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How to fight against oily skin?

lutter contre peau grasse

Everyone who has oily skin is looking to fight oily skin. Here are my tips to stop having oily skin.

Here is a question that I am often asked : how to stop having oily skin. This is a difficult question to answer because oily skin is a type of skin . A type of skin that we have either because of our genetics or as a result of hormonal events (acne, pregnancy, menopause, etc.). Thus, it is difficult to fight against oily skin and concretely, no longer having oily skin is impossible. It is a fact, it is present, you will have to deal with it. But there are ways to fight against oily skin, to reduce skin imperfections to live better with oily skin.

Here are my tips for tackling oily skin.


Why do I have oily skin ?

The pores are dilated, the skin shines, you have many blackheads on the face, as well as pimples. It is true that the effects of oily skin are not the prettiest. All people who have these skin imperfections seek to no longer have oily skin.

Oily skin is characterized from other skin types by an excessive secretion of sebum. the sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands which are under the skin, it is supposed to protect the skin from external aggressions by forming, with water in particular, the hydrolipidic film.

But excessive sebum production can also be caused by external factors :

  • by a hormonal surge (in adolescence, during pregnancy, during menopause, etc.)

  • by taking certain medications,

  • by stress,

  • by pollution, etc.


Thus, having oily skin can only be temporary.

As the sebum is in greater quantity on the skin, it will clog the pores of the skin. The pores of the skin are like small cavities that have an essential role : allowing the skin to breathe. Thus, the excess sebum will clog the pores. In response, and to continue to be able to breathe, the skin will simply enlarge the pores : this is called dilated pores. This is the reason why people with oily skin have the sensation of having small holes in the skin.


You should also know that sebum is directly responsible for blackheads and grains of milium , these small hard white dots that we have on the face and which look like small cysts. Blackheads, for example, are none other than the sebum which has become embedded in the pores of the skin and which, in contact with the air, is blackened.

What to do to fight oily skin ?

To treat oily skin, you must put in place ways to deal with this overproduction of sebum.

Properly clean oily skin 

The first thing to do against oily skin is to cleanse your skin well and remove the excess sebum you have. You must therefore cleanse your face morning and evening :

  • start by removing your make-up, if you put on make-up for men or products such as BB cream or CC cream. Makeup indeed clogs the pores of the skin, and only accentuates the problem. To do this, you can use a micellar water or a tonic lotion .

  • then cleanse your skin with a non-comedogenic treatment.


Then remember to moisturize your skin morning and evening with a mattifying product to reduce shine.

You will also need to take specific care  to fight against oily skin:

  • perform a green clay mask once a week, green clay being known for its benefits to fight against oily skin.

  • exfoliate your face between once and twice a week depending on your imperfections.


Don't touch your pimples to fight oily skin

Of course, when you have pimples, the temptation is great to go and break them. But it is precisely a gesture to avoid to fight against oily skin. Leave your buttons alone ! Because by piercing your pimples, you will do the opposite, you will make the situation worse:

  • not only by piercing your pimple will you make it more visible (which is not the expected effect). You will then apply a concealer pen to mask it, which will clog the pores of your skin.

  • but in addition you would be more likely to have scars.

Wear less makeup to fight oily skin

If you want to fight oily skin, you're going to have to stop applying men's makeup. In particular foundation for men to have a better look. As I said above, makeup will clog the pores of the skin, which are already clogged with sebum. Your skin will react by dilating the pores even more. All the opposite effect sought to fight against oily skin.

Choose your products wisely to fight oily skin

Of course, you are going to have to take specific products for oily skin to combat oily skin. Do not apply products for dry skin on your face, because they will accelerate the production of sebum.

Also avoid taking products that contain alcohol, because they will be aggressive for the skin (and the skin will thus produce more sebum to strengthen itself). Products based on thermal water will be perfect.

Avoid the sun to fight oily skin

The sun is the false friend of people with oily skin. Generally, during exposure to the sun, you have the impression that your pimples dry out. which is the case. But the sun and UV are a great aggression against the skin, which will thus produce sebum to protect itself ! Ultimately, the sun is very bad for fighting oily skin.

Eat a balanced diet to fight oily skin

The last point to take into account to fight oily skin is to eat a balanced diet ! Because the skin is a mirror of what you eat or drink !

  • avoid drinking alcohol which will dry out your skin (and therefore the skin will produce sebum) and drinking sodas, which are too sweet

  • drink plenty of water, minimum 2 liters per day

  • Avoid eating fried and fatty foods.

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