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10 essential men's beauty products: my selection

10 products is not a lot!! But, I'm going to make the effort to sort through all the men's beauty products that I've been able to test in recent years, and which still exist. Because hey, there are brands that have unfortunately disappeared, or men's beauty products that simply no longer exist, replaced by others.

So inevitably,   to highlight 10 men's beauty products, I had to make a choice. So I started with a classic men's beauty routine, which will suit the greatest number of people.

Here is my selection of the best men's beauty products, in my opinion. It is of course a very suggestive selection according to my personal tastes. This list will be regularly updated according to my discoveries and new tests.

Horace facial cleanser

Horace 's facial cleanser is for me one of the best facial cleansers for men that can be found today. Simple, effective, made with natural ingredients, this facial cleanser is undoubtedly a beauty product for men to have in their bathroom.

Find here in more detail my opinion on this brand (with an additional reduction :)).


Thermal water

Thermal water is a beauty product for men to integrate into their daily routine. It is indeed imperative to have moistened skin before applying your next care (serum, day cream, night cream). Why ? Because the active ingredients will penetrate the skin better, and therefore make the treatments more effective. I chose La Roche Posay thermal water because it is known for its moisturizing properties. But other thermal waters are also recommended: Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc, Evian, Avène, Uriage...

Depending on your skin type, other thermal waters may be recommended.


Sanoflore floral water


Floral water can replace thermal water. The difference is that the qualities specific to each plant integrated into the thermal waters will bring their beneficial effects to the skin. Rose floral water will help maintain skin hydration while lavender floral water will be effective for oily skin. Floral water is therefore a beauty product for men to integrate into their routine. Especially in the evening, it is very pleasant.

Detox face scrub Maison Berthe Guilhem


House what? Yes, I know, it's a brand that is not known at all, at least among men, and it's really, really a shame. I discovered this brand on an organic market in Nice, and since then, I can't do without its detox face scrub. Made with goat's milk, organic, the product is really very pleasant.

If you want to know more, you can find my article on the brand here.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour

I present the eye contour here, in this position, because it is to be put before all other cream or gel type care. Indeed, the skin around the eye being very thin, if you put another beauty product on top of it (a serum or a day cream for example), then the eye contour will not be effective. I chose the Tolériane Ultra eye contour from La Roche Posay because I love its texture which penetrates very well into the skin.