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In Nice for 12 years, I advise and guide you for your stay in Nice!

Visit Nice in one day, what to do?

Through social networks, I receive a lot of questions about places to visit in Nice. It is true that Nice is a very tourist destination, one of the most visited cities in France. And that's understandable. Capital of the Côte d'Azur, the city of Nice offers incredible charm, incredible colours, a magnificent living environment, sunshine almost all year round, and many centers of cultural interest. So much so that visiting Nice in one day is not enough, but good. If you have no choice, it's better than nothing!!!

Also, living in Nice for more than 10 years now, I'll give you my itinerary below to visit Nice in one day! It is a circuit that I present as soon as I have to show Nice to family or friends who come to Nice and who do not know it yet. The circuit that I propose to you will allow you to have a broad vision of Nice, its squares, its old Nice, its architecture, its gardens, its Promenade des Anglais. I also suggest you in this circuit to visit Nice in one day of the points or to ask for lunch or have a coffee.


Starting point of the circuit: Place Massena

Place Masséna is the central point of Nice, its crossroads, the place where everything happens in Nice. A place that also makes it the pride of the people of Nice. Hey, Massena, it's our place for us people of Nice! And it's a superb square with its arcaded buildings painted in the color of Nice red (yes, the Nice red that can be found on many buildings in Nice).


It is also a square on which we find a contemporary work of art, the seven statues of Jaume Plens, some seated, others kneeling, perched on their mast, and which light up at night with color variations. I really like these statues, others not at all, in any case they do not leave indifferent.


Place Massena is also home to another statue, the Fontaine du Soleil, which represents Apollo, the image of the sun, around which gravitate Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Saturn. This statue has also been talked about a lot, some people from Nice considering it indecent because of Apollo's nudity. This Fontaine du Soleil is the meeting point for the people of Nice when they want to get together.

1st stop: Old Nice

From the Fontaine du Soleil, I suggest you rush into old Nice, either via rue Alexandre Marie or via rue de l'Opéra.

Old Nice is the must-do when you come to visit Nice in one day. And even when you come to visit Nice, whatever the number of days you come to spend in Nice. Old Nice, called "Le Vieux" by the people of Nice, is the very heart of the city.

There are many places of interest in old Nice:

  • walk in the streets, get lost, discover the special atmosphere of old Nice.

  • discover Cours Saleya of course and its famous markets, the flower market and the vegetable and fruit market.

  • visit the Sainte-Réparate cathedral in Nice located on Place Rossetti.

  • visit the Saint Rita church.

  • its buildings typical of old Italian towns. It feels a bit like being in Italy.

  • visit the Lascaris palace and its museum of ancient instruments.

What to do when you are in Old Nice:

  • eat an ice cream at the favorite ice cream parlor of Nice, Fenocchio, located on Place Rossetti.

  • typical Nice food at the Lou Fran Calin restaurant.

  • stop for a drink on the terrace of the café / restaurant La Civette.

  • Taste the chocolate from the Nice chocolate maker Lac.

  • have an aperitif with a view of the sea at La Movida bar.

2nd stage: the Promenade des Anglais

As soon as you leave Old Nice, at Place Charles Félix, I suggest you go down to La Promenade des Anglais, the very symbol of Nice. It's a must if you come to Nice. Convenient to access because it is located in the very center of Nice, the Promenade des Anglais is the place where the locals come to stroll on Sundays with their families. The Promanade des Anglais runs along the Baie des Anges, the Nice seaside. Extraordinary view of the Mediterranean, on the pebble beaches of Nice. The color of the sea is splendid. Of course, in one day your time being limited, I suggest you stroll on the Promenade des Anglais to the Hotel Negresco, another symbol of Nice, and then turn around.

To do if you are on the Promenade des Anglais:  

  • go for a coffee or lunch on the Beau Rivage beach.

  • go have a coffee on the rooftop of the Le Méridien hotel, to have one of the most beautiful views of the Baie des Anges.

3rd stage: the green flow

After going there and back on the Promenade des Anglais, I suggest you reach Place Masséna via the Albert 1er garden. This is where the green corridor begins, the new promenade recently created in the center of Nice. A veritable green garden that leads to the TNN (national theatre). A veritable corner of greenery in Nice, the green lung is a very pleasant walk to take. What's more, children love this green corridor for its many playgrounds but also for its giant water mirror, very refreshing in summer. This green flow was created above the Paillon, the river which crosses Nice but which is completely covered in its part of Nice (covered because the flow of water is very very very weak there, it is not very pretty).

4th stop: Place Garibaldi

When you have arrived at the end of the green corridor, Place Garibaldi is not very far, it is behind the TNN. Place Garibaldi is the second place in Nice, just as pretty as Place Masséna, which is very different. It looks a lot like Italian squares.

What to do in Place Garibaldi:

  • have a coffee or have lunch on one of the many terraces on this square.

5th stage: the Port of Nice

From Place Garibaldi, you can go down to the port of Nice, a booming district. To reach the port from Place Garibaldi, you have two options:

or go through the Place du Pin and stop on the way to take or have lunch at one of the many terraces of this very lively square.

or go through rue Catherine Ségurane, a pleasant typical Nice street.

The port of Nice is a district in full revival. It is always pleasant to walk around and see its magnificent boats, whether yachts or typical fisherman's boats, very colorful.

What to do in the port of Nice:

  • have a coffee or have lunch in one of the many restaurants around the port.

  • visit the magnificent chapel of the Hotel Saint Paul, have a coffee on its terrace to have a view of the sea

  • eat at La Réserve or Le Plongeoir restaurants, to have a view of the sea (be careful, high prices).

6th stage: the castle of Nice

From the port, go up towards the Promenade des Anglais. At the level of the hotel La Pérouse, you will find the accesses (stairs or elevator) to go up to the hill of the Castle ... finally of the old castle! Because there is no more castle, only ruins. Nevertheless, from the hill you have, and that's saying nothing, the most beautiful view of Nice, its old town, the Promenade des Anglais, the sea. A crazy view!!!!

The hill is also a magnificent garden in which the people of Nice come to cool off in the summer, resting on its lawns, to have a good picnic.

And there you have it, through this route, you were able to see most of Nice. The most beautiful places to do when you come to visit Nice in one day. Also, I have only one more thing to wish you: enjoy your visit to Nice!!

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