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My advice for a perfect anal ejaculation

An anal ejaculation is an act that is more and more practiced. It is therefore normal that I talk about it through this sex toy test blog . If it is more and more practiced it is also because sodomy , anal penetration, is a subject less and less taboo in couples. It must be said that everything related to anal pleasure is increasingly highlighted, the anus full of elements that will increase sexual pleasure: nerve endings, prostate in men or the perineum. Also, many sex toys have been developed for anal pleasure, such as the anal plug or the prostate stimulator


Through this article, we will give you all the advice to achieve anal ejaculation.


What are the risks of anal ejaculation?


But before going into detail, it is important to take stock of the risks of anal ejaculation. Like this, the most negative things are said and the rest of the article will only talk about pleasure!

The risks associated with anal ejaculation


You should know that there are mainly two risks in having an anal ejaculation:

  • the first risk is that of transmission of an STI (sexually transmitted infection) or an STD (sexually transmitted disease). You should know that the anal mucosa is fragile and bleeds easily. Which is somewhat normal because the anus is not naturally designed to receive an external body. Besides, it does lubricate itself. It is therefore necessary to make an anal penetration to avoid any tearing and therefore bleeding. Also, if you don't know your partner, always put on a condom and avoid anal ejaculation.

  • the second risk is that of pregnancy ! And yes, amazing will you tell us! Well not that much. Because following an ejaculation, and in particular a large ejaculation , the sperm can indeed come out of the anus and flow into the fold that goes towards the vagina. 

Hygiene risks


Another point to take into account if you plan to do anal ejaculation, and therefore anal sex without a condom, is to have fecal matter on your penis. So poo. Yes, it is a risk and it is moreover what hinders a large number of people from having sodomy.

But for that, there is a very simple method, that of making an enema . This is a mandatory step before any sodomy, unless you like it! To do an enema, you can use an enema pear or a shower hose. It's simple, fast and effective and it will reassure everyone when it comes to the cleanliness of your anus.

Here are the products I recommend.

poire de lavement 1.jpg

Shower Enema Pear 224 ml


poire de lavement 2.jpg
poire de lavement 3.jpg

Anal Shower Hose with Dildo Shower Shot


How to prepare for an anal ejaculation?

We have seen it before, the first step to an anal ejaculation is to do an enema so that the anus is perfectly clean.

It is also advisable to carry out the following things for the anus to be well prepared.

Anal waxing

Don't forget that we are talking about a moment of pleasure here! Also, the partner who will perform the sodomy must be in the best possible conditions. It will therefore be advisable to perform hair removal on the SIF or to shave the SIF, the intergluteal furrow, if you do not wish to use depilatory cream. This step may be important to avoid any discomfort, even itching, caused by the friction of the hairs against the penis during back and forth movements.

Be careful not to use any product to wax or shave the SIF, it is a delicate area, very fragile due to the presence of mucous membranes. We advise you to use these products:

gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Ergonomic non-slip handle for control in the shower.

gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

An essential dilation of the anus

We saw it above, the anus is not an organ made up to receive an external element (rather to evacuate). Also, unlike the vagina, it will not produce natural lubricant. Before any penetration, it is therefore important to carry out a work of dilation of the anus. This work can consist of several steps:

  • at first, you can start with an anilingus , before exciting your partner (and showing him that you will very soon be taking care of his anus!)

  • you can then insert one finger and then two fingers

  • Finally, you can end up using a sex toy, whether it's a prostate stimulator or anal plugs.

In the context of sodomy in a man, I advise you to use a prostate stimulator which will tickle his prostate. When she is well titillated, it can provide a powerful orgasm for men, stronger than an ejaculation for some guys. We particularly recommend the Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator from Aneros .

stimulateur prostatique.webp

Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator:

It's quite simply the ideal sex toy for discovering the joys of anal pleasure! Yes, I am talking about joy because when you have discovered this, you will not be able to do without it! This Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator is very pleasant to the touch, very soft, which allows gentle introduction into the anus. Likewise, it is relatively thin, which means that beginners will have no fear in using it. Its shape will directly touch the prostate and the base will allow you to press the perineum at the same time: double pleasure guaranteed.

But you can also use anal plugs. Be careful if the person is new to sodomy, first opt for a beginner's anal plug so as not to hurt him and give him a bad image of the use of these sex toys.

plug anal débutant 1.webp
plug anal débutant 2.webp
plug anal débutant 1.webp

A mandatory anal lubricant

Another point that is essential to take into account when considering anal ejaculation, and therefore sodomy, is to systematically use a lubricant. Saliva will not be enough!

Remember, the anus does not lubricate itself naturally, so it will be necessary to supply it with an external lubricant. And in the lubricants market, you have two types:

  • lubricants for the vagina: they will be a complement to the natural lubrication of the vagina.

  • lubricants for the anus: they are specifically adapted to the anus and the lubricating power will be stronger than lubricants for the vagina in the sense that they will dry out much less under the effect of the heat caused by the movements of the vagina. back and forth of the penis in the anus.

So always take a lubricant for the anus! Here is what I recommend:

How to wash after an anal ejaculation?

You received an anal ejaculation and you wonder how to wash your anus properly? Well it's relatively simple:

  • once you have received an anal ejaculation, go to the toilet as if you were having a bowel movement. Push as if you were having a bowel movement, a good part of the semen will then flow.

  • feel free to use toilet paper to clean your anus, as if you were cleaning your anus after a bowel movement.

  • you can of course take a shower and focus the jet of water (pay attention to the temperature) on the anus.

In any case, if you keep the sperm inside you (because you fall asleep right after anal ejaculation), then the sperm will be evacuated with your next bowel movement.

Want more sex tips? 


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