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What to do in Nice when it rains?

What to do in Nice when it rains? You are on a weekend or on vacation in Nice and unfortunately it is raining. So already, you're really unlucky because it rains quite rarely in Nice (and when it rains, generally, it's good!). You had planned to stroll through Old Nice or walk along the Promenade des Anglais. You wanted to have a drink on one of the rooftops of Nice . Unfortunately, you'll have to put it back on as soon as the sun comes out again. But don't panic, there are a lot of things to do in Nice and its region when it rains. So, I'm not going to talk to you about going to the movies or going to an escape game. I don't think you came to Nice to do these activities. What to do in Nice when it rains? Here is my selection.

Summary :

1. Visit the churches of Nice

2 Visit Villa Masséna

3. Have lunch or a drink at Gare du Sud.

4. Visit the MAMAC (museum of modern art)


Visit the churches of Nice

Nice is a city of churches. It's very simple in each neighborhood you will find a church. It is a very well preserved local heritage. But what makes the charm of Nice (and moreover of the other cities of the Côte d'Azur as well), is that the churches are of Baroque style, as we find many in Italy. So if I had to make a selection of churches to see, I would of course mention the Sainte-Réparate cathedral in Nice, the Sainte Rita church or the Gesù church, all three present in Old Nice. There is also the Russian Church, which is magnificent.

Visit Villa Masséna

Of course, if it rains in Nice it is also the opportunity to discover the city's museums. One thing that we don't necessarily do in Nice, it's true that we don't really like to lock ourselves in, we prefer to stay outside, enjoying the sun. The Villa Masséna is the museum that will allow you to learn a little about the history of Nice. This museum indeed retraces the life of Nice from its attachment to France until the end of the Belle Epoque. You will find period costumes, furniture, everything that made up the art of living in Nice.

Villa Masséna also benefits from a garden to discover.

Lunch or have a drink at Gare du Sud

The Gare du Sud has become an essential place for the people of Nice to meet for lunch or an aperitif. Formerly, it was a station, completely classic, with trains. Abandoned, the city of Nice has transformed it into a real place of life and conviviality. Many espaves of restorations are present and, in the center of the Gare du Sud, large tables. Everyone will choose their dish. It's practical, it's effective. And the atmosphere is very very good.



The MAMAC, or Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, is the perfect museum to visit when it rains in Nice. It contains many collections, nearly 1,300 works by more than 300 artists. It's a fairly large museum that will take you a good morning to discover the different floors. It covers a period from the late 1950s to the present day. You will find there in particular works by Yves Klein and his famous blue, or by Niki de Saint Phalle and his statues with disproportionate shapes, as well as very beautiful temporary exhibitions.

Eglises Nice
Villa Massena
Gare du Sud

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