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The benefits of clay for the face

For a few years, clay has been on the coast in the beauty routine for men and yet, it has been millennia that clay has been recognized for its properties. Indeed, it has been used by many civilizations as remedies to treat (including diarrhea and relieve stomach aches by drinking clay water, or to heal wounds and accelerate healing with poultices ), but also as a beauty product. And all over the world, because clay is found everywhere. And if it is not expensive as a raw material, it is quite simply because it is found in very large quantities, quantities far superior to human needs. Due to the growing demand for natural beauty products, clay is in fact increasingly present in care products, and, in particular, in all mask-type care products. But, do you really know what clay is?


What is clay?

Clay is a natural material, of rocky origin, having the appearance of soft earth. This soft aspect occurs as soon as the rock comes into contact with water. Clay is thus produced by the natural erosion of rocks and is mainly composed of two oxides, silica and alumina. Clay also contains many trace elements and minerals.

Clay breaks down into several types of clays, which are classified according to their color. But why does clay have different colors? The color of clay differs depending on the amount of iron oxides it contains. And inevitably, each clay has its own benefits, its own properties. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to your skin type before choosing a clay. So as not to cause more damage to the skin, and especially not to provide skin care that would have no effect.

We thus find green, white, pink, red, purple clay...

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