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In Nice for 10 years, I advise and guide you for your stay in Nice!

When to visit Nice?

When to visit Nice? Well I would tend to answer you that you can come all year round! Because Nice is lucky enough to be able to visit all year round!! Nice is one of the most beautiful cities in France to visit. I'm not afraid to use those words!! If Nice, and the Côte d'Azur in general, is one of the world's main tourist destinations, it's not for nothing! There are so many things to do or see. Even for lazy holidays, in rest mode, there is enough to rest well.


Come on, let's take a little tour month by month of what you can do in Nice?


When to visit Nice: in January!

January is a pleasant month to visit Nice. Because it's a month when the Christmas holidays are not over yet. So, generally, the first week of January you can still visit the Christmas market and eat all the specialties of the Mountain. Because we must not forget that the mountains and the first ski resorts of the Southern Alps are not very far away. Less than 2 hours by road, or even 1h30 by road for the very first resorts!

Moreover, throughout the month of January, you can spend days in the resort. Snow is guaranteed and there are few people!!

Finally, January is less interesting in Nice for sales, especially on Avenue Jean Médecin or at the Cap 3000 shopping center located outside Nice, in Saint-Laurent du Var.

So when to visit Nice? In January !

When to visit Nice: in February!


February is certainly one of the busiest months in Nice? Because February is the month of Mardi Gras and therefore carnivals? We cannot talk about Carnival without talking about the Carnival of Nice . A carnival which is known worldwide, you have to see the number of tourists who arrive in Nice to see the floats and the city celebrating! Because for 10 days, the city swears by Carnival!! This is how the illuminated corsos or the flower battles bring a beautiful energy to the city of Nice.

So when to visit Nice? In February.

When to visit Nice: in April, May and June!

April, May and June are for me, the Nicer that I have become for more than 10 years, the best time to visit Nice. Why ? Because there is not yet the influx of tourists and the temperatures are generally ideal. Not cold, not cool, not too hot. It is generally over 20°C, we have perfect temperatures for walking by the sea, having drinks or lunch on the terrace, having an aperitif outside in the evening. Like a feeling of being on vacation without too many people.

So when to visit Nice? just before summer!!

When to visit Nice: in July and August!

If you like to spend your holidays in a bustling seaside resort, then you have to visit Nice in July and August. There are people! The city is crowded. It moves, so it's very dynamic. All the bars and all the restaurants are open, the private beaches of Nice are crowded, the rooftops in the evening are full for aperitifs and dinner. In short, if you want a city that moves in the summer, from morning to night, Nice is the place to come!!

But there are also quieter places in Nice to escape the mass of tourists, out of Old Nice and the Promenade des Anglais. So towards the Liberation district for example, you will find very good places to go out.

When to visit Nice: in September and October!

A bit like in the previous point, visiting Nice in September or October is like visiting Nice in April, May or June. It's a perfect time, there are no more mass summer tourists. The restaurants are not full, you can eat as you want. And above all the rates are no longer as high as in July or August. And the temperatures are still very very good for swimming. And the sea is warm!
When to visit Nice? during the Indian summer!

When to visit Nice: in December!

Nice is also a very pleasant city to visit during the month of December. Because the magic of Christmas is also very present in the city of Nice, although we are on the Côte d'Azur, by the sea, with sometimes very pleasant temperatures. The Christmas market is one of the activities to do in Nice, to go and have your mulled wine, eat a raclette or a tartiflette, or even taste the Corsican charcuterie.

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