrate the body. Of course, it is important to apply moisturizers to the skin, but the most important thing is to have perfect natural hydration, through water. Don't hesitate to drink the equivalent of a minimum 1.5 liter bottle every day. If you exercise, you should drink more.


Massage into your skin for an even complexion

In addition to thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing your skin, you can also massage your face to achieve an even complexion. So the interest of the massage will simply be to strengthen blood circulation on a daily basis. You can just take yourself a few minutes a day to do it, 3-5 minutes, you don't have to stay long.

Makeup for an even complexion

Use a primer to have an even complexion

The primer is the miracle product to have an even complexion. It must be said that it is a care product that is very little known to men, if not completely unknown! So for all men, here is a small definition of the primer (pronounced "praïmeur").


The primer is therefore put on after the moisturizer and before possibly applying make-up for men. It acts as a base that will allow:

  • to unify the complexion and thus smooth the skin,

  • well hide the pores of the skin,

  • matify oily or combination skin,

  • bring some light to the face


Use a CC cream for an even complexion

The CC cream is a magical treatment to have an even complexion. Some brands have notably launched CC creams for men to better match the skin type of men. The CC cream will have a double function:

  • not only will it allow you to hydrate the skin

  • but in addition it will unify your complexion

In short, it is a miracle product to use if you are in a hurry

cc creme.png

Aesthetic medicine to have an even complexion

Of course, if you want to have long-term effects and have the most natural uniform complexion possible, you can resort to aesthetic medicine. So I'm not talking about cosmetic surgery, but about cosmetic medicine which is non-intrusive. Besides, I invite you to read my Blog section of aesthetic medicine which deals with different subjects.

Aesthetic medicine indeed offers different treatments to have an even complexion, which will consist of deeply cleaning the skin of the face, much more deeply than a simple scrub can do. This is where aesthetic medicine is relevant if you really have a pale, very gray complexion.

Thus there is the Hydrafacial treatment, which is a deep cleaning, by suction of the skin. This treatment will in particular suck up all the dead cells and blackheads of the skin. Not to mention that we can propel hyaluronic acid there. I tested this treatment, you can find my article below.

Article to read: I tested Hydrafacial at the Clinic del Mar, my opinion .

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