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Depilation of the full bikini line in men, my advice


It is a fact, more and more men are waxing the entire bikini line. Yes, it's a reality, more and more men are hunting for hair all over their bodies, and especially on private parts such as the bikini line. So, through this blog you have been able to read various articles on hair removal for men , and in particular the hair removal of the jersey , even the hair removal of the testicles . If I talk about it through this blog, it's because the subject of intimate hair removal is still a taboo subject among men. But tongues are starting to loosen up.


Through this article, you will have all my advice about men's waxing of the full bikini.

What is full bikini waxing for men?

Which area is affected by this hair removal?


For us to be perfectly clear and all well connected on the subject, it is important to clearly define what we are talking about. Because it is true that the term jersey is little used by men, it is more a term that is found in the vocabulary of women. The jersey is simply what we call the pubis, namely the area that is below the navel to the base of the penis. So I start from the navel because it is very common in men that pubic hair goes up to the navel, either in the form of a light net, or on the contrary in a very hairy way. But it is rare that men do not have hair that goes back to the navel. Also, when we talk about hair removal for the full bikini line, it is the fact of waxing, or shaving, all the hairs that are in this area.

Is it masculine to wax the entire bikini line?


I prefer to ask this question at the start of this article, because it is obviously the question that a large number of men ask themselves when thinking about this type of hair removal! And somewhere, it's not their fault, it's simply cultural! Indeed, body hair is already equated with virility, with masculinity. Is a hairless man still a manly man? Indeed, is he still a man? This is what also pushes men not to wax, whatever the area of the body, for fear of having remarks, reflections from friends, etc.

This type of question is, I would like to say, a bit silly. Allow me this expression. Indeed, a man's virility, his masculine side, should not be associated with body hair. There are many other ways to be masculine. And then, from this arises another question: what is the definition of masculine today?

Men are increasingly reclaiming their bodies today. They take care of it, apply products to have better skin, pluck their eyebrows to illuminate their eyes. Everyone should be comfortable with their body, without being afraid of judgment from others. If you want to do full bikini man hair removal, just do it, don't care about others. If that's how you're most comfortable, how you like yourself the most, don't stop yourself from doing it.

Why do men's waxing of the full bikini?

There are several reasons that can push men to do a full waxing of the bikini line:

Men's waxing of the full bikini line for aesthetic reasons

The first reason why men may want to wax, or shave, the bikini line entirely, would be for aesthetic reasons:

  • or because they simply don't like hair. And in this case, they will also decide to wax other parts of the body, such as the torso, the back, the armpits, etc.

  • or because they simply prefer to have a virgin pubis of any hair, without any particular consideration.

Full bikini hair removal for sex

A second reason that can lead men to wax their entire bikini line is for sex. And this can particularly concern men who are very hairy in this area. Because, by doing such hair removal:  Indeed, doing bikini waxing has several advantages in this situation:

  • the man's sex is more to his advantage, less lost in the jungle of pubic hair!! It is therefore prettier but can also seem longer!

  • and then you mustn't hide it,  it avoids having hair in your partner's mouth in certain situations...

Men's depilation of the full bikini against odors

If you are prone to excessive perspiration, then full bikini hair removal can be a solution to remedy this. Indeed, excessive sweating is generally accompanied by bad odors linked to the proliferation of bacteria. And these bad smells are not very pleasant, not only for you, but also for your partner. Depilating this area entirely can therefore be decided in this type of situation.



The gestures before a man's waxing of the full bikini?



Before depilating the entire bikini line, it is advisable to follow certain gestures to make it simpler, easier.

A shower before a man waxing of the full bikini

Did you know that hot water softens the hair? a more supple hair is thus a less strong and less resistant hair when you go to pass the razor blade or apply the depilatory cream. This will make hair removal easier. In addition, the heat of the water will allow the pores of your skin to open and make the hair more accessible. Be careful, however, not to take a shower that is too hot on purpose!

The trimmer for men's waxing of the full bikini line

Depending on your hairiness, it will be advisable to attack your fleece with the clipper, before passing the razor blade or applying the depilatory cream. Indeed, shortening the hair will greatly simplify your job!

My advice ? First use a small comb of your mower to prune. Then, iron the mower without a comb in order to have the shortest hair possible.

Get the items straight away!

tondeuse one blade 2.webp

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How to do a men's waxing of the full bikini?

Shaving for men's waxing of the full bikini line

Shaving is the best known and fastest solution for men. You are indeed used to handling the razor, and you already have the products at home in addition. No particular purchase to be made.

Rather than shaving foam, I advise you to preferably use a transparent shaving gel, which will prevent cuts, especially in the hairs near the penis.

gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Non-slip ergonomic handle.

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The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

Wax for men's waxing of the full bikini line

Wax is a product that you can use very easily to perform full bikini waxing for men, for several reasons:

  • the pubis is a very easily accessible area for hair removal alone. Removing the wax is therefore simple.

  • the pubis is a flat area, which makes applying the wax also easy.

Be careful, however, to do the hair removal well, so as to avoid complications (by pulling the band too strongly in particular). Likewise, if you are sensitive, I do not recommend this method. Or else expect during the first uses to have sensitivities, which will fade as you depilate with the wax.

Depilatory cream for men's hair removal of the full bikini line

Depilatory cream is, in my opinion, the most effective solution for men's waxing of the full bikini line:

  • this product is practical to use: you just have to apply the cream on the skin and wait for it to take effect.

  • it is painless: even the most sensitive can use this product. Be careful however, you must always test the product on a part of the skin if it is the first time you are using it. In the same way, respect the exposure time indicated, otherwise you risk burns.

Veet Men.jpg

Veet Men Hair Removal Cream can be used on the chest and the whole body* *Chest, Back, Armpits, Groin, Arms, Legs

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The care to be done after the man's waxing of the full bikini

Moisturize after waxing


Whatever the method used to do your men's waxing of the full bikini line, it is necessary to moisturize your bikini line, your pubis. Moisturizing will simply allow your skin to protect itself properly again, given that it has been abused by the hair removal product (depilatory cream or razor blade). To do this, use a moisturizing body lotion every day.

A scrub after hair removal


A few days after waxing the full bikini line, do not hesitate to exfoliate the bikini line ! Yes, you understood that correctly. The scrub will simply prevent the growth of ingrown hairs, and thus make your pubis unattractive. And then ingrown hairs can be painful. Feel free to use body scrubs, but if you don't have any, your face scrub can do just fine.


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