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Is the anti blackhead patch effective?

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The anti blackhead patch is a treatment widely used to remove blackheads. Here is everything you need to know about the blackhead patch and my product selection.

Ah the famous blackhead and our obsession with wanting to remove it. It is true that as soon as we have it, we only see that on the face! So there are different ways to remove a blackhead, with your fingers, with a blackhead remover or with a blackhead vacuum cleaner . But there is a product that is increasingly used: the anti point patch.

The anti point patch is a kind of strip that we will stick on the area affected by the black point. Generally, the anti point patch is to be used on the nose, but also on the chin and on the forehead. For single use, for reasons of hygiene of course, the anti point patch is to be left on the area for a few minutes. Then take it off and, we all do, admire the result by looking at the number of blackheads that got caught by the anti-dot patch.

But if the anti point patch is a practical solution, it is still advisable to take some precautions before using it. Here are my tips.

An anti-blackhead patch with care

Before applying an anti-blackhead patch, you should know that there are contraindications.

The anti-blackhead patch is not optimal

The blackhead removal patch is a good solution for removing blackheads, but not all blackheads. Indeed, if you have an encrusted blackhead , or even well encrusted in the skin, the anti blackhead patch will not be 100% effective. If it is really well embedded and still a little under the skin, the anti-blackhead patch will not even be effective at all. Regarding encrusted blackheads that appear a little on the surface of the skin, you should know that the anti-blackhead patch will only remove the visible part of the blackhead: its root will remain in the pores and will continue to block it. The problem will therefore not be solved.

Thus, the anti blackhead patch is really effective for light blackheads, on the surface of the skin.

In addition, you should know that the anti blackhead patch is not the solution to fight against blackheads, it only removes them. It does not attack their cause, which is excess sebum. Thus, it is necessary to already tackle the appearance of blackheads more than to remove them.

The anti-blackhead patch not recommended for sensitive skin

The anti-blackhead patch is not at all recommended for people with sensitive skin. Admittedly, these people have few blackheads, but when they do, it is advisable to use another treatment to remove blackheads . Why is the anti-blackhead patch not recommended? Because by sticking to the skin, the anti-blackhead patch will attack the hydrolipidic film , the film that protects the skin from external aggressions. However, in people with sensitive skin, this hydrolipidic film is already not sufficient. So if you attack it, if you damage it, you risk aggravating the situation and having even more sensitive skin.

The anti-blackhead patch not recommended for infected blackheads

Of course, if you have an infected blackhead , it is absolutely not recommended to use an anti-blackhead patch. Your skin is already infected, you will understand that it is of course not recommended to apply an anti-blackhead patch which will have a sticky effect on the skin and tear the tissues. Doing so could make the infection even worse.

The anti-blackhead patch to use periodically

Finally, even if you have combination skin or oily skin, it is not recommended to use an anti-blackhead patch too regularly. Always for the same reasons to avoid attacking your skin and damaging your hydrolipidic film. Also, dermatologists advise using an anti-blackhead patch once every 15 days.

My tips for using a blackhead patch

A steam bath before applying an anti-blackhead patch

I advise you before applying an anti blackhead patch to do a steam bath of the face before. The advantage of having a steam bath is that it will open the pores of the face and therefore make the blackhead more accessible. It will indeed be less tight in the pore, less encrusted. The action of the anti point patch will thus be more effective, and less aggressive for the skin.

A scrub after an anti-blackhead patch

Another treatment that I advise you to reinforce the action of the anti-blackhead patch is to exfoliate the area concerned. Well generally, it 's a facial scrub , on the famous T-zone. Why? Because the anti blackhead patch may not remove all the blackheads from the pores and leave some on the surface.

So as the anti-blackhead patch is already aggressive for the face, do not use a scrub with thick grains. Prefer a gentle exfoliation.

The alternative to the anti-blackhead patch: the mask

You can also make blackhead masks to remove your blackheads, including homemade blackhead masks.

Article to read: Anti-blackhead masks, my 7 homemade recipes .

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