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How to fight against dull complexion?

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Dull complexion is a complexion that no one wants to have, synonymous with bad looks and low morale. Here are my tips for fighting dullness.

If there's one thing we all want is to look good all year round. Having a radiant, luminous face, a radiant complexion is also the guarantee of having good morale ! Because we must not hide it, our head strongly affects our mood, especially at the first vision in the morning in front of his ice cream! And yet, there are days, times of the year, when our complexion seems duller, which makes us feel gray. So this may be due to fatigue, a slightly too alcoholic evening, a polluted environment, excessive consumption of cigarettes, a lack of sport and energy overall. In short, there are all sorts of reasons for having a dull complexion.

But don't worry, a dull complexion is not permanent and there are tips for regaining a radiant complexion. To fight against a dull complexion, it will be necessary not only to deeply cleanse your skin, to eliminate toxins, impurities and other dead skin. But you will also have to take care of your body, which directly impacts the quality of your skin.

Here are my tips below.

A healthy lifestyle to fight against dull complexion

Of course, the first advice we will give you to fight against a dull complexion is to have an excellent lifestyle. This is the basis for no longer having a dull complexion, and regaining a beautiful glow, a luminous face.

A balanced diet to fight against dull complexion

Fight against dull complexion in the first place by a balanced diet, with a good consumption of fruits and vegetables every day. This will also detoxify your body, especially your liver. Indeed, it is necessary to consume antioxidants to fight against dull complexion. All ingredients that contain beta-carotene, such as carrots, mango or apricot are strongly recommended. Thus, a good lemon juice for a few days will have an immediate boost effect. In any case, stop all consumption of fatty products, such as cold cuts.

Another point to take into account will be to greatly reduce your consumption of alcohol and tobacco, which are two major elements that will give you a dull complexion. In addition, alcohol is an element that promotes the appearance of couperose on your face.

And of course, to fight against dullness, you will have to moisturize your skin. And it starts above all, before you apply moisturizers at all costs, by drinking a lot of water. And not just 1.5 liters of water a day, either, at least double that and go to 3 liters of water. Especially if you are athletic or have a lot of activity during the day (you walk a lot at work, for example).

Relax to fight dullness

Did you know that dull complexion was a consequence of stress ? So if you are currently very stressed, by work or personal reasons, you will have to relax. Relax. Indeed, when we are stressed, the blood does not circulate correctly in the blood vessels which will then narrow. The skin will then not be able to properly nourish itself with the nutrients brought by the blood and you will have a dull complexion.

Sleep to fight dull complexion

Finally, the last solution to fight against a dull complexion is to get a good night's sleep and stop partying or, at the very least, going to bed late.

Sleep is important for having beautiful skin because it allows cells to regenerate and receive the nutrients necessary for their metabolism.

Beauty tips to fight against dull complexion

Cleanse your skin against dull complexion

One of the most important beauty treatments you can do to maintain healthy skin and fight dullness is to cleanse it well. And it is necessary to do it morning and evening, since your skin has become encumbered with dust, pollution, microbes, etc. during your day. Of course, it is necessary to use a cleansing product adapted to your skin.

The facial steam bath can also be a good solution, to be carried out once a week, before doing your facial scrub, for example. The steam bath will indeed help to loosen the pores of your skin in order to make the extraction of blackheads easier.

A facial scrub to combat dull complexion

By cleaning the skin in order to fight against a dull complexion, we mean in particular exfoliating the face . This treatment will deeply cleanse your skin by eliminating all the dead cells that do not come off naturally. Depending on your skin type, you will need to exfoliate your face between once a week and once every 10 days for the most sensitive skin.


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Circular massages against dull complexion

When you apply your daily care (serum, moisturizer, etc.) and when you exfoliate your face, do not hesitate to massage your face at the same time. It's very simple to do, just do small massages in circular movements, from the inside of the face outwards. These movements will simply help to promote blood circulation, which will have an immediate impact against the dull complexion.

What's more, if you are looking to grow your beard naturally , it will allow your hair follicles to grow properly, and thus have a beautiful beard.

Makeup against pale complexion

Of course, one of the tricks to fighting dullness is to use men's makeup . Finally, we agree that it will help hide dullness, but not fight against dullness. It is an action that is only valid for one day, for example if you have a professional meeting or a date and you want to appear in your best light. One of the most suitable makeup products for this is foundation, some brands have also launched foundation for men in their range.

BB cream against dull complexion

If you're not a big fan of makeup for men, then you can use another facial treatment that can work wonders and give you a glowing glow, BB cream for men . The BB cream is a treatment that will have a slight covering effect on the face, while remaining very natural. Very clearly, we will not see that you have applied a good-looking product to your face. This type of product is applied exactly like a day cream, so it's simple, quick and effective.

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